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Cute Variety

09 Aug, 2020
Cute cariety of headbans, better for a smaller head. I apreciate that these let masks hook onto the band instead of your ears. LONG shipping time though. read more »

Fits well and Convenient

09 Aug, 2020
This is really convenient for those who dont like masks on their ears. I like that it has multiple uses and is a pretty versatile style. Perfect for the summer and for anyone with sensitive ears read more »

Good Bargain

30 Jul, 2020
This is great for making masks a bit more comfortable. I am sure many people have dealt with facemasks digging into their ears, this is a lifesaver. read more »

Fun Cups

27 Jul, 2020
Cute lightweight BPA free plastic coffee cups. They are not as sturdy as I would have hoped, but are great novelty gifts, especially if someone is a star wars fan or a coffee fan in general. They are... read more »

Fits well

24 Jul, 2020
I really like the fit of this massager. It is essentially a tens unut, but comforms to your neck without the need for sticky gels. It is comfortable to wear and I can feel the electric pulses but they... read more »

Nice double duty

12 Jul, 2020
I appreciate that both charges are connected to a single usb connector, it is perfect for keeping in the car for charging on the go during travel. read more »

Effective slimming

12 Jul, 2020
This seems to be effective, at least in the short term. One star knocked off because the ear loops hurt my ears. I cannot imagine wearing this for 8 hour with the ear loops. read more »

Great little beginner instrument.

08 Jul, 2020
The sound is decent, although it leans to being sharp and I was a professional flautist. My daughter likes the color and has enjoyed practicing on it. She is six and the holes are almost a little larg... read more »


06 Jul, 2020
Really pretty without being ostentatious.  Perfect and femine. Great for an outdoor wedding or photoshoot. Looks ethereal. Adjustable, but fit my 6 year old perfectly/ read more »

Everything you need to get started

28 Jun, 2020
I have never knitted before, but a pandemic seemed like a good time to pick up a new hobby. I like that this set has everything you need to get started: Looms, skeins, and needles. Great for a beginne... read more »

Works great

28 Jun, 2020
Works great. I am seriously impressed with these controllers. They do a great job and work just as well as the nintendo official remotes. Great for playing  games from theonline store. Happy it i... read more »


28 Jun, 2020
Absolutely beautiful earrings. They are very unique and catch a lot of light. They are easy to put in and stay on well. Reversable and lovely. read more »

Such a cool little system

28 Jun, 2020
Great for traveling, has a bunch of nostalgic games. Easy to operate, rechargable. Decent battery life. I am happy,. read more »


25 Jun, 2020
These have great color and terrific length. I like that they are adjustable. I wish they came with backs so I would not worry about losing them. Really pretty delicate looking pieces.  read more »

Good budget controllor

24 Jun, 2020
It was a little bit tricky to connect. The instructions were not as clear as I would have liked, but once I figured out what I was misreading it worked great. I love having the extra controller for ga... read more »

Epic for nostalgia

24 Jun, 2020
This is great for people who were gamers back in the day. The controls are easy to use there are a lot of old arcade games held within. I am super happy with the quality. read more »

Awesome handheld system

19 Jun, 2020
This lets you totally get lost in nostalgia. Its got so many of the games from the past that I am looking for. Bubble Bobble, Mario Bros, Contra, double dragon, Burger time. Seriously blast to the pas... read more »

Strongly flavored

18 Jun, 2020
Good for use in baking or smoothies. Harder to drink straight mixed with water. Seems to be good quality. Love the health benefits. read more »

Great set

18 Jun, 2020
This is a fantastic set of Scratch Art paper. Easy to use brightly colored and fairly large sheets. Recommend keeping a set in the car for travel activities. My daughter really loved it. She is 6. read more »


10 Jun, 2020
Fits well and works great. This is actually a fantastic keyboard for your I-pad at a fraction of the price. I was really impressed with how well this worked. read more »

Nice soft light

09 Jun, 2020
Really light weight and throws off a warm soft white lite. Easy to set up, easy to move around. Overall pleased with this. read more »

No Good

09 Jun, 2020
Dangerous for kiddos. Hurts if it crashes into you. It flies around wildly. This is the least favorite drone we own. read more »

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