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I love it

31 Oct, 2019
Nice beanie, is very cute, Came in perfect condition. the size is just perfect. They make a nice christmas gift. I am going to order some more read more »

They stop charging

31 Oct, 2019
The charging base stop receiving charge since on just three weeks of use, and the left one stop working completely. I don't know what happened with them. I loose my money read more »

Nice swimsuit after baby

30 Sep, 2019
This is a nice swimsuit  after having my baby i have a belly pouch and i have tried bikini and one piece swimsuit and none of them fit me as nice as this. Very fashionable and good fitting :) read more »

cheap made

30 Sep, 2019
They are not as good as i expected. They feel cheaply made and the zipper is not as good quality nor durable.  read more »

great knee pads

30 Sep, 2019
These knee pads are very good, they are very comfortable, and are not tight like others one i have bought before. My baby feels comfortable with them and is not asking me to remove them. I love how he... read more »

this is a nice swimsuit

12 Jun, 2019
This swimsuit is really nice and fits as i expected. I wish it has more compression than it has but is nice for the price. Is very sexy and well looking.I do recommend it! read more »

Nice bikini set

12 Jun, 2019
this is a nice bikini set, is really beautiful. It fits great, is not as flattering as i was expecting. But is nice if you are skinny and want to look more curvy. I wish i could upload a picture of it... read more »

nice swimsuit

07 May, 2019
this bikini set is so flattering and nice looking, I love it!. What i like the most are the top details that cover a tille bit the belly to disimulate little fatty. the bottom is very comfortable and... read more »


07 May, 2019
This eye pads really work, I have been using it for just a week and the appereance of my undeyes has been improve dramatically. I have been using it every other day for a week. I have no  underey... read more »

This is a nice garlic press

24 Apr, 2019
This is a nice garlic press, is well built and durable, made of stainless steel. It does the job perfectly. I bought for my stepmother and she lovesit. It came in a nice box, ideal for a... read more »

This is a really nice edge razor

23 Mar, 2019
I love this profesional edge razor, is very well built and feel nice on the hands and easy to handle. It seems very durable. I have use it a couple of times and i love it. It comes with a extra 10 bla... read more »

Nice set

03 Mar, 2019

Nice clipper set

03 Mar, 2019
This is a nice clipper set, i bought as a gift for my dad and he is so happy with it. Is very sturdy and sleek. It includes a two different size nail clippers and a nail file. The clippers are nice an... read more »

This are great

06 Feb, 2019
These bibs are amazing, so easy to handle and to clean. I am so happy with them, no more mess bibs after eating. The material is so thichk and nice. My baby loves it! read more »

Very nice organizers

04 Feb, 2019
These are very convenient for every girl, i love how i can keep my luggage so organize, i have one for make up, two for underwears and another one for small stuffs and travel lotions. I love it! read more »

great drill

04 Feb, 2019
I got this drail to make my own nails at home, and i am very happy i did. it works fantastic, the perfomance is excellent just as salon stuff, is really easy to handle and i love that it comes with th... read more »

Nice nail decorations

25 Jan, 2019
This are really nice art decor. I love the variety. I have had so much fun making differet dessings. I love it! read more »

Nail lamp

25 Jan, 2019
I bought this lamp for my friend and she is very happy with it. is dry the nail fast and is very easy to use. read more »

great palette

25 Jan, 2019
This is a really nice palette, is very pigmented and long lasting and the color selection is fantastic. I will be getting another one for my sister :) read more »

Great lamp

25 Jan, 2019
This lamp works fantastic, this was a upgrade of my 24 watt lamp, is fantastic, it dry my nails way faster and is bigger and comfortable to use. is actually well built and easy to deal with. I do reco... read more »

Nice bottle shaker

08 Dec, 2018
This is a nice mixer bottle, Is so convenient, I love to use it with my protein shakes and smothies and also with my homemade juices. Is so practical and lite. I found it ideal when i am in the office... read more »

this is a nice palette

08 Dec, 2018
I love this make up palette, it has blusher and highlighters, I love hpw convenient is to carry both of them in one. The pigmentation is very good, i was actually surpised because of the price. The co... read more »

Nice palete

23 Nov, 2018
This is a nice palette, Very bright colors, The colors are very pigmented and last really well. They blend beautifully, the diversity of colors is fantastic. I great a primary palette for every day us... read more »

Nice floor mats

26 Aug, 2018
These are really nice floor mats. they are very sturdy and thick. I bought it for my truck because we had a plan to go to the beach and i want to protect my vehicle. I am so happy i bought it.  I... read more »

Gorgeous and good quality ring

26 Aug, 2018
This is a honest review of this beautiful ring. The pictures talk by themselves, and honestly i am impressed. I have failed so many times buying affordable jewelry online that actually worth it.Is so... read more »

Nice baby washcloths

30 Jul, 2018
This are nice baby washclothes, they are really cool for bath or just for regular use. They are really easy to clean and they dry  very quick and absorb really well, so they are ideal for bath. T... read more »

Nice jewelry set

08 Jul, 2018
This is a decent jewerly set if you are on a budget, as you can see in the pictures is very nice looking. Is not very sturdy and honeslty found that it feels very cheap, but for the price is excellent... read more »

Great picnic basket

08 Jul, 2018
This is a very decent picnic basket. Is very well looking, I love the design. The size is just perfect, exactly as described 32 litter with a capacity of 32 pounds. Is insulated and keep the food and... read more »

Really nice tiny salt and pepper grinder

29 Jun, 2018
This is a really nice salt and pepper grinder. They are tiny but really well made and look very elegant in my table. They are really easy to use and eventhough they are manual with just the push of a... read more »


23 Jun, 2018
This is a really nice manual coffee grinder, is  very afordable and portable. I found it very easy and quiet to use in comparison with my electric one and i like the fact that it doesn't chan... read more »

Great Cardboard

19 Jun, 2018
I bought this as a gift for my nephew, who is very creative and is always fixing and loves to organize puzzles. This is his first puzzle sculpture and he is just obssesed with it. The cardboard itself... read more »

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