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Super Happy

30 Aug, 2018
Im so glad that I bought this for my dog, it is very sturdy and doesnt move about everytime theres a sudden bump and stop. I also like that its waterproof and the mesh on the sides makes it... read more »

Fantastic Product

10 Aug, 2018
The color blends to any color and the design is very elegant plus it covers wide a 1000ft range that is incredible. The best part is it has 52 chimes to choose from, you'll never get bored wi... read more »

Superb Quality Keyboard, I love OMARS' products...

04 Aug, 2018
The quality of Omars' products are just exellent, been a fan since I bought a headset from them. Keyboard is just enough size I can easily type in the letters, it also has an excellet... read more »

Very Sturdy and flexible holder

29 Jul, 2018
Having this just makes my day easier, Im always away for work and calls my family every after work, this saves me from holding my phone all the time and I can clamp it anywhere. Its also also very stu... read more »

Just perfect!

29 Jul, 2018
Im always travelling so this perfect for me. I can distinguish easily what I put on the bottles by its color and the  quality of the bottles is of high standard. Thumbs up! read more »

Perfect for an outdoor activity

29 Jul, 2018
Very lightweight but at the same time very sturdy, I love the fact that it was able to carry both weights of me and my daughter. It’s also compact that I can just easily grab it and bring i... read more »

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