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I am a very vivacious lady who likes to try new things before it has hit the market.

I love to write about new discoveries and does tend to write lengthy and in-depth reviews on products that I have used.

I am always welcome to new ideas all the time.
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Small, compact but amazing!

08 Nov, 2020
VicTsing Portable Projector Wireless is Small, Compact and Easy to Move Around the house. It is compatible with devices like the Amazon Fire Stick, PC, laptop, PS4, IOS and Android for casting Netflix... read more »

Good for small areas

08 Nov, 2020
Morpilot sander is perfect for reaching into hard to sand areas such as stair step corners. It is very easy to set up and use. Comfortable to hold. Precut sandpaper has Velcro on it to attach to the s... read more »

Quite smallish but still plush

08 Nov, 2020
It has a luxury, plush, elegant look that gives a home a touch of luxury with the faux sheepskin fur look. It is has a simple and modern style and it makes for a great decoration for any home. I find... read more »

Very fast way of inflating balloons

08 Nov, 2020
Very fast way of inflating balloons We were able to inflate up to 50 balloons in a little more than half an hour. It would have been better if it can run on batteries as well so that it can also be... read more »

Amazing started ring light for vlogging

08 Nov, 2020
There are 3 brightness options for your light but the brightest one is really bright for such a small product. It's lightweight and extends which is perfect. I wouldn't recommend using this on... read more »

Perfect travel companion

01 Mar, 2020
Bedee Clothes Steamer is a good handheld lightweight portable travel Steamer for clothes and a good wrinkle Remover. It's mini size which takes just 25 seconds to heat up really quick is great... read more »

Nice light viscosity

29 Jul, 2019
The smell of the oil is not so impressive but I guess that comes with the territory of it being a natural product. I use it on my body rather than on my face as I have an oily skin and this summer... read more »

Very well priced

22 Jun, 2019
Vitamin D3 is well known and referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ as human beings can source it directly from the sun’s rays. This essential nutrient is very vital for many differen... read more »

Compact and does the jobf

16 Jun, 2019
    I have always wanted to buy a coffee grinder that would do the job but also look good on the breakfast table and this grinder from Morpilot does the job. The blades are made of foo... read more »

Great travel Makeup pouch

10 Apr, 2019
You can lay out all of your makeup on the pouch and cinch it up. You will be able to see everything at a quick glance and pack everything away as soon as you are done.  I would... read more »

Really Nice set of makeup and pedicure kit and comes in an elegant case

31 Mar, 2019
This set is really remarkable and looks exactly as it has been pictured.. I like the box that it came in. The eye shadows have the same texture as MUA or Bourjois which I have read somewhere is made i... read more »

Nice Sewing Kit

06 Jan, 2019
The STURME sewing kit is a handy sewing kit to have while at home on the road.   You can take it along with you anywhere with its carry pouch which is what attracted me to it. It has little... read more »

Useful for eyelash growth, hair health and general health usage.

20 Dec, 2018
  Castor oil is good for Acne treatment: The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil, I find makes it a very useful tool in the products in use in figh... read more »

Good viscosity and moisturising. Good carrier oil

20 Dec, 2018
I bought this Almond oil as it is now winter in UK and oils are quite good to use. I bought for multi-purpose usage. I use it for making bath bombs and for body scrubs. I also put a couple dro... read more »

Just as expected

12 Dec, 2018
This is a simple straightforward review. I can't really say much as the product is quite self-explanatory. I got the pack for general repairs for some clothing. it is a useful item that you can... read more »

Fits with my phone

15 Aug, 2018
I found the screen protector to be absolutely great for my phone. Was impressed with the professional packaging of these protectors. The description was in good and clear English language. I would rec... read more »

Nice viscosity for multiple applications

25 Jun, 2018
I found this castor oil to be easy to apply my eyelashes as it came with its own applicator. Being cold pressed is what attracted me to it as I like my oils to be pure and unrefined with nothing el... read more »

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