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Solves a short problem

08 Nov, 2017
 I have always felt like I was too short. I am average height, but I always wish I was taller. When I found out these were available, I had to try them. I am so glad I bought these because I love... read more »

Perfect length

08 Nov, 2017
The cable that came with my phone was way too short. I like to charge it while I am using it. But that is not possible with the cable that came with it. However these cables are amazing. I use it ever... read more »

I wish I had bought this a long time ago

08 Nov, 2017
I wish I had bought this a long time ago. It is perfect for traveling for laptops, cell phones, tablets, and pretty much anything electrical. For the price yeah, it has a lot of power and it is qualit... read more »

Solves a problem

08 Nov, 2017
I needed more ports badly. This Hub is perfect. It transfers data very quickly, and it is small but not too small. It has worked with both my PC and my Apple computers. Excellent quality. read more »

Fast charging

08 Nov, 2017
The cable that came with my phone was way too short. Plus I needed more because I keep one in my car, in my purse, at home, and I like to have extras. This one was a great choice. It included two cabl... read more »

Perfect for business

08 Nov, 2017
My friend has a business and sells items online. I thought this would be useful for her. She absolutely loves it. She scans items and the information is transferred very quickly to the computer. She s... read more »

Great protection

08 Nov, 2017
The color of this case is so pretty. I tend to be clumsy with my things, but I am not worried about my phone now that I have it in this case. It seems to provide excellent protection. I have already d... read more »


08 Nov, 2017
This is a high-quality device. It was packaged extremely well. The range is fantastic, and sound quality is perfect. I am thrilled with my purchase and I plan to get two or three more. read more »

I really needed these

08 Nov, 2017
I lose my wall adapters all the time. I like to have backups available. These are perfect for that. They charge my phone and my tablet very fast. The colors are also very pretty. I have used these wit... read more »

My dad loves these socks

08 Nov, 2017
I bought these socks as a gift for my dad. He is very picky about how socks fit and the material they are made of. I didn't know if he would like these or not, but he loves them! He said they are... read more »

Super soft is right!

08 Nov, 2017
Even the slightest glimmer of light bothers me when I'm trying to sleep. This mask is the perfect solution. It is incredibly comfortable, and blocks out all light. I don't even know I'm we... read more »

Works great with iPhone 7 plus

08 Nov, 2017
This was very easy to connect with my iPhone 7 plus. Connected it to the HDMI port and the quality was fantastic. I have been very impressed. read more »

So comfortable!

08 Nov, 2017
I bought these leggings for my niece. She absolutely loves them, and wants more pairs. She said they are stretchy but still hold their shape. She wears them all the time. They are also very figure-fla... read more »

High quality fabric

08 Nov, 2017
This flag is beautiful! It is very thick and durable material. My family and I are proud to have it displayed. We have had several compliments on it from neighbors that they liked it very much. read more »

Perfect size and convenient

08 Nov, 2017
I have this screwdriver set in my car, but I use it in the house all the time too. It is so convenient to have, and the perfect size to take places. I think I am going to order a second set because it... read more »

High quality

08 Nov, 2017
I bought these headphones to use when I'm listening to my audiobooks. I have trouble finding headphones that fit because my ears seem to be small. I don't like wearing earbuds often because th... read more »

High quality

08 Nov, 2017
This battery is very well made. It seems to have high power, it charges fast, and last a long time. It was a perfect replacement for my laptop. read more »

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