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Anti-Glare Screen Protector for the new HD8

02 Sep, 2020
REDUCE EYE STRAIN and associated discomfort by reducing your exposure to UV and blue light. filters out up to 61% of blue light and up to 99% of UV light to help minimize eye fatigue. filter out Blue... read more »

filter out Blue Light and relieve computer eye strain

02 Sep, 2020
filter out Blue Light and relieve computer eye strain to help you sleep better. REDUCE EYE STRAIN and associated discomfort by reducing your exposure to UV and blue light.  filters out up to... read more »

very good teether

18 Aug, 2020
love this teether, comes with a cord and a clip to attach to baby shirt so it doesnt get lost. quiet big too.  read more »

Good value for the price

09 Jun, 2020
These batteries come handy quiet often and very expesive for name brands. This is a good deal for bulk buy. and they come in multiple packages so can be taken out separately.  read more »

Great value for money

09 Jun, 2020
Definitely can't beat the price for these cutouts at the price which they are being offered  read more »

nice and cute pens

09 Jun, 2020
nice and cute pens, fun toy for kids read more »

Cute little piece that can work for a baby/bridal shower

06 Jun, 2020
The crown is an example of excellent handmade materials and exquisite workmanship.  It is very easy to wear and creates an instant stunning new hairstyle. This is a cute little piece that can... read more »

my fav gaming console

06 Jun, 2020
I think bringing back these retro games was a brilliant idea. and with a handheld device like that, I absolutely love that. Great Idea, great execution. Though it can do better in terms of providing a... read more »

food saver, such a nice utiity for kids

06 Jun, 2020
This product is really good. It comes with a pack of 3, and you just cannot beat the price. And it comes in 3 cute colors. It doesn't fit all banana sizes, but the majority of bananas will fit. Fo... read more »

Pretty good for the price (around 400 games)

27 May, 2020
It's a reincarnated Nintendo Gameboy! Has 400 games but you've probably only heard of 100 of them. The game pad that comes with it works great. Charges via macroUSB and holds the charge for ar... read more »


22 May, 2020
Good hooks are never enough Transparent invisible, clean and tidy, time can not change its color, long also durable Too many places in the house need it. Much cheaper and better than command stri... read more »

Keeping tooth brush separate and nice and clean

22 May, 2020
You need these. If you think you don't you're not protecting your toothbrush when you carry it with you. (Oh, you don't carry a toothbrush with you? Oh... Okay. Back, back boo.) Or in your... read more »

nice toys, high quality plastic and great price

06 May, 2020
The package has Sand Bucket, Shovel, Rake, and many Sand Moulds including Star Fish, Turtle, Crabs, Fish and conch. the bucket is around 3.1inches in height and the bottom 3.8inches with&nbs... read more »

Love the stickers, high quality

16 Apr, 2020
These are super high quality stickers and there is a reason I keep buying more and more of these 1. They have different super attractive designs 2. Can be reused, the glue is pretty good 3. W... read more »

pretty good buy, something to bring back the childhood memories

16 Apr, 2020
This handhold console with 400 games has definitely brought back my childhood memories. Very easy to hook into a system and get on to the play.  The battery lasts long enough to enjoy a few ho... read more »

love the variation, color, quality

29 Mar, 2020
For the price I am getting 66 Unique Stickers which are made of high quality vinyl, around 2-3 inch each.They are also made of PVC,Safe and Non-toxic,waterproof snow protection and anti-sun funct... read more »

cute and very playful

25 Mar, 2020
The sand moulds are bright and cute. This toy set will enhance kid's hand-eye coordination, sitimulate the imagination and strengthen the practical ability. read more »

nice chewable straws

23 Mar, 2020
The reusable straws comes with case helping reduce waste and trash. It is made of silicone which is of high quality, pure, and safe. comes with 4 colors. pretty good , heh. read more »

suction is good, feels like the real item

23 Mar, 2020
suction is good, feels like the real item.  7 Inches Dildo provide great visual and sexual pleasure. Also it is very portable and waterproof, and the suction cup tightly adheres to... read more »

feels sexy in these

12 Mar, 2020
1) Fashionable: The designer uses the most popular fashion element-splicing on this panty to make you more sexy and charming when wear it. 2) Comfortable: This panty with cotton lining on the crotch... read more »

definitely needed it for magnifying me screen

10 Mar, 2020
cant get laptop all the time for dinner table, this makes it easier to watch and eat read more »

sexiness is not expensive

08 Mar, 2020
Sexiness does not need to break bank, and these panties show that read more »

To save my iPhone cabel

04 Mar, 2020
To save my iPhone cabeels I guess this may be the best solution. Very cute as well read more »

Love the stickers

03 Mar, 2020
love the stickets. Got them for all the cute little things in the house read more »

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