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Colorful Markers

12 Jul, 2020
I was excited when I was supposed to receive these Markers. However, they are not what I expected them to be. My other markers work better than these. To me they had a water based consistency that wou... read more »

Hot Water Bottle

12 Jul, 2020
I Love this hot water bottle. What makes it so cute is it has a floating fish which is a toy. I feel it up when I am have any discomfort In my body and it helps me to relax. I have been able to fall a... read more »

Beautiful Floral Top

12 Jul, 2020
This top looks Amazing on me it has a Dark Navy Blue color with floral prints on the blouse. It is a 3x shirt with Long sleeves and it crosses in the front which makes it more breatheable. I wore it t... read more »

Watch review with a black band

08 Nov, 2018
The first button to left at the top is for the watch to light up to view the Day and Time. The button below it gives you to a chance to set the Alarm on the watch, A stop watch, DT, TA. On the right s... read more »

12 Set of Pink Make-up Brushes

13 Oct, 2018
  I received these make-up brushes at an awesome discount. The brushes themselves have a firmness to them that most make-up brushes need to have in order for the bristles to not break. That... read more »

Stove Protector

07 Jul, 2017
I like these stoveto protectors. However I wish that the protectors would have fit the standard stove and  it doesn't and I wish they did. These are easy to clean off. you can use them in... read more »

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