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29 Nov, 2021
Wonderful product! It really keeps a charge for a long time and stays in the ears well!    read more »

Survival is no problem

26 Oct, 2021
This kit has it all! If you need something for hiking or camping, this will work amazing! I gifted this to my father in law who is all about survivalist actions, and he really enjoyed his multi level... read more »

Great product

01 Sep, 2020
So, I have pretty okay looking eyebrows and have been using an offbrand eyebrow stick to make them stand out after I did my make up. Let me tell you, this stick is WAY more effective than any other pr... read more »

Bought for baby

10 Aug, 2020
Hey! This product is excellent! I purchased it with my little in mind, and she absolutely loved it! Bubbles for the win!  read more »

Nifty Device

04 Aug, 2020
We bought this to take on camping trips, and honestly it was super useful. It came in handy when the propane grill wasn't working and it was easy to use on the table top. Definitely would buy ... read more »

Great item

04 Aug, 2020
I bought this for my husband, and he definitely got a good use from it. It has helped him shave his head and face with precision. This is a good product.  read more »


04 Aug, 2020
These are my absolute fave yoga pant that is out there. I was initially worried about sizing so I got a XXL but they fit good, and snug. They are lightweight so they're good for lounging or workin... read more »

As described

04 Aug, 2020
This was a beautful necklace that came as described. I was happy with it.  read more »

Kids size

04 Aug, 2020
I know the title says women, but it's either actually a child's size or china sizing. Either way, this XXL short I got should have fit great, maybe even a little big. But it was definitely a s... read more »

Good Investment

04 Aug, 2020
This is a cute little thing to use for summer movies, or to cuddle on the couch but make it feel like a real movie theater. With everything going on in the world, this is a great way to "go to th... read more »

Good buy

29 Jul, 2020
This was something I purchased for my child and she absolutely loved it during bath time! For as cheap as it is, she had such a good time with it that I would buy it again!     read more »

Enjoyed how easy this is

09 Jul, 2020
So after ordering some Magnetic lashes like this before I really wasn't expecting much. However this set came with two bottles of the magnetic eyeliner as well as three sets of the eyelashes that... read more »

Great deal !

30 Jun, 2020
This lamp really added a cool feel to our living room but also wasn't so overwhelming that it was annoying. I greatly appreciated the light it provides though when I get up at night to get a bottl... read more »

Easy Peesy

26 Jun, 2020
This was super simple to put on, and I am definitely not a make up person! I would buy this product again! I love that you can reuse the lashes and how simply it snaps together! The best! read more »


26 Jun, 2020
This is an excellent device to work out knots in your body! Would def recommend! read more »

Good decor

25 May, 2020
This mirror is a good decorative piece to add class to any space. Mine is in my office, and was easy to hang and didn't take much effort. I just wish it had been a smidge bigger! Overall, a great... read more »


25 May, 2020
Honestly wasn't expecting much of these leggings, especially for a plus size gal. But, these leggings are buttery soft, and fit just right! The pockets fit my iPhone 8 Plus and I am definitely imp... read more »

Best for your Lips

05 Feb, 2020
So I don't normally wear lipstick or lipgloss of any kind, but this was such a good deal I had to try it!  This gloss is beautiful. It goes on smooth, and takes only moments to dry. It doe... read more »

Very soft

26 Dec, 2019
So initially when I ordered this blanket I was under the impression that it was a full size blanket for a an adult however it's like he is actually for babies. It's still super plush and very... read more »

Only okay

26 Dec, 2019
I was so excited to receive the shoes and they looked so cute. However they did not fit the way that most shoes fit. Unfortunately when I put them on in my regular size My toes hit the tip of the... read more »

Excellent hold

26 Dec, 2019
I've been having a lot of problems with my right hand and the carpal tunnel in it and this price was able to really hold my hand together and make it easier for it to function. I would recommend t... read more »

Lasting Batteries

13 Dec, 2019
We orderd these batteries for our child's swing, as well as another little toy that requires them. These battereies last forever! I think this is the first time in a while that we have even had to... read more »

Super Comfy Shoes!

05 Dec, 2019
So, I didn't have a lot of hope for these loafers, but they were a good price, so I tried them. I was absolutely amazed by how comfy they actually are! I wore them all day to work, up on my feet,... read more »

Does the Job

02 Dec, 2019
I ordered this grill brush, and fully didn't expect much from it. However, it's definitely done the job and then some! Our grill was definitely compacted with a variety of gunk, and this brush... read more »

Great Device!

01 Dec, 2019
This device is an excellent gift! It has a clear picture for capture, and pinpoints exactly what you need it too! My brother was extremely happy with it! read more »

Good deal

16 Nov, 2019
These earbuds function as expected. They are easy to use and connect to your Bluetooth device. The sound quality is good and definitely has a good bass to it. Would buy these again. read more »

Good size bag

13 Nov, 2019
this bag makes for a great travel companion and is actually quite roomy! This makes for a great gift for someone who travels frequently! Definitely happy about this purchase, but I do think the materi... read more »

Great gift!

11 Nov, 2019
I ordered this as a Christmas gift, and I know it's going to be a good one! It'll be good for whoever I give it to because it works to help them navigate with their phone without having to hol... read more »

Okay product

08 Nov, 2019
This kind of did the job, but not to the degree I would have liked. read more »

Excited about this!

06 Nov, 2019
These are an excellent product to help keep my baby's ears from loud sounds! They are soft and cushioned well for baby's sensitive ears, and really work! My baby didn't even notice the lou... read more »

Good product

03 Nov, 2019
Received this product and immediately used it! Absolutely brilliant design, and helps to cover a fairly good sized area of the car. The ability to store things like child toys for my daughter or thing... read more »

Great Device

28 Oct, 2019
This video monitor has clear and crisp picture! It allows for you to view your child in their room and hear as they go on aobut their day. The range is amazing! Some of the best features of this devic... read more »

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