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Saves money on produce

25 Mar, 2018
I just purchased these to extend the life of my fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. They work on the same principle as the green bags. They are foam shelf liners 15 x 14 inches each. They come... read more »

High quality Phantom Power Supply for your Condenser Microphone- USB powered with adapter

29 Nov, 2017
This 48V Phantom Power Supply works great with my large podcast/recording standing microphone. It transfers the sound signal to my computer sound card clearly without distortions or fluctuation in... read more »

Great Guitar Accessory Kit

24 Nov, 2017
This is a very nice Guitar accessory package I just purchased on amazon. The package includes: Guitar Strings- gauge is E-1, B-2, G-3,D-4,A-5,E-6 Size: 011/015/024/032/042/050 Guitar picks wi... read more »

This Flexible Tripod holds it's shape while wrapped around anything- holds phones, GoPro's and Digital Cameras

24 Nov, 2017
I purchased this 3 in 1 Flexible Mini Tripod on amazon recently. It has three attachments: one 1/4 inch standard screw mount base for your digital camera or a small lightweight DLSR. It has a side scr... read more »

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