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Aug, 2017







About Me

I absolutely love to review items that are new to me.

My favorite category of goodies is jewelry, with a current focus on Sterling silver.

I love bags of all types and hard backed cases that fit on certain products.

Electronics always get a yet from me for testing.

I have an 8y boy, 2yo girl, and a newborn in my life.
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Nice toy for a long drive in the car, keeps noisy kids quiet

09 Mar, 2018
Because my two year old has so many toys at home, many of them electronic, this drawing toy is not one that I would say my daughter is wild about. I don't mean that she dislikes it or that it'... read more »

Beautiful hair, fast and easy

09 Mar, 2018
#MHKJP has a great way to make hair beautiful and Sassy, without taking too much time to do so. This hair tool is a five-star curling iron that will do several different things, including curling, cri... read more »

Driving toward the Sun... These glasses keep the Sun out of the eyes!

01 Mar, 2018
#IALUKU has a very nice pair of glasses at a very reasonable price. They are for men, and they look great on my husband. I tried them myself oh, and I would say they're not for females because of... read more »

Great for making hot pudding on a very low heat

28 Feb, 2018
When I purchased this, I thought I was going to use it for handling my keys that I need to take with me on camping trips. I was very mistaken. I actually use it to cook hot putting on a very low heat,... read more »

Great job of taking care of the skin from head to toe

28 Feb, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/TOUCHBeauty-Waterproof-Cleansing-Exfoliator-Minimizer/dp/B071GF8BJV  does the wonderful job of taking care of the skin. It cleans from head to toe, even including the delic... read more »

Wonderful way to get a two-year-old to happily take her bath without the bath bombs that I just finished reviewing!

28 Feb, 2018
Whoever came up with the idea of this set of toys for small children should get a big pat on the back for this one. It is the perfect toy for a two year old, and I'm sure kids younger than two wou... read more »

High quality bath bombs for a fantastic bubble bath

28 Feb, 2018
For the low price, I didn't expect these to be what I would consider high quality bath bombs, but I did expect them to be nice enough that I would enjoy them. I wouldn't have bought them other... read more »

Beautiful, shiny, and heavy duty fruit basket

28 Feb, 2018
This fruit basket is so much better than I expected when I compare it to fruit baskets that I've had in the past. I've had pretty ones and shiny ones, but I have never had one that I would con... read more »

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