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great for farmhouse decor

27 Sep, 2021
These look great! So much cheaper than our local craft store and it came with so many more and i love these cottonstems. They are soft to touch and beautifully put together. I enjoy things... read more »

great for craft projects

27 Sep, 2021
Cute, great value & good size for an ornament. My only warning is they do vary. Some have a bit more vine bits that give them more character & some are a bit more bare. So a couple I added a b... read more »

easy to fold

27 Sep, 2021
Easy to fold. Each one was individually wrapped in plastic which prevented them from being scratched, they were sturdy enough to hold good items. We use them as prizes filled with candy and gift cards... read more »

ocd fan favorite

27 Sep, 2021
Love them! If your like me and hate fishing behind everything in your fridge these are great. I grouped like items together and I can just pull out the bin in need and find what I’m looking for... read more »

Protects my sensitive info!

27 Sep, 2021
 You can never be to careful these days and taking extra steps to protective sensitive information is responsible and a good idea. This roller stamp and the press stamp offer full coverage, they... read more »

love this placemat

27 Sep, 2021
These place mats are unbelievable! They fit in with our theme for the holidays. Pretty easy to clean and I love how if you get crumbs on it you can just brush them off. Durable so far. We love these p... read more »

thin material

27 Sep, 2021
This have a very thin material, it is ok quality nothing great, i feel like disponsable, not a huge fan read more »

These are simple and well made.

27 Sep, 2021
These are simple and well made.  I ready liked these crosses. Love the design. Right size. I thought this was a great product especially for the price. I used them as gifts for my cas... read more »

we love it

27 Sep, 2021
It’s an absolutely beautiful piece! It was a gift for my goddaughter  6th birthday  and this was by far the most well made we’ve ever gotten. It has some heft to it, so when... read more »

great kit for photo jewerly

27 Sep, 2021
I'm very pleased with this Jewelry Making Kit. It's nice how many different combinations can be made with just what is included in the kit. The pendents are metal, and the glass cabochons make... read more »

really work

27 Sep, 2021
As soon as the package was delivered my husband put them on. He noticed that he felt less pain immediately. He wore them from afternoon until he went to bed. We walked the dog, bbq dinner, cleaned up,... read more »

great features

27 Sep, 2021
My husband and I really like this product. We have a couple of other surge protector towers in our home, however, he really likes this one for the built-in fast wireless charger. The compactness also... read more »


24 Sep, 2021
These really look better than I expected, absolutely well made, they look amazing, really shinny and even reflective, the size is perfect too, can be use as decorations or toys, seems sturdy enough to... read more »

great lamp

24 Sep, 2021
This lamp is better than expected! The dimmable bulb works wonderfully. It doesn’t take up too much space, yet gives the light needed for reading or when dimmed to low so I won’t walk i... read more »

An excellent product

24 Sep, 2021
They are beautiful pine cones that have clearly been collected, cleaned and shipped with loving care. The size is accurately described and large enough to use in a garland without getting lost by bein... read more »

exceeded expectations!

24 Sep, 2021
 These pinecone are amazing i love this product, just what i  wanted to create a winter decoration for my centerpiece. Pinecones are full and the perfect size to create a great design w... read more »


24 Sep, 2021
I got this for my ipad and my husband really think was a notebook until i show him it was my ipad. Fit very well, good quality, nice colors. Im in love. read more »


24 Sep, 2021
I got this for my girl birthday i put some photos from birth to her quince's she cry (happy tears) and she love it. It a good gift to make memories . Thanks for this beautiful product read more »

Very well made

24 Sep, 2021
Omg this product its amazing i have 2 girls who love the headbands, the fabric its soft, elastic dont make your head hurts and that its an important thing. They really love it i recommend 100% read more »

I love it

24 Sep, 2021
I got this for my daughter quinceañera and was so beautiful. We went to Universal studios Hollywood and the people love it too.  Very good quality, the headband is well made and spar... read more »

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