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I am looking to start reviewing products..I love trying all sorts of new products and tell others what I think of them and leave a review.

I love to try at coupon price so if I like it I can also continue buying it.
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Awesome gift for kids

25 Dec, 2018
As my son is growing older it is harder to find gifts for my son and when I saw this RC Dune buggy I couldn't pass it up..I got mine in red..but there was an option for blue also.  This is a... read more »

Great for camping

24 Dec, 2018
Camping season is coming up before you know it and what a great Christmas gift for my brother who loves to go camping as much as he can through camping season...this titanium spork is lightweight and... read more »

No more holes

21 Feb, 2018
No more holes of nails being put in my wall.  I was trying to find hanging hooks that dont require nails when I found these neat Adhesive Hooks Romantic Artistic Fashionable Traceless Strong E... read more »

Never forget your meds

19 Feb, 2018
Never an excuse to skip my meds.   I have most my daily meds in a med pack but I also take insulin and cant forget the antibiotics and any other short term meds that dont go in my med pac... read more »

Comfortable traveling

14 Feb, 2018
This is great for camping trips.  My brother loves to go camping so I am always looking for different camping gear for him and I was excited when I found this inflatable portable pillow. ... read more »

Spice up love life

10 Feb, 2018
I was looking for something to spice up my love life when I found this upgraded vibrator dildo with heat function Vagina G spot and vulva stimulation.     It comes with a wireless... read more »

No more buying uncomfortable earphones

31 Jan, 2018
These are gonna help my kids not have there kindles so loud.  I have 4 kids with kindles that love watching tv or listening to music on there kindle tablets which makes it loud in my house and... read more »

Love the stunts

29 Jan, 2018
Going to be doing cool stunts with this awesome car.  My son loves to collect remote control vehicles so I really thought this RC Stunt Invincible Tornado Twister - Multifunctional Rechargeabl... read more »

Multiple uses

20 Jan, 2018
I love things I can get many uses for and that is what I found with this Womans shrink proof cotton scarf by EVRFELAN.   It can be used though as other things and several seasons.. cause the... read more »

Very durable

20 Jan, 2018
Now I don't have to be stuck in one spot with my headphones.  With regular traditional headphones I have to pretty much sit still while listening to music on my devices cause when your mov... read more »

Now I can sleep

20 Jan, 2018
Now I can sleep without listening to snoring.    I am always so tired in morning due to lack of sleep cause I am sleeping next to so snoring husband.  But now I no longer have to wit... read more »

Now can eat tender steak

18 Jan, 2018
Now I can enjoy my steaks more cause they will be tender.  I remember growing up and having a hammer tenderizer my parents used to tenderize the meats... so I was excited when I found this 48-... read more »

Great necklace set

13 Jan, 2018
Thinking ahead for Christmas of 2018.  I know the new year just started but its never to early to think ahead and get ahead for this Christmas.... and with having 3 girls that like to be girly... read more »

Great charging device

12 Jan, 2018
Now I can use up less plus and save space.  With 7 people in my household and everyone has electronics some have more then 1 we are always in need of plugs and its hard to find alot of free on... read more »

Entertaining fun

11 Jan, 2018
Now this is what I call entertaining friends.  I don't drink much but when I do I like to have Margarita and cocktails so I was excited to find this cocktail shaker by bartender soul... no... read more »

Affordable fitness tracker

06 Jan, 2018
A New Year means a new me!!  I wanna try my best at losing weight and getting fit so I was excited when I found this fitness tracker heart rate activity tracker wristband by Eschone. ... read more »

Very bright

27 Dec, 2017
Wont have to be walking into dark rooms anymore.  My house is a very old house and has lots of dark spots or rooms that have very dim lighting so I bought the Rechargeable Motion-Sensing Light... read more »


18 Dec, 2017
This watch is very PRETTY!!  I have a hard time finding Christmas gifts for my brothers girlfriend cause she's hard to buy for, but I knew I had to have this Heart Petals Dial Golden Alloy... read more »

Nice and relaxing

16 Dec, 2017
My mom will be sleeping and relaxing with this pillow.  My mom sleeps in a recliner and normal pillows are very uncomfortable for her head... plus they move around and fall to the ground or do... read more »

Great gift

13 Dec, 2017
Finding Christmas gifts for my oldest daughter is hard so I was excited to find this Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Curved Sideways Cross Chain Necklace by Spoiled Cupid. We are Christi... read more »

Warm and beautiful

09 Dec, 2017
Oh the weather outside is frightful but I will be staying inside where its warm with this Mermaid blanket.  When I got this mermaid tail blanket and opened it... I was in awe as it is very pre... read more »

Colorful highlighters

08 Dec, 2017
These are gonna make a wonderful Christmas gift for my oldest daughter for Christmas.  With my oldest daughter being in 11th grade she needs to use highlighters alot for her school work, so I... read more »

Beautiful rare white harmonica

08 Dec, 2017
This is gonna make a great Christmas gift for my kids.  This 10 hole c note  professional swan harmonica from mugig is great for my kids.  What I really love about it is that it is w... read more »

Blues harmonica

30 Nov, 2017
Will be playing the blues on this Harmonica.  I found this 10 hole 20 tune C note harmonica, I got it for my son for Christmas cause he loves harmonicas and he wanted one for Christmas. ... read more »

Unique musical instrument

30 Nov, 2017
I absolutely LOVE this unique musical pocket piano!!  I found this unique kalimba... also known as a pocket thumb piano.  It is 10 keys, and is originated from Africa.  It is a very... read more »

Fun for young and old

26 Nov, 2017
Awesome for kids and those that are a kid at heart.  This RC stunt car, invincible twister tornado is a very fun car to play with... I to it for my kids but enjoy playing with it myself... I g... read more »

Bright and colorful

26 Nov, 2017
These beads are bright, colorful and pretty.  The Crystal water beads that come as 5000 count colorful are great for many different uses to accent your vases or use as centerpieces and crafts... read more »

Handcrafted beauty

19 Nov, 2017
I love native American things and I love dream catchers so I got really excited when I got this dream catcher with a wolf design.  I love wolfs. So it was perfect for me.  It is a traditi... read more »

Beautifully made

19 Nov, 2017
My husband and I have always loved stuff Native American and I came across this Eagle dreamcatcher.  It is traditionally round has black rim ribbon and brown feathers.  It has a beautiful... read more »

Woodcarving for everyone

19 Nov, 2017
My son has been asking for chisels the last few Christmases... so this year I decided to see what I could find and I found this 3 piece set of wooden handles chisels.  Each tip has a different ti... read more »

Very bright

18 Nov, 2017
My brother loves camping so I try to find neat stuff as gifts so he can go camping and I found these neat LED camping tent lights.  It comes as set of two and is waterproof and comes with clip... read more »

Works excellent

18 Nov, 2017
I Just recently got a dog, but he is a constant barker, so I was looking for something to help calm his barking down so it don't annoy the neighbors. Thats when I came across this no bark training... read more »

Great for safety

16 Nov, 2017
With Christmas coming I am trying to find useful gifts for my family.  I got this Car mount universal air vent magnetic cell phone holder for my brother for hands free talking for him... so he... read more »

Sun protection

16 Nov, 2017
My kids are fair skinned so I bought this Wide brimmed sun hat made by SunJolly. It has a wide brim so sun don't get in your eyes and protects your face from the UVs.  It has a hole in the... read more »

Beautiful lights

16 Nov, 2017
I love LED lights., so when I seen these Submersible LED Lights by Luxjet I knew I had to buy them.  They came as as a set of 2... They came with 2 remotes.  Each remote can work both of... read more »

Really Works

15 Nov, 2017
I have put on a few added extra pounds over the years with having four kids and making unhealthy eating choices.  I am now eating healthier exercising and added Weight Loss Pills That Work for Wo... read more »

Very convenient

15 Nov, 2017
I love cooking and when I cook I have lots of leftovers, which usually get thrown in trash and to me that's money wasted... so when I seen these reusable food storage containers, that is freezer,... read more »

Great musical instrument

15 Nov, 2017
I homeschool my kids and was looking for easy to teach musical instrument for my kids.  I got this 8 hold soprano recorder that comes with easy to read and understand instructions.  So it wi... read more »

Very Colorful

12 Nov, 2017
My youngest daughter has a very short attention span, so I was looking for something to keep her attention when I came across this sticker less magic cube. It has no stickers so no fading or sticke... read more »

Works great

11 Nov, 2017
I am always going through can openers cause the blades get dull, or just not durable so I was looking for something stronger, that's when I found this Safe Cut Can Opener / Manual Side Cut Can Ope... read more »

Gives Very close smooth shave

10 Nov, 2017
My husband uses regular disposable razors, so I was trying to find something different, that's when I found Straight Edge Cut Throat Razor - Professional Barber Manual Folding Shaving Razor ... read more »

Great for my ADHD son

09 Nov, 2017
My son has ADHD, and his hands have always got to be touching something so I am always looking for ways to keep his hands busy, I was in luck when I found DrowseBuster Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner, it... read more »

Great Christmas Gift

09 Nov, 2017
As Christmas is coming I came across this foot tambourine made by GECKO and got it for my kids for Christmas.   This has an elastic strap band that can be easily put on your foot over a s... read more »

Colorful tweezers

08 Nov, 2017
I absolutely love these tweezers.  I am always looking for new tweezers and knew I had to have these as soon as I seen them. I get very bushy eyebrows and the hairs grow out of place so these are... read more »

Must have for flu and cold season

08 Nov, 2017
With the flu and cold season on us I was very happy when I found  JMKMGL Portable USB Air Humidifier, mini ultrasonic humidifier with Clip for Car air outlet,Essential Aroma Oil Diffusers With N... read more »

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