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Absolutely beautiful

26 Aug, 2019
Adorable ring  Good craftsmanship. Excellent fit. This is a good buy. read more »

Amazing idea.. Fabulous product

26 Aug, 2019
What an amazing idea. It has been in the 90's. Too cool off.. just spritz. This thing has fine water molecules, that create a mist. It works beautifully. Excellent product read more »

Adorable baby angel wings

26 Aug, 2019
Adorable Angel wings for baby photography. They are perfect, well made. I loved these read more »


26 Aug, 2019
This 'rug' was small enough to fit in a doll house. It was totally ridiculous. read more »

Excellent for teens

11 Aug, 2019
I picked this up for my teen so she coulld start to train her body for proper posture. It is working well and is comfortable. Bad posture wrecks havoc on your body. If you can correct it early, you ca... read more »

Fabulous product

11 Aug, 2019
Once you get over the adversion of sucking gooies out of your baby's nose, this product is awesome. It actually has a filter so no gooies are in contact with the user. LOL I have tried all of the... read more »

Tummy Time is now a great time

07 Aug, 2019
If your youngster is like mine, they do not care for tummy time. This cool gadget changed all of that. The babies love this thing. Even more so, the autistics love it too. (If youd like to know the tr... read more »

Interesting Little unit

07 Jul, 2019
 I’ve been trying to understand this unit, so my review has taken a little longer than it should. It doesn’t have a fan. The only way I could tell it was working was a little green li... read more »

Really good essential oil

28 Jun, 2019
This is an excellent essential oil.. Ginger is normally used in food form for digestion and stomache issues.. But I use the essential oil in a diffuser for an overall help in clearning the air. This p... read more »

Fabulous... You have got to try this.

17 Jun, 2019
I bought it for my little person's baby pool... This fountain is so much fun. The sunlight has to hit it but the fountain stream is really tall. toss this into your pool or add it to your fountain... read more »

Comfortable and affordable

15 Jun, 2019
I bought these to make my heels more comfortable. They are excellent... Now I look great and I am no longer in agony.. HA HA HA.. Love them read more »

Total workstation

15 Jun, 2019
Love it... works great with my mac for my iphones. I am able to charge all of them at the same time. Good buy read more »

adorable for my fountain

09 Jun, 2019
Excellent little solar pump, Just place the solar pump into the water.. make sure you have enough sunlight for it to work, and then it does everything else on its own.  read more »

This is Fabulous

09 Jun, 2019
I use the dash cam to make youtube videos as I drive... what a great way to let the world explore the city with you. Love the unit.. really easy to use.  read more »

This has to be the nicest pillow I have ever owned..

09 Jun, 2019
This has got to be the nicest pillow I have ever owned.. although it is no longer mine. One of my kids fell in love with it too. I will now need a few more of this exact pillow. LOL Super comfortable.... read more »

Excellent for Kids

09 Jun, 2019
I bought these for my SUV.. excellent for kids. Tablet holder, drink holder, crayon/colored pencil and colring book holder. Really fantastic.  read more »

Too Much Fun

09 Jun, 2019
My daughter thinks this is the cats meow. She spends hours playing with it. Great for explorative kids.  read more »

Fabulous slingshot. My daughter loves it

09 Jun, 2019
This is a fabulous slingshot. My daughter wanted one and we picked this one up. It is perfect. My daughter loves using it.. just right for even a beginner.  read more »

Excellent for Baby or those with Insomnia

09 Jun, 2019
This is such a lovely little device. I love it... It is perfect for babies or people with insomnia. Very realistic sounds.  read more »

The Perfect Fathers Day Gift

09 Jun, 2019
This was the perfect gift for Fathers Day. I love it.. Well made product. My Dad will love it.  read more »

Fabulous hat.. best I have ever owned

25 Dec, 2018
Shipping on this took forever.. however, this has to be the nicest hat I have ever owned. Furry inside, well made. Fits perfectly. I love it. It was worth the wait read more »

Darling windchimes

07 Dec, 2018
I actually have these inside... they solar charge and at night you have colors. I need about 10 more of these throughout my house.. Fabulous find read more »

Tiny but powerful

06 Dec, 2018
Smallest MP3 player Ive ever had. Hooks up to a speaker or headphones. Music on the go. Lots of storage space. Tiny but powerful. read more »


06 Dec, 2018
Why should you have traditional ice cubes when you can jazz it up and have these ice balls? Fits nicely into normal size cups and looks amazing read more »

Need more, these are awesome

06 Dec, 2018
This light is fabulous. I will need to buy more of these. I love it. It charges in the daytime and at night you have light throughout most of the night. If you turn it on low, it will last all the way... read more »

Perfect Sound MP3 and Radio

03 Dec, 2018
This mp3 player does a great job playing my CDs. Many mp3 players can not handle my music with perfect clarity. This one does. IT has bluetooth hookup so I can hgook into my soeaker or headphones. Lov... read more »

Long range walkie talkies with clear sound

03 Dec, 2018
My youngest and I are having a blast with these. I can go all the way to the car and the sound is still clear. Great for the whole family... This set was in pink... takes 3 aaa batteries each. Fabulou... read more »

Hot Java!

03 Dec, 2018
This cup is excellent for on the go. It is spill proof.. which for me is a must. It keeps the coffee hot even on cold days. I found that at 28 degrees outside, my coffee stayed hot for about 3 hours.... read more »

Fabulous headphones

03 Dec, 2018
Great sound.. i bought a different pair for 40.00 a couple of months ago and they do not have the sound that this one does. Hook up to your phone for a hands free experience. Once I bluetooth to these... read more »

Very Soft wool socks

28 Nov, 2018
Nothing better than merino wool. These are mens socks but I bought them for me. However, they are so soft that my youngest daughter stole them. Really soft comfortable socks. Great for PNW winters read more »

Super Cute Headphones

28 Nov, 2018
My daughter loves these. They light up, have excellent sound and are easy to use. I havent been able to get her to take them off. The ears either flash, have a constant light or you can turm the light... read more »

Excellent MP3 player

27 Nov, 2018
This is a fabulous choice for an MP3 player. I bought it for a child. The best feature is that it is waterproof. Around my house, that is rather important. Easy to use. You will love it.  read more »

Must Have for every Gardener

20 Nov, 2018
Love these pruning shears. This is a must have for any gardener. More comfortable than the cheaper brands. Looks like they are far more durable. Happy plants.. happy gardener. :) read more »

Full Spectrum Plant Light

20 Nov, 2018
Out of all the grow lights I have purchased, this one is my favorite. Because it is a full spectrum, I can also leave it on as a regular light. My plants love it and it illuminates the living room. Fa... read more »

Excellent grow light

16 Nov, 2018
Really nice grow light. I love the circular bulb. It has a timer and spectrum settings. My indoor garden is having a hayday. The lettice is really starting to grow fast. I think you will love the posi... read more »

Must Have for any gardener

14 Nov, 2018
I picked this up for my indoor gardens. At first I wasnt sure it was working because the PH balance kept stating that all of my dirt was alkaline.. so I made the dirt acidic and tried again. It works.... read more »

Very Bright LED Solar lights

14 Nov, 2018
Really nice set of solar lights. I bought these for thye inside of the RV. However, now I think Id like another set as night lights in my house. Fabulous lighting option. Lights are very bright. eithe... read more »

A spa in your bathroom

14 Nov, 2018
Love this showerhead. It is like a rainstorm in the shower. This is fabulous. The head is about 6 in, the water pressure is wonderful and because the head is wider it is like standing under a waterfal... read more »

Must Have for Mom

12 Nov, 2018
This is a must have for every mother. I installed it.. Loaded it with books, diapers and toys. It even has a spot for an umbrella. If you keep a lot of stuff in your car like tools, toys or supplies..... read more »

Happy Plants.. Happy You

12 Nov, 2018
My plants are having a hay day with this light. So I have a full garden growing in my kitchen.. Well maybe not a full garden but it is a lot. I do not get enough sun being that it is winter and I live... read more »

Incredible Idea.. inexpensive solar lights

12 Nov, 2018
This two pack of solar lights is one of my favorites. They are inexpensive and are very bright. I installed them on the outside on an RV. I drove over there last night and the whole area was lit up. P... read more »

Fabulous Solar light

12 Nov, 2018
This is a fabulous solar light. Very bright lights with little solar charge needed to power it. This particular light is not the best choice for positioning directly in the elements as it states that... read more »

Fabulous Idea

09 Nov, 2018
This collar was a little big for my dog. But it works beautifully. I will buy a smaller one for Beethoven. Love it. The light is actually really bright. Great idea to make jogger straps too. If your d... read more »

On the go solar charger

08 Nov, 2018
If you have not started changing over to solar yet... You should. This cell charger rocks. I can leave it on my dash when I am on the go and charge later when I do not have access to my car charger. W... read more »

Excellent grow light

08 Nov, 2018
I grow lettuce indoors all winter. My other light wasnt really doing the job.. so I tried this one. Fabulous. It has a timer, you can adjust how much light you want and there are two wands of lights s... read more »

Excellent Product

06 Nov, 2018
No Smell, No Mess. Easy application. Really love this product. It is a little biy spendy but the results are well worth it. read more »

Great invention.. Just what I needed

05 Nov, 2018
The weather is turning cold.. and I dont know about you but I have no plans for freezing my butt off. Love this. Quick wrap to keep your face warm. Now that is what I am talking about. Combine this an... read more »

Actually Works!

05 Nov, 2018
Finally an eyelash enhancing serum that works. Love it. NO smell, no mess, excellent product. read more »

Love Love Love This!

05 Nov, 2018
I do not think there is anything better thaan a leather steeering wheel cover to make your car complete. Perfect for winter weather. :) THis one rocks! read more »

Fabulous little scrub..

05 Nov, 2018
Perfect for the mommy pick me up. Treat yourself to a healthy way to tone your skin. read more »

Lightning Fast Car Charger

30 Oct, 2018
If you are on the go like I am.. A fast car charger is a must. Even more so, this baby has dual ports. I can plug on both my cell phones at the same time. (Now we are talking.. no punn intended) Anywa... read more »

Incredible Diffuser

30 Oct, 2018
So if you know me, you know I LOVE essential oils. I gave this diffuser a try and seriously love it. It has a wide mouth under the cap to make for easy pouring. It has a large tank so that you can dif... read more »

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