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A phone case with pretty design

20 Mar, 2019
This case has a lovely image on the front and a nice colour.  The case even though it is a perfect fit covers over the button of the phone that opens up my phone.  It is also hard to talk wh... read more »

Good quality clippers

12 Oct, 2018
These are made to a high standard and cut hair precisely.  I love how on charging the battery and the spare you get alot of cutting time so these will be perfect for my travels that are coming up... read more »

Strong and long charger

20 Aug, 2018
This is strong and very durable and is very long in length, 6ft.  It quickly charges my iphone while sitting a long way away from the charging point.  I hope to use this for many maonths to... read more »

eye catching rug

15 Aug, 2018
Hi, this is a good quality knotted rug that is quite small but perfect for either side of my bed to step onto.  It is a lovely design and lots of work has gone into the rug and it is also a good... read more »

easy to use toaster

11 Aug, 2018
This is a compact and stylish looking toaster that is really simple and easy to use.  It toasts quickly and effectively and has a good function to toast bread from frozen.  The slots are wid... read more »

high quality oil

08 Aug, 2018
This come in a glass bottle and is a great quality oil with multiple uses.  It is good for skin and hair growth and I have been using it on a wart on my cat with very good results. read more »

Brightening serum

09 Jun, 2018
This serum is great value for money as it comes in a glass bottle and is double strength.  It is targeting and gets easily absorbed into my skin.  My skin looks instantly brighter and very f... read more »

comfy men's trunks

22 Mar, 2018
These arrived today and are very lightweight and well made.  They appear good quality and have a bright blue colour.  They are fully lined for swimming and have a drawstring waist.  The... read more »

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