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Felt like it worked but didn't see a difference

12 Apr, 2021
I was very excited to try this product to see if It worked but unfortunately my lips just tingled but I didn't physically see a difference. It made me think it was working when I wasn't lookin... read more »

worth the price

09 Mar, 2021
I haven't been super consistant with using this product but I will come back once I do and give a more in depth review. So far in my mind it was worth giving the Neomen Teeth Whitening Pen (2... read more »


09 Mar, 2021
So far so good with this light. It works well was easy to install and seems to be very bright which is why I wanted to purchase this item in the first place. I gave this as a gift to my father in... read more »

Still waiting for results but only used a few times so far.

09 Mar, 2021
I've only tried using this product a couple times so far. Therefore the results are not immediate but hopefully I'll be able to come back to this review saying eventually it did work. My eyela... read more »


09 Mar, 2021
I gifted these to my sister because she was looking for a nice set of wooden utensils. On Amazon they seemed to have great reviews. I can't wait until she received them and is able to use them. I&... read more »

Worth it to try for the price

09 Mar, 2021
THe amount you receive for the price is well worth it. YOu just throw them away when you are done which is nice that you don't have to worry about trying to keep them and keep them sticky. I can&#... read more »

Did what it said it would do but....

09 Mar, 2021
I was surprised to see that this item actually made my feet peel but I only gave it three stars because it peeled in the spots that were already soft. I would of like to see my rough spots peel instea... read more »

Great value

20 Jan, 2021
I've never used a velvet blender before. So far so good. It works well and feels soft on my face. I also like the foundation brush I was in need of a new one. You really can't beat the price e... read more »

great gift idea for a teenager who tik toks

20 Jan, 2021
I bought this as a gift for my friends daughter. She loves to make tik tok videos and posts so I thought this woudl be an awesome birthday present for her. I just ordered it but if all goes well I'... read more »

cute and danty

20 Jan, 2021
I thought this was a good idea so I could put them on the mantle in my house. They are just danty and perfect enough to go there. I didn't put batteries in yet but once I get them I'm sure it... read more »

works good

20 Jan, 2021
I bought this as a gift for my mom. She seems to absolutly love it! It was a good price and seems to be working well. 5 stars from me. read more »

works well

20 Jan, 2021
I bought this as a gift for my sister in law. She seems to absolutly love it! It was a good price and seems to be working well. 5 stars from me. read more »

SO far so good

20 Jan, 2021
THese were a great gift for ym dad and my cousin who fly power parafliders. IT can get pretty cold up in the sky so these were a perfect gift. They fit nice and tight but not too tight so they are abl... read more »

made cheap but works

20 Jan, 2021
This product looks very cheap. It took a minute to get it workign with the right tempature because it originally was telling me a lower number and not super accurte but we turned it on and off and got... read more »

Works well

27 Dec, 2020
This works well.  I gave it to my cousin who is pregnant and she said it helps make her more comfortable! read more »

Works great

21 Dec, 2020
I choose to buy this length of a photo charger for my car. It seems to be workign quite well and I'm hapyp with this purchase. It's a ncie length for the car and gets the job done. Overall it&... read more »

Just OK

21 Dec, 2020
I think it was worth a try especially at that price but I didn't really see a difference. It does make me feel better because I feel I'm being proactive to stop wrinkles etc. but overall I'... read more »

Great deal

21 Dec, 2020
I love the amoutn of toys that came in tehi package. Only negative it it started to tear abotu fairly easily but still good oevrall quality and still very usable. I don't have to take it away from... read more »

Nervous purchase, didn't come with a case

21 Dec, 2020
This looks nice and I plan on giving it as a gift to my sister in law but I'm nervous because a lot of the previous reviews said the battery doesn't last very long which is a huge bummer. Also... read more »


20 Dec, 2020
I didn't realize this just beeps. It did nothing for my pup so I had to return it. It also did t come with a collar which is another negative! read more »

so far so good

02 Dec, 2020
THese are a great length and I don't feel like its too short or too long. It's the perfect length for our couch so I can sit and relax and yet have my phone charge. Overall I would recommend t... read more »

My dog likes this toy a lot

02 Dec, 2020
My dog likes this toy a lot. It's different form the other toys he has so he likes it. He actually prefers to be able to carry it around and he chews on the suction part so he doesn't play wit... read more »

Returned because I don't have a Samsung Galaxy

02 Nov, 2020
I didn't realize this was for a samsung galaxy. I don't have a Samsung Galaxy and I currently have an iphone so sine it did not work out for me I had to return the item. I'm sure it w... read more »

Not worth the price

26 Oct, 2020
I did receive this item at a discounted rate and for the reason I didn't return it but I just fel tthe quality was ok. I expected it to be a little nice for the price but  it's still cute... read more »


26 Oct, 2020
I love being able to have a dental floss pick whenever I eat. This came with two plastic packs so I keep one at my desk at work and one in my purse! They come in handy and people always ask to have on... read more »

Works great!

26 Oct, 2020
So far so good! It came completely charged and with the all the parts that were advertised. So far it's been working great and I'm enjoying using this massage gun. The only negative is you nee... read more »

Green seems better than the orange

26 Oct, 2020
The greem one seems like it would work better than the orange on since the spacing of the lines is further apart in the orange once. Either way this is a great product overall and definitely worth the... read more »

Didn't come in a box but still work

26 Oct, 2020
The only reason I didn't give this item 5 starts is because the masks didn't come in a box. I bougth this becausme my husband is a coach and might need them fo rthe kids. They will still work... read more »

Didn't notice a difference but for the price worth a shot

10 Oct, 2020
I didn't really notice a difference after using this product but I think it could work for someone else. I liked the feeling when I was wearing it. I felt like it was a good price and worth a shot... read more »

So far so good!

10 Oct, 2020
My dog seems to like this bone so far. He is a hardcore chewer and its been more than 24 hours and no damage has been done to this bone so it's working well so far. It's a little weird looking... read more »

Seemed cheap so I returned this item

16 Sep, 2020
Seemed cheap so I returned this item. I didn't feel it was worth the price so I returned it. It seemed cheap and I didn't really have a need for one so back it went. Worth a try but unfortunat... read more »

This was returned because they couldn't deliver it.

16 Sep, 2020
I would of loved to been able to try out this product but they couldn't deliver it so they sent it back without clarifying the address with me. I did get a full refund but I would of rathered they... read more »

Works well

16 Sep, 2020
I would recommend this product. I thought it had more rubber on the bottom but it works for what I want to use it for which is a portable bowl and one to keep outside with water in it for our dog. He... read more »

bought as a gift

02 Sep, 2020
I bought this as a gift for a 2 year old. Unfortunatly the shipping is going to take over a month and I've completely missed his birthday but other then that I hope the toy comes and he is able to... read more »

I'm replacing my first order

02 Sep, 2020
I think these will turn out ok but my first order came and the box was opened and most of the bags were undone. I've put in a request to replace the order. It seemed like it was used or something... read more »

I bought this as a gift for a friend!

02 Sep, 2020
I bought this as a gift for a friend! I hope they tell me how it works out but they just announced they are havign a baby and I thought this would be a perfect gift! read more »

Didn't fit my club but would work great if it did

02 Sep, 2020
Unfortunatly my putter is a different size than what this is. I feel like if it would of fit it would of worked grest! I will give them away as a gift! Still worth the price I got it for. read more »


11 Aug, 2020
I didnt' receive this product until August 28 and I ordered it back on July 18. Not a good start since it's taking over a month to even get to me! Once I finally received this product it... read more »

Great product!

11 Aug, 2020
These are so comfortable and stay on my feet. I don't find myself pulling them up ever which is so nice! Definitly gets 5 stars from me! I would highly recommend! They aren't annoying and they... read more »

So far so good!

11 Aug, 2020
When I received this meat thermometer I thougth it was going to be a little smaller than it was but that isn't a huge issue for me. I gave it as a gift to mother in law since hers broke and everyt... read more »

So far so good!

11 Aug, 2020
I bought this for putting air in pool floats. I gave this as a gift to my mom and so far so good. It's been very easy to use and convenient. I approve so far but will keep you posted. read more »

Good product for the money

29 Jul, 2020
My dog instatly loved this toy! He played with it for a long time! The only negative was the plastic white part. I wish that was a different material because my puppy is chewing on that plastic part w... read more »

Eyeline comes off easy

22 Jul, 2020
I wouldn't recommend this product. I never even wore them for a long time because you have to put the eyeliner on pretty thick and I felt it came off easy. Not a fan and wouldn't recommend! read more »

Stay up and are not annoying

22 Jul, 2020
These are great socks. THey stay up and I don't have to mess with them at all. I highly recommend. They are good quality too! read more »

Stay on my feet

06 Jul, 2020
These are so comfortable and stay on my feet. I don't find myself pulling them up ever which is so nice! Definitly gets 5 stars from me! I would highly recommend! read more »

Returned item, not for me

18 Mar, 2020
This item came and it was one dice. The options were not the best such as drink your entire drink. They seem to be boring and I thought it came with more dice so i decided to return it. Not the item f... read more »

Works great!

04 Feb, 2020
My phone was about to die and it charged it back up so fast! I was quite impressed and I'm really happy I made this purchase! read more »

Not as soft as I expected

27 Jan, 2020
I love giving out the milestone blankets as gifts to my pregnant friends but when I got this one it wasn't as soft as the other brands I've bought before. I prefer the softer versions better b... read more »

Not bad for the price

20 Jan, 2020
When I received these I felt like some of them were a little off. They melted the metal on a bit sideways for some but oevrall you can't beat the price and for the amoutn you get they aren't b... read more »

Very tiny but cute

20 Jan, 2020
These are the perfect everyday wear! They came quite smaller than what I exprected but in good condition! I would recommend! read more »


19 Dec, 2019
They apply nice and have nie color. They are much smaller than I thought they would be but I'm still pleased with this purchase overall! read more »

Giving as a gift

19 Dec, 2019
I opened this up to take a look before I gift it to my aunt but the material is nice and seems soft. I hope she likes it and I'll keep you posted on after she wears it! read more »

Fun socks for the holidays

04 Dec, 2019
This was a great price for these socks! They are super cute and I am ejoying them thus far. I only gave it 4 stars due to the quality! You can't beat the price that's for sure! read more »

Fun Hat

04 Dec, 2019
I got this as a gift for my Dad. He loves a similar hat and wears it all the time so I thought I would try out this brand! Looks similar to the one he lieks so I'll keep you posted! read more »

Super soft

04 Dec, 2019
I give this blanket 5 stars. The blanket itself was super soft! I loved that part and it was cute! I gave ti as a gift to a friend and she loved it. Good quality! read more »

Bought as a gift

13 Nov, 2019
I bought these as a gift and shipped them directly to the person I was giving them a sa gift too! I hope they turn out as cute as they look!  I think she will like them either way! read more »


12 Nov, 2019
I ordered this as a secret santa gift and the reviews seemed good so I figured it was worth a try! I hope she liked them! read more »

Good Quality

12 Nov, 2019
I give this blanket 5 stars. The blanket itself was super soft! I loved that part and it was cute! I gave ti as a gift to a friend and she loved it. Good quality! read more »


16 Sep, 2019
I am pretty much putting a pair in each of my heels now. I already used it with my high heels. I was impressed by the cushions softness and how quickly I could tell a difference in walking.They’... read more »

I would recommend

09 Sep, 2019
I purchased these eye masks to help with dark circles and puffiness. I've only used them a couple times, that's why the 4 stars. I'll give an update as to the results, when I've had a... read more »


22 May, 2019
I wish I could give 0 stars! It took forever for me to even receive the item and when I got it wow what a joke! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! It didn't work at all and just went in circles picking noth... read more »

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