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Great Product For The Kids!!

12 Aug, 2020
This is a great project for the kids to do. Very sutible for any 3-5 year old who must always be on the go, and for the kids who like to write or draw all over everything. This is a great item and the... read more »

Absolutely Love

08 Aug, 2020
This is highly recommended for anyone who likes to play dress up with their cats! This is a great deal and a must buy!!    read more »


08 Aug, 2020
This is very nice. Nice build too. I was actually surprised to see how premium this is and looks. It honestly like like a wireless charger that you would pay over $30 for. I love the glass top on this... read more »

Just Meh......

08 Aug, 2020
Unfortunately this isn't anything to get excited over. I think it could've been better than what is advertised on Amazon. But for the price and for the audience it attracts, it isn't bad.... read more »

Great Mounting Stand For The Price!

27 Jul, 2020
This is definatly a must buy. This is very well made. High quality. I liked how there are two different ways to have this attatch to the desk. Either way would work, based on the way you plan on using... read more »

Very Happy!

22 Dec, 2019
I love the quality of the tempered glass! They are extremely nice, and easy to install just like any other tempered glass. Nice look in the packaging. Highly recommended for anyone  who is loo... read more »

Fantastic Item, Great For Many Things!

26 Oct, 2019
These are so nice, and can definatly be used for anything. I was thinking about using them for the holidays and adding them to the cards to seal them. Very nice designs and they are high quality. I wa... read more »

Unique & Cheerful

20 Oct, 2019
I was very shocked to see the sweater when I received it. I wouldnt call it a sweater in anyway, because for the material, it is thin. I was expecting it to be thicker. But I gave this a 5 star rating... read more »

High Quality Product For Sure!!!

18 Oct, 2019
When I took out the items box from the bubble mailer, right away I noticed that they are a high quality item, because of how nice the items packaging looks. Nice matte black cover. Sturdy as well... read more »

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