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Doesn't taste that bad

29 Sep, 2020
Only had the product for a few days, so I can't attest to it working as advertised,  but the ease of use and taste of the product gets full marks. read more »

Do what they are made for.

28 Sep, 2020
what can I say, they are charge cords. Will take a while to test durability, but they charge my galaxy tablet, my note 10 plus and my S10 plus with out issues. Can't ask for more read more »


17 Oct, 2018
Looks and feels good in the hand, but on the first drop of less than 3 feet off the lap from a seated position it completely broke. Better off getting a silicone case for about the same price and won&... read more »

Pretty bulky...

13 Oct, 2018
Looks slimmer than it actually is in the pictures. It's a pretty bulky add on. Especially considering it only has about 4000mAh max. There are other, sleeker, options out there that offer more bat... read more »

Not bad, but very dim

11 Oct, 2018
These candles are not that bad,  and the remote makes turning them on and off a lot easier as opposed to manually doing it for each one. The light emitted is fairly dim though, I'd like... read more »

Works as intended

03 Oct, 2018
What can I say, they are just shelving brackets. The come with wall anchors and screws so that's a plus, but I'm sure they work like hundreds of others out there. Only about 5-5 1/2in so reall... read more »

Mother in law loves them

03 Oct, 2018
My wife doesnt allow shoes in the house and her mom refuses to go shoeless, so I ordered these for her. She says they are extremely comfortable. I have a pair of men's slippers for the same c... read more »

So comfortable

22 Sep, 2018
I was pleasantly surprised with these slippers. I tried them on and it felt like I was walking on a cloud. We’ll see how they hold up over time, but so far I’m happy with them read more »

There are better out there

05 Sep, 2018
They work OK, but I have had better sounding and performing headphones. Sound quality is OK but the ANC is subpar. Didn't have any issues connecting to my iPhone or android nor did I have any prob... read more »

Never without power

04 Sep, 2018
i love solar powered power banks. They are great for when you are out and about. I took this to universal studios today and clipped it to the out side of my bag and charged my phone as I normally... read more »


03 Sep, 2018
Quality of the materials just feels completely cheap. The necklace that comes with it is probably the only plus to the set. The way the it’s packed the patch was creased and it won’t flatt... read more »

So far so good

03 Sep, 2018
The case looks good and feels nice in the hand. Can’t attest as to how well it will protect the phone from drops though. Doesn’t look like it will offer any protection to the screen i... read more »

Works as intended

30 Aug, 2018
They peel as they should, however they feel kind of cheap in the hand. Probably could find a better set around the same price, but this one does the job  time will tell if it is durable or not read more »

So far so good

29 Aug, 2018
My step daughter has been using these headphones for about a week now and hasn’t had any issues. Obviously they are not the best quality sound or build material, but they do what they are made&n... read more »

Great for the price

29 Aug, 2018
First, I loved that it included several sizes. I’ve used them to coat chicken with BBQ sauce while on the grill as well as coating my waffle iron with oil and these get the job done without... read more »

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