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solid rings

31 Oct, 2019
Great for holding things and paper together. Easy than using a key ring.  High quality material. Check it out.  read more »

cute little belt

31 Oct, 2019
This belt is very nice and it was a gift for my daughter. It has a nice heart on the end. It is made of good material and very well used as a belt.  read more »

small little travel alarm clock

31 Oct, 2019
The package states it is a travel alarm clock whcih I believe by the size of it. It is small and has a place to put batteries. It keeps time well and is decent for the price. Not sure it is worth 10.9... read more »

good cushion

31 Oct, 2019
This item is more like a pillow. I really had the impression that it was a massage device. It would not be worth it without the coupon.  I would never pay $40 for what is bassically a pillow.... read more »

Very nice battery

31 Oct, 2019
Great little battery at a great price. It is small, compact and easy to use. charages fast and charges your device fast as well. I recommend it! Check it out!  read more »

Nice Ring light

13 Jun, 2019
  This is a very nice solid ring light. It is is very easy to install. It comes in a secure bag that fits both the light and the stand. The cord also fits in the bag. The light produces a nigh... read more »

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