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3 pc wood wall shelfs

07 Dec, 2021
Very nicely made, light weight, but completely boxed in on all sides.  This is a set of 3 various sizes.  Color is a rustic brown with alittle white.    read more »

Key board mouse Pad, Really Desk Pad

04 Nov, 2021
I really like this one, orginally ordered it for my sons desk top.  However this one 100x times better than the one I had ordered last year for my Desk top. So I switched them out, and have... read more »

vacuum storage bags

28 Mar, 2021
Great price for sealer bags, worked well with my sealer,  read more »

Wonderful set of barbini dollar clothes.

28 Mar, 2021
Doll clothes and shoes, work well and fit great, read more »

Flags, Great Size.

21 Feb, 2021
Trump Should Have won, cheeter Democrates cheeted the Voting laws to benefit themselves, hope they all go to hell. read more »

Wireless Night Lights

21 Feb, 2021
Great to have around the house, they come in handy when you need lites.  I used my on dark steps, so I could see.  read more »

Awesome Christmas Socks, so cute...

27 Sep, 2020
Love these Socks, they have the Cute Printed Christmas, embles on each one.  They fit perfectly and so comfortable, with stretch so they will not fall off.  Love them  read more »

Socks, Love these , they Fit

25 Sep, 2020
Most Important to me, one size fit is a big NO No.  I have the because problem with socks, they fall off, they to wide.  Well people these socks are Great, at least for me.  They fit... read more »


25 Sep, 2020
Love these, gotta say Deocrating for the Hoildays is my parttay.  Out of others Door banners I have, these by far have been the Best.  They are heavery weight then others, more like a Top of... read more »

Target Stickers, pack of 50

25 Sep, 2020
These are Great for target Stickers, pack of 50, great visibility with them  read more »

Tall Floor Lamp, with stand

13 Jun, 2020
Nice looking,atractive floor lamp.  You must put together, which is a little treaky.  Out side of that, it nice, and will go with just about all your different Decors.  Well worth it, I... read more »

Great Nail clippers and Nail Grinders.

11 Feb, 2020
Ok, I have tried numerous grinders and Clippers on my Dog Rudy.  They never came close to these products.  Rudy has extermly wierd thick nails.  I can never clipp them because the Nail... read more »

Pendant Ceiling Lights,

11 Feb, 2020
Nice quality and industrial vintage look of these Pendant Celing Lights.   I love them .  read more »

Scanner tool cor car

11 Feb, 2020
Not sure what a Easy 200, think maybe a lesser product than others.  But work very well. read more »

Christmas Pillow covers

23 Jan, 2020
Love these, nice graphics and colors.   Very durable linen materials, that will last. read more »

Beeswax Restore Furniture

13 Jan, 2020
This worked great used it on a Antique Very Old Writing desk.  Looked wonderful and clean, only thing I had a problem was the container of it very little, think it was maybe 3 oz. The size doe... read more »

Great clippers, quiet, easy to use, cordless,

05 Nov, 2019
Great dog clippers, nice made long charge life, they dont run hot -(big plus) they quiet (big-Plus).  I use them often to clip my little dogs.  read more »

Comfy Slippers

05 Nov, 2019
Easy slip on slippers, very comfy, sizes run on smaller side, very narrow slipper.  So if you have Freddy Flintstone feet, dont get them.  Likely mine fit.   read more »

Trash Bags

04 Nov, 2019
These bags were  a good buy and worked great at first.  After getting down through the bags, I notice they are cut on one side, each and everyone there after the 10th one or so.  The... read more »

Very well made pillow protectors

31 Oct, 2019
Great product for your pillows.  This protector is made nicer than alot of them, material used is soft and lush.  Good product.   read more »

Cute and Very Fashionable Small Dog Carrier.

31 Oct, 2019
I really like this Pet Sling dog carrier........But My little dog wants NO part of it..  Its roomy and soft, and has a small head hole that can be adjusted for the animal.  I think if h... read more »

Great Product -Watercolor Brush Pens.

31 Oct, 2019
I used these and loved them, if I only had white one, I would love even more.  It makes painting so much easier, for the person that is messy ,these are  a real Plus.  Easy to hold , li... read more »

Christmas Stencils are a must have.

31 Oct, 2019
Very nice, and the size was bigger than I thought. I  did use them and they worked out very nicely on my project.  So If you are a DIY person, these are for you.  Great for classroom... read more »


14 Oct, 2018
Have not had enough time to see if it actually prolongs the life of food or not.  Will update when Its been in a little longer.  read more »


14 Oct, 2018
Works good, stars on ceiling read more »


11 Oct, 2018
Love thse solar lights, they are plastic should you be concern about breakage. read more »

Love Love these, nice prints

11 Oct, 2018
Yes if you know me I must have a change out on all my pillows.  So these work out for Halloween perfectly. Nice made,.large enough to slip in you couch pillows for a perfect cover up.  &n... read more »

Very Nice, Linen pillow cover for your Cushion

10 Oct, 2018
Love them, they they came out very nice, and work great to change your pillow out for the season.  Without having to buy pillows for every differt occassions.  read more »

Very Nice tea light , work great with Remote

08 Oct, 2018
Love these tea Light, they worked great , brighter than most, and work great with the Little Remote control . The Remote control I hide mine on a window seal or top of a door ledge and the P... read more »

Great Mask that lights up

03 Oct, 2018
This is a great evil looking mask, will look pretty cool in the dark with dark clothes and a face just floating in the darkness.    Cant waite till Halloween to do some Boos.  read more »


25 Sep, 2018
works good,  read more »


24 Sep, 2018
Nice and comfrotable in your hand, works great.    Time to Prun the Roses bushes.  read more »

Like these Garden Lights.

24 Sep, 2018
Cant waite to use them for the Halloween Party, and reuse them for Chistmas and again next summer for outdoor cook outs.  read more »

Love it, garden Flag

24 Sep, 2018
Very nice Halloween Print on this Garden Flag.  Love my flags,  Halloween one is a great bonus. read more »


24 Sep, 2018
Very  Nice, I love it.   read more »


13 Sep, 2018
Unfortualy I decapitated My St Joseph Statue, by dropping him on his head, while trying to get him out of the packaging.  Its really fragile, so dont do what I did.  I sure hope I wont get a... read more »

Wonderful Track Yoga Jacket.

13 Sep, 2018
I got size Medium, and it fit perfectly, Slenderizing and oh so comfrotable.  Easy pull on and large zippered pockets, for phone or what ever you need to carry to free up your hands while working... read more »


10 Sep, 2018
Messy, but seen a big difference.  read more »

Looks nice, works

07 Sep, 2018
Nice Galaxy Note case, Rose gold in color. read more »


07 Sep, 2018

Great automatic watering dish for your Pets

07 Sep, 2018
Love it, works great and easy to use, water stays fresh, because its goes through the fountain.  Comes with fliters. Lightweight and sleek design,.   read more »


07 Sep, 2018
Nice tea candles with the flickering Bulbs.  Remote works them on and off, These will be great addition to the Halloween stuff, for upcomming Halloween Party.  read more »

cute cute PJs

05 Sep, 2018
Cute and nicely made read more »

worked perfectly

05 Sep, 2018
This is a great  item work on I Pad, easy to install.  However the box it came is was so hard to open, took awhile to get the box open.  You sealed it well. read more »


05 Sep, 2018
works great, more sun you have the higher the fountain goes read more »

Nice case

22 Aug, 2018

Looks great

22 Aug, 2018

Love these Big Screens

19 Aug, 2018
Love these Projector screens, Plan to use them for christmas and Halloween and Outside Movie Night.  read more »

Little girls dress is cute as anything

19 Aug, 2018
Looks perfect on my little granddaughter.  Well worth it. read more »


19 Aug, 2018

These have a arch unlike some of the others.

19 Aug, 2018
Like Like works out well. read more »

works great

19 Aug, 2018
So glad this one comes with a hose, unlike the others.  Good Quality read more »

Very Nice quality

19 Aug, 2018
Music, viedo and more, this little compact player is great. read more »

The Perfect Toaster

09 Aug, 2018
Great Toaster, choose Red because I am just sick of the plain old color of appliances.  Just needed some color to my kitchen. Great works, mmmmm Bagels read more »

Adorable outfit

08 Aug, 2018
This Little girls Pajamas set I received is Just Adorable.  Quality good, it light weight for summer when the weather really hot.  I purchased size 6 which is a little bit bigger than I shou... read more »

Beautiful Dress for Your little ones.

05 Sep, 2017
 I bought this dress for my Granddaughter, and she loved it.  The size was perfect fit, dress is well made and fit was true to size for her, she 7 and the size 7 was perfect.  read more »

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