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Great Picutres

30 Nov, 2018
I got the floureon house camera to secure my house entrance. It was fairly easy to install. The image quality was also great.  The only thing I would improve will be the quality of the instructio... read more »

Multifunctional GPS

30 Nov, 2018
This GPS is bigger than your normal GPS making it easy to have a good view. The language can be changed easily and it is touch screen. We were pleasantly surprised to see that in addition to the GPS f... read more »

Great Quality Images

21 Nov, 2018
I got the floureon house camera to secure my house entrance. It was fairly easy to install. The image quality was also great.  The only thing I would improve will be the quality of the instructio... read more »

Good educational toy

23 Oct, 2018
I liked the fact that this a good educational toy for children as young as 3 years to older children meaning that they can grow with the it.  It also helps develop their imagination and creativit... read more »

Portable voice ampliefer

23 Oct, 2018
I got this voice amplifier for our outside events just like barbecues, garage sales. I have not had to opportunity to test that outside to see the effect but when I tested it at home, it worked perfec... read more »

Great cycling or fall gloves

27 Sep, 2018
The gloves were a good fit. I am using them for the fall since they are too thin for the Canadian winter. They are also waterproof which is great for the fall since it is very wet. #RankBoosterReview... read more »

Stay on hand soothing gloive

05 Jul, 2018
I got one of this soothing gloves for my niece. What I liked about it is the fact that it does not fall off or fall down like other teething toys. You strap it to the hand and it stays firmly on, the... read more »

Ukulele with accessories

22 Feb, 2018
I got the ukulele kit with accessories. It includes a  21 inch ukulele with a carry bag, a tuner, string etc . It is round and the body is made of laminate. The chords are made of a synthetic mat... read more »

Mini ukulele for children

14 Feb, 2018
I got the 17 inch ukulele. It comes with a carry bag. It is of a small size and the body is made of wood. The chords are made of a nylon material. It looks well-made and the design is good. This uk... read more »

Great instrument

08 Jan, 2018
The melodica came in a carry case box along with a blowing tubes. Use It can be used  while standing or in the sitting mode. It has a strap at the back for holding. Pros The instru... read more »

Portable essential oil diffuser

04 Jan, 2018
The essential oil diffuser comes in a carton box. It is made of plastic and comes with a manual and has a power adaptor. Use To use, you just remove the top part, unscrew and fill with water if... read more »

Canadian guitar strap

11 Dec, 2017
The guitar strap comes in a plastic bag. The strap itself is made from a polyester  material while the ends are made of leather. The strap has holes which you can use to fix to you  to your... read more »

Bluetooth Beanie

11 Dec, 2017
The Bluetooth hat seems to be made of a polyester  material. It comes with a micro-usb charging cable. You need to charge it a few hours before use. Pros The idea is great, you don&rsquo... read more »

Great bike handle bag

01 Dec, 2017
The bag comes with a green rain cover. It is big enough to carry all my essentials, keys , phone  and identity card. It is well made and waterproof. It also looks durable. #RankBoosterReview... read more »

Rain shoe cover

01 Dec, 2017
 The boots are made from a kind of synthetic material. They are foldable and I think they will be good for the rainy season. They don’t work out for the Candian winter and snow because of t... read more »

Good qulity electric guitar bag

01 Dec, 2017
The bag is a perfect size for electric guitars. It looks like it is a made form a durable material. It is padded and has straps for carrying it. I got it to protect my guitar from dust when not in use... read more »

Big sized ice blocks

30 Nov, 2017
There are two  ice cube trays in the pack. They seem to be made of silicone. The cubes it makes are bigger than the ones with the normal plastic trays. The trays look durable and well made. read more »

Budget price condenser microphone

29 Nov, 2017
The microphone comes in a carton box along with several pieces such as the cable, foam cap, mounting clamp etc.. It was easy to mount . Pro The price to quality ratio is great. It works fine... read more »

Wide brim hat

29 Nov, 2017
The hat has an oversized brim. It has many pieces, to protect the neck, the face etc. The parts are not sewn permanently and so you can remove the parts that you do not want at a particular moment. Th... read more »

Interesting instrument

28 Nov, 2017
The melodica came in a carton box along with two blowing tubes. It also has a carry case for keeping everything together and a belt for carrying it while performing. Use It has been a huge succe... read more »

Solar inground lights

24 Nov, 2017
The lights came in two white boxes. There are two solar lights in each box. The lights come along with short spikes  which are used to push it into the soil. They also have solar panels which cap... read more »

Standing umbrella

22 Nov, 2017
This umbrella comes in a pouch. It is long and at the handle is a “C” shape. It has a button for opening. The outer design is different form the inner design which in my case was the sky o... read more »

Average quality pictures and videos

20 Nov, 2017
The camcorder comes well packaged along with a carry bag, an audio cable, a USB cord,  a battery and an instructions manual. Use Before use, I installed the battery and SD card before charg... read more »

Handy tool

20 Nov, 2017
The garlic press is made of stainless steel and looks solid and well made. It comes with a small brush for cleaning the press  and a silicone tube roller for peeling the garlic.  I had gotte... read more »

several functionalities for a good price

20 Nov, 2017
The vegetable slicer comes in a carton box. It was a bit  bigger than I had imagined. It comes with 4 swappable blades as well as a non-skid food container for holding anything you may have slice... read more »

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