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Good Harness

26 Aug, 2020
My puppy used to have a collar belt which it didn't liked and it used to roam in the car a lot. With this harness it was easily adjusted and walks with me. In the car as it was attached to the bel... read more »

Affordable and Great Product

26 Aug, 2020
Initially I have ordered one where I have received a defective piece. I have returned it and they have provided me with a new piece and it good. The Light is working as it is described. It is very hel... read more »

Good for Home Workout

26 Aug, 2020
I have ordered a single band and it was very helpful in my dailyworkouts as the Gyms were closed. The quality of the bands and the handles is very good, better than what I expected. It perfectly suits... read more »

Not a Product for Puppies

26 Aug, 2020
My puppy has hard times eating in this bowl. It's nose was stuck by the dividers in the bowl and was unable to reach the food. It might be suitable only for small dogs. The water is chewy and be c... read more »

Moderately Suggestable

26 Aug, 2020
I have given this to my dog and it doesn't like it. It's hard plastic and not chewy as mentioned. My dog always takes off the side plastic which is somewhat chewy than the middle part. read more »


26 Aug, 2020
I expected it to be have a thick cloth buth it turned out to be a poor one. The stiches came off from the mask after couples of uses. I have to sticj them again to use them. read more »

Average Product

07 Jul, 2020
The quality of the product is not up to the mark. It took so longer to deliver the product.  read more »

Not a Good Product

07 Jul, 2020
Product is not as described. The dimensions are not acurate. The material used in the product is not at all good.  read more »

Excellent Rug

07 Jul, 2020
Product function: anti-slip effect is very good, very thick. Product quality: very good quality Fabric material: It will be covered after receiving I deliberately stepped on my foot to prevent it f... read more »

Fun instrument to play

24 Feb, 2020
I am actually quite surprised at how lovely this petite instrument is. Well, this is one of those instruments that is just that... and quite visually intriguing, too. It's very well made and... read more »

Good Game

24 Feb, 2020
The spinner makes it more exciting because you have to pull the block showing the same emojis! My niece loved this and wants to play again and again! read more »

Nice Boots!

22 Nov, 2019
Really comfortable and light. nicely insulated so your feet are warm. It fit as expected. The quality is been than what I expected. I wear everyday since I got these. Great value for the price. read more »

Great Toy

13 Nov, 2019
This toy is so awesome. It is flying and giving for kids so much fun. The colors are fun and the charge lasts quite a while. Fun toy for a great price! read more »

Excellent for guinea pigs

07 Nov, 2019
I really enjoy this for my guinea pigs. My smaller one tried to climb out, but was unsuccessful probably because she's so heavy but not heavy enough to bend the sides. It was easy to clean after f... read more »

Really comfortable!

07 Nov, 2019
Really loving these shoes. Really light, and super comfortable. Its firm enough not to flop around like a loose sock, which was originally my worry about this. It really just feels like comfortable ti... read more »

Lightning ports doesn't work

22 Oct, 2019
Type C and Micro ports works good but the lightning port doesn't work. Vendor has replaced my defect item and I faced the same issue with my replaced item as well. This time I haven't replaced... read more »

Soft and comfortable

26 Sep, 2019
 I love how soft and comfortable these feel. The grips help you from slipping when grabbing a slippery surface like a hand rail or bike handle. They can be worn to work or outdoors for activ... read more »

Great water bottle

26 Sep, 2019
Great water bottle! It’s actually nice to have one that tells me how much water I need to be drinking on the side! I love That I can put fruit in it and and not have to worry about drinking a se... read more »

Don't Buy this Cable

06 May, 2019
Would have given -5 if that is possible.I spent 70+ bucks for a DATA TRANSFER USB and got a charger that only charges that's it I'll never order from this brand again. Even the charging cable... read more »

Cool Map Game for Kids

06 May, 2019
I liked this map because of its good quality. High quality map and the idea of scratching countries is amazing. The rope and clips are a nice touch too. read more »

Nice set of beanie hat and scarf!

29 Oct, 2018
Nice set of beanie hat and scarf! I like the scarf because it's lined with faux fur and that's sure to keep the neck warm. It almost looks like a turtleneck extension. The beanie hat is also l... read more »

Good Deal..

10 Oct, 2018
Good quality and product is good as described. read more »

Digital scale works pretty well

17 Sep, 2018
I'm very pleased with the purchase of the scales. For me it was important that the scales were shown in the kilograms. The scales correctly show the weight (I knew my weight before buying scales).... read more »

This was definitely a great purchase

10 Sep, 2018
Great water bottle. Love that it comes with accessories for washing.  read more »

Great for Price.

06 Sep, 2018
This product is great! It matches my kitchen decor perfectly, especially the nice darker almost forest green panels. It was a bit bigger than expected. The only thing I disliked about it was that ther... read more »

Good One for the price.

06 Sep, 2018
Quick, easy, fits well. It looks a little flimsy when you take it out of the box but it’s been solid so far. It’s really clear too, I’ve had other cases that claimed to be clear but... read more »

Very Pleased

06 Sep, 2018
I really like the versatility of this product. Being able to put in on the dash or on the windshield is great. The only downside is the base is too big, making my only option to put it on my windshiel... read more »

Great Toaster

17 Aug, 2018
I got a defect product. The bread is not toasted at all. The spring which hold the bread was not built properly, which caused the issue. read more »

Good qualityMeasuring Spoons.

17 Aug, 2018
The quality of the material is good. Worth for the price I bought. read more »

Working Good!

07 Aug, 2018
A toaster for 5$ bucks. Its an amazing deal. Works well and looks good. read more »

Good to have one like this.

07 Aug, 2018
It is a good produt for the price. It makes us lazy but good to have one thing to hold my phone like this. read more »

It works good!

06 Aug, 2018
At last a product works for connecting audio and charging at the same time. read more »

Expected more!

06 Aug, 2018
The car shades are good. It covers the windows partially. It is not the best but I can say a average product with low cost. read more »

Below Average!

06 Aug, 2018
It is not so tough and scrathes can be seen on the protector glass. I have tried other screen protectors and they are good compared to this. But we cannot more than this for a $1 product. read more »

Good one.

06 Aug, 2018
Very Good quality with the price we get. read more »

Cheap.. Dont BUY

16 May, 2018
Really stylish and looks good but terrible quality. The frame broke after barely 10 uses. I kept mine in a proper case. The paint or the upper coat had also started to come off, from the inner part ov... read more »

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