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I am a small business owner in Austin, Tx., Avid writer and blogger, and I would love to try and review your products. I specialize in men and women’s grooming, beauty, hair and skin but am also a graduate student with a vast degree of tech knowledge. I will ensure I give you an honest and thorough review.
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22 Jun, 2020
Needed another drill to keep in my shop for quick repairs and such; nothing fancy and wouldn't recommend for a professional contractor but great for quick home or small business use- comes with al... read more »

Nice strip

21 Jun, 2020
Got these for my daughters room. Good length, and seems to be very happy with them  read more »

Nice tool

21 Jun, 2020
Got these for my mechanic husband who loves his pens, always loses them, but always needs them. Good little thing to have  read more »

Nice lashes

21 Jun, 2020
Good length, seems to be decent quality- looks nice on read more »

A must have

11 Jun, 2020
For taking photos of products, videos of instructionals or just personal photos- this is a must have. Highly recommend- especially at this price read more »

Nice set

10 Jun, 2020
Nice set of tape, I like to use these for mail orders, it looks nicer than packing tape. Some are very small which with it being a thin material make it difficult to use, but the thicker tapes should... read more »

My daughter loves these

10 Jun, 2020
My daughter wanted these lights to put around her room, they look and work great. Added a few small racks to make sure they stay up- but probably didn't even need them. read more »

Nice and sturdy

07 Jun, 2020
Needed a replacement for my daughters broken vanity stool and found this was a reasonable price compared to others. I do wish it was available in more colors or had optional covers- but overall am ple... read more »


05 Jun, 2020
Spray a little silicone, add hot wax and voila.. twenty minutes later pop it out and I have a sweet candle decoration ???? read more »

Just what I needed

04 Jun, 2020
I like having the ability to carry my phone and personal items when at the River, but I'm always afraid of everything getting ruined. This is exactly what I needed- it seems to be a good quality a... read more »

It’s a magnet

03 Jun, 2020
It's a magnet, it sticks to things, it will do what I needed to do. read more »


03 Jun, 2020
It's super soft and cozy my ferret is going to love it. Definitely recommend for small animals read more »

Blinks with music

02 Jun, 2020
Super cool lights, lots of options. I only wish for the price that the strip was longer read more »

Super fast shipping

02 Jun, 2020
Arrived quickly and well packaged; I look forward to trying it out read more »

Does the job

31 May, 2020
Nothing really fantastic, but not terrible. Decent enough for a small room read more »

Didn’t think it would ever show up

31 May, 2020
Took so long to arrive (obviously coming from China) I never thought I'd actually receive it. When it did arrive, I was not fond of the material or how it fit. read more »

Good replacement

10 Feb, 2020
Good replacement for my beat up trimmer blade  read more »


03 Feb, 2020
Great replacement blade- A+ read more »

On the go

29 Jan, 2020
Great for when I forget to charge my watch at night; perfect for on the go. read more »

Two months later

29 Jan, 2020
It's been two months and I still haven't received it.  read more »

Very nice

29 Jan, 2020
Wonderful leather smell, nice high quality wallet. read more »

On the fence

15 Jan, 2020
Effective for minimal straightening, but kinda big and clunky- not good for small details or short beards read more »

Nice belt

05 Jan, 2020
Very nice belt, but the size must be made for a stick figure because it's extremely small- even for a kid read more »


21 Dec, 2019
I tried a screen cover, but the touch sensitivity was off. This is perfect and will help me avoid bumps and scrapes while still being able to utilize the touch screen. read more »

User error?

21 Dec, 2019
Doesn't grab any hair! I've tried a hundred times and this doesn't work for me. Either the hair needs to be insanely long to grab or its user error.  read more »

Does the trick

21 Dec, 2019
Simple frame- better quality than wal mart- reminds me of frames I've gotten from Ikea. Nothing fancy but just what I needed. read more »

Love the colors

21 Dec, 2019
Great selection of colors, lightweight floss and I absolutely love the little box they come in. I can keep these in my purse without having to dig through my makeup bag for a gloss read more »

What I needed

19 Dec, 2019
I hate insoles because they always make my shoes fit too tight, so these were the perfect solution to my needs. Enough support without making my shoes shrink two sizes read more »

Very disappointed

19 Dec, 2019
What I received is not what I expected at all. I was hoping to use this as an area rug, but instead I got a cheap, flimsy bath mat. Not even sure this would hold up in the bathroom. I could probably g... read more »

Nail cutting time

15 Dec, 2019
Tried this as an alternative to a nail clipper- but unfortunately it takes a bit too long to grind each nail down so much dogs don't like this any better  read more »

Love love love

13 Dec, 2019
Finally I can get to my makeup without tearing apart drawers In my vanity. Everything is so nicely organized and in one convenient turn, I can find what I'm looking for. May buy a few more to orga... read more »

Party time!

11 Dec, 2019
Bought this for a Christmas party and can't wait to wear it! The perfect Christmas sweater for a fun party, and good quality to boot. read more »

Great for my workouts

10 Dec, 2019
Great breatheable little socks- perfect for my workouts read more »

Super cute

07 Dec, 2019
After hours on my computer my eyes start to burn so I decided to give these a try; so far I definitely notice a difference. Best part? They are so cute I want to wear them all the time read more »

Great paper

05 Dec, 2019
Exactly the style and texture I was looking for- very pleased read more »

Nicely packaged

02 Dec, 2019
A little pricy for just one t shirt- but plain white tees are not exactly cheap these days. I prefer the super soft feel of this to the tougher cotton of your basic Hanes so it's worth it. Reminds... read more »

Love these

02 Dec, 2019
I have used these in the pat and needed more because my husband kept stealing them. Excellent holding power and grip! Will buy again. read more »

The greatest idea ever

28 Nov, 2019
I am so glad that compostable bags are now available. I use these to hold my recyclables and items for compost. They are a little thin for everyday trash- but I try to keep my waste to a minimum so I... read more »

Dog likes it

27 Nov, 2019
My dog has very short, thin fur and gets cold easily. She loves this heating pad! I wish it had user temperature control, but otherwise has been great.    read more »

Stocking stuffer

26 Nov, 2019
Don't know how well it works yet- purchased as a stocking stuffer, but looks nice and arrived quickly  read more »

Nice butt

25 Nov, 2019
A little long, and could fit a bit tighter, but they make my butt look great and are super comfy. read more »

Great deal

21 Nov, 2019
Great deal on this little kit. It will make a perfect stocking stuffer for my daughter this year read more »

Great little bags

17 Nov, 2019
Although they aren't Christmas themed, these are going to make great little gift bags for the holidays. I like that they aren't holidy specific because whoever I use to gift these with will be... read more »

Love it!

17 Nov, 2019
Don't know yet how it will hold up outside in the elements, but this projector works great so far. Snowflakes are clear and I love the size transitions. Will get more for a larger display outside... read more »

Super cute

17 Nov, 2019
Slow to arrive, but super cute and will make a great stocking stuffer for my kiddo. read more »

For my ferret

17 Nov, 2019
My ferret was destroying everything- his hammock, bed, everything I gave him. I decided to try a cat scratch pad and see if that would help and instead of destroying his stuff he would just use this.... read more »

To be determined

14 Nov, 2019
Just got this- was less expensive than some others- to be determined if it works- will update in the future  read more »

Nice looking toaster

12 Nov, 2019
Love the retro design, and so far everything works great. Hoping this toaster will last a long time!  read more »

Love Love Love

09 Nov, 2019
Bought this for travel and didn't expect much- but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this bag! Worth every penny and more. Nice looking bag, great material and quality. Very pleased&n... read more »

Everything I need

09 Nov, 2019
This kit is absolutely perfect and has everything I need for small item repair and then some. Very pleased  read more »

Will update in the future

08 Nov, 2019
Received this item and it seemed complex to put on, a little bulky to wear under my clothes- but 4 stars because it is effective with posture correction. Good to wear when at home  read more »

Love it!

08 Nov, 2019
Just what I was looking for- fill it up - drink it down and then fold it and tuck it away. A+ read more »

Batteries not included

03 Nov, 2019
It's pretty cool and always surprises people- only problem is that whenever someone lifts the toilet seat, it falls off.. read more »

Very cute

10 Oct, 2019
Very cute, would have given 5 stars but it took a long time to arrive read more »

very cute

05 Jul, 2019
Great deal for the price, as I have purchased artificial lavendar before for the same price and it wasn't as lovely as this. However, the pots are cardboard; the type you would use in gardening; s... read more »

Just what I needed

05 Jul, 2019
I needed something to carry my keys and phone when I'm out on a run and this was the perfect choice. Nice quality and just the right size; not too big and not too small. I highly recommend if you... read more »

Heard good things

29 Jun, 2019
I have heard a lot of good things about these patches and am excited to see if they will work for my teen daughter. It was a great surprise to see how many came in a box! read more »

Fast shipping

21 Jun, 2019
I bought this as a gift so I haven’t had an opportunity to see it in action. It came fast and was packaged nicely; I will update once I get to test it out! read more »

What a great idea!

21 Jun, 2019
I like the idea of having spring water but not the idea of a million plastic water bottles that are not good for the earth. This gadget allows me to have fresh water without the big machine or all the... read more »


12 Jun, 2019
i was pretty sure my dog was peeing in my house but could never find it... but I did smell it! After many pee hunts I decided to buy this. Turns out my sitting room carpet is the culprit, that thing i... read more »

Super cute

12 Jun, 2019
I haven’t had a chance to wear these yet because it’s summer and I know I will sweat to death, but the material is good quality and they are super cute :) read more »

So far so good

10 Jun, 2019
I’ve only used these a few times so far- but as of now, no issues! They are also very nice and fit well. read more »

Very cute

05 Jun, 2019
Very cute idea, looks great on my pup. One complaint though, it doesn’t tighten enough, and I have a big dog. Because it’s loose, the bow keeps moving under her chin read more »

Love love love!

05 Jun, 2019
Best pillow I’ve ordered online ! It came beautifully packaged and is so soft and pretty. Included in the box is extra stuffing that you can add if you like a firmer pillow and you can remove st... read more »

Bath time fun

02 Jun, 2019
I ordered this for my friends little girl; while I haven’t personally used it, she gave me some feedback. “Quinn absolutely loves her new bath toys, instead of fighting me about getting in... read more »

Great for my shop

28 May, 2019
Bought this to put in my shop and it was just what I needed. It is a cheap plastic, BUT you can’t tell from afar. There are several different light up modes and colors, so I’m able to chan... read more »

Just what I needed

28 May, 2019
Holds my phone perfectly and very convenient for jogging! read more »

Super cute

28 May, 2019
I’m having a rustic style wedding and ordered these for decorating. They are super cute and will be the perfect touch for some of our displays! read more »

Fits so nicely!

23 May, 2019
I normally wear a small but based on the measurements I ordered a medium. It fits perfectly and makes my waistline look so nice! Good material and great fit. My only complaints are the zipper gets stu... read more »

Good value for the price

21 May, 2019
I usually use bigger name brands but thought I would give these a try. I typically pay as much for one as I did for six so it was definitely worth my money. Four of the colors just weren’t my st... read more »

These colors make me smile

18 May, 2019
I sometimes have a hard time falling asleep and trouble concentrating when I’m doing school work. I have been wanting to try essential oils because a friend of mine swears by them. I purchased t... read more »

I wanted one too!

16 May, 2019
My daughter got one of these bracelets from a friend for Christmas. I thought it was pretty awesome and when I saw this on Amazon I jumped on it because I wanted one too. Makes a great gift, but get t... read more »

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