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A fun set of stickers

23 Jan, 2020
This is a funset of stickers for any Stranger Things fan.I was able to easily tell that ever one one of the stickers was Stranger Things related and I've only managed to watch the first season (I... read more »

Fun Decorations.

23 Jan, 2020
This is a great set of fun decorations for Halloween, or if you are like me, any time of the year! The bats are fun, my daughter loved being able to map out a flight pattern on the wall with them. The... read more »

Fun Colors

18 Jan, 2020
My daughter loved using these pipe cleaners for arts and crafts. They came in eight fun colors and my daughter was particularly fond of the silver and gold ones. She has been using them to make all ki... read more »

Fun for Halloween

18 Oct, 2019
 I really enjoy these fun hair accesories. They are good for putting you in the Halloween spirit. My daughter loves them too. There were two purple, two red, one black and silver, and one gold an... read more »

A nice set of suspenders.

16 Oct, 2019
I really like these suspenders. They work well and look very nice. They look great with 9 out of 10 pairs of pants that I've tried to wear them with. They stay in place and are easy for me to wear... read more »

Fun for cats

16 Oct, 2019
My cats have really enjoyed using this tiered cat toy. With a flahy ball, non flashy balls and a springy mouse there is something fun for every cat. Or at least every cat in our house. Our four kittys... read more »

Work great

16 Oct, 2019
I am super happy with my new headphones. I was able to hook them up to my phone through bluetooth with out any probleams and find them very comfortable. I am using an RCA jack to use them with my comp... read more »

A fun smart watch for children

05 Oct, 2019
My daughter was asking for a smart watch but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that she was only going to use a couple of times and get board of so when I found this reasonably pr... read more »

A different kind of 2-piece

05 Oct, 2019
I really love this bathing suit. I'm particularly fond of the top as I haven't had a suit like it before. I like that I can wear it as a top but still be wearing my suit so I can go swimming a... read more »

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