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love this. Great for 5 de mayo decor

11 Sep, 2020
I love theme decorations around the year. This made an excellent addition to my collection. Will use these for 5 de mayo, and mexican taco days. Good quaility, colorful. just love it. read more »

poor quality, not what I expected

11 Sep, 2020
I really didnt like this at all. It didnt work as well as i hoped. Quality is not the best, although, you get what you paid for. It seems cheap, and is batterry operated, so you will need a lot of bat... read more »

A complete kit, easy to clean and store

11 Sep, 2020
Very easy to use, a little buiit small than I thought. But really cute. Easy cleaning and storage. Perfect for some cravings. I made som wine and lemon pops, great for my tropical weather. I had ... read more »

Excellent quality, love them

11 Sep, 2020
I really loved these panties, so comfortable, stretchy, seamless, and awesome patterns.  Recommended a 100%. read more »

great for home exercising

25 Jul, 2020
I just needed something to workout at home in this pandemic and this is perfect. Great set of bands with straps to keep in shape without need of going to a gym. Worth it. read more »

Love the size

23 Jul, 2020
Simple, compact, comfortable, lightweighted, easy to carry everywhere. Will use it for hamburgers and hot dogs picnic this weekend. Highly recommended. read more »


18 Oct, 2019
looks good, sexy back. great quality. read more »

Casual good looking outfit

18 Oct, 2019
trendy, cute and comfortable. can wear  for a variety of activities, looks sporty and elegant at the same time.. read more »

super cute bands perfect for summer

18 Oct, 2019
Keep my hair in place and looks charming. many colors and patterns available in the mix.  read more »


18 Oct, 2019
it does charge but keep on falling off the vent to the floor of the car. First day it was amazing to use google maps when traveling, but the piece stretched and now is useless.. will need to buy... read more »

great coverage for mommies

18 Oct, 2019
great coverage for mommies, nice print, good material, stretchy and cute. read more »

great for surfing

18 Oct, 2019
Great coverage, doesnt fall off while taking waves. Protects from sun. Looks amazing. Colors are beautiful, straps in panties are super cool. Material is breathable. I really love this swuimsuit read more »

I didnt love this one

18 Oct, 2019
I dont like the fit of this swimsuit, once in your body it doesnt look like in the model. Great pattern and good quality though. read more »

Not my favorite, but ok

18 Oct, 2019
This doesnt compare to glad or top brands, material is not so good, brokes easily, doesnt hold heavy things. I like the strings to close it, but they also break easily. It is an average tras... read more »

Love it!

18 Oct, 2019
Use this in cold temprature mornings for walking, running or excercising, fits well, looks vert sexy and its very comfortable. Unique style read more »

Great for swimming

18 Oct, 2019
Elastic, adjustable, Comfortable, stays still. Easy to match. Vivid colors. read more »

Very hot

18 Oct, 2019
Love this swuimsuit, realle awesome, sexy and tropical. It looked precious in the blue waters of The Bahamas. read more »

it resolved my life

18 Oct, 2019
Needed this for an old laptop that losted wifi connectivity. This helped me a lot, now I can navigate the internet through it and make all my works. Very useful, high speed connection, stable and port... read more »

great for family trips to the beach

18 Oct, 2019
Neutral black color, unisex. Little to none fog, no water coming inside. Easy to use. great view. read more »

good quality and sexy

18 Oct, 2019
great quality swuimsuit, sexy front and back, flattering. read more »

My running companion

18 Oct, 2019
It fit my samsung galaxy 8, I use this for walking or running trainings. It is very useful, keeps me in track. read more »

Perfect for decorating a party

18 Oct, 2019
I'm not usually fan of paper straws, but this ones just looked amazing. Bough it for a flamingo summer party. They look really cute.  read more »

Discover the underwater world

18 Oct, 2019
Easy to use, no need anything else. Just put your mask and go inside water. Little to no fog, no water coming in, adjustable straps on the sides. Great for superficial snorkeling, not too good to get... read more »


18 Oct, 2019
Love that it is a style out of usual, amazing combination of colors. But back zipper is damaged with use in the beach, salt adheres and makes it difficult to open and close. Other than that, very flat... read more »

super useful when traveling

18 Oct, 2019
Clothing occupies a lot less space, easy to move things from one place to another. I separate clothe by bags, easy to find them. Different sizes to fit differente things. A perfect add on for my trips... read more »

Tropical life in a tropical Island

18 Oct, 2019
These cups are really awesome, I bought them to make piña coladas, which is a popular cocktail in the caribbean. They look amazing, easy to use and clean. They are so cute for parties and... read more »

Comfortable elastic material

18 Oct, 2019
I like the material very much, print is ok. I have use the jacket several times and received many compliments. Pants came out big, havent use them yet. Its easy to match both pieces with other co... read more »

Handy and useful

18 Oct, 2019
I Needed this for my Europe Vacation. It is fast charging, very useful for me and my husband. We charged a samsung Galaxy 8 and a a Blu phone, also charged my camera and my hair straightener. Worked w... read more »

Great for traveling

18 Oct, 2019
I like it very much, lots of different compartments to put things and find them easily. It fit perfectly undeneath the airplane seat. Traveled with jetblue and norwegian airlines. comfortable to carry... read more »

Love the sunglasses

18 Oct, 2019
Great quality, looks good, not too big, and mantain an awesome quality of image. read more »

Perfect for my cat traveling

18 Oct, 2019
I bought this for my cat so I can take him out sometimes. Its extremely comfy, great quality, good looking colors. Easy to use, can keep an eye to the pet through the mesh. Its very useful, and having... read more »

Trendy swim trunk

02 Aug, 2019
I bought this for my husband to match my swimsuit. Very fresh and funny. Stretchy and fast dry material. True to size, comfortable, he liked it. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Ophestin read more »

Great waist trimmer

02 Aug, 2019
Excellent quality material. Great for sports and outdoors. Helps with sweating and belly fat. Velcro attaches well, strong. Fits perfectly according to size. Attractive to the eye in colors and d... read more »

Perfect for gym

02 Aug, 2019
Very well made waist trimmer. Great quality. Perfect for training & sweat. True to size. Also help maintaining posture and getting rid of belly fat. Like the black and pink color combination, look... read more »

Love black color

17 Jul, 2019
Easy to use and good quality, perfect  for the summer. Love underwater living bright and clear without fog. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #cosscci read more »

Great style

17 Jul, 2019
I didn't love the material of the shirt, but I did like the style. Fresh and modern. True to size. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Ophestin read more »

Incredible one

07 Jul, 2019
Super cute swimsuit.  Exceeds my expectations.  Wanted a yellow one, and this is amazing.  Vibrant color. Comfortable. Adjustable bottom and straps.  It does have support to keep b... read more »

Retro bikini

07 Jul, 2019
I like the style and print of this swimsuit, looks retro. I did not like the plastic closure on the back, it's not adjustable, it doesn't seem durable, and I don't feel safe in the water,... read more »

Snorkel for fun

05 Jul, 2019
Good for snorkeling on the surface. No fog. Fits well. Great for kids who are learning. I dont like tube on my mouth so this helps a lot. Makes my life a lot easier while underwater. Have gopro adapte... read more »


05 Jul, 2019
Better than expected.  Great  quality,  helps hiding belly fat. Looks flattering. Love the raffle top, and you can mix and match with other swimwear.  Great for price. So cute! I h... read more »

Sexy swimsuit

05 Jul, 2019
Vibrant colors, excellent quality, stretchable. A little bit too open on the front, not sure if v-neck is my style. Overall, Cute and different style to wear on summer. #RankBoosterReview #Spo... read more »

Love the smell

05 Jul, 2019
Great quality bags, resistant, with a fresh scent, to avoid bad odors. Fits perfectly on my trash can. Highly recommended. Would buy again. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #DoctorShield read more »

Helps with heavy equipment

05 Jul, 2019
I love this. Easy to use, adjustable to fit multiple sizes, and stay in place. I use it to go to the gym and do squats. I  have some scoliosis degree, so this protects my back from harm and pain... read more »

Great for children

03 Jul, 2019
Easy to use. No fog. Adjustable. Great for beginners. Can record with gopro while using it. Overall great product for snorkeling with friends or family. Recommended. #RankBoosterReview #Sponso... read more »

Great different style

05 Jun, 2019
This is one of a kind style, different  to usual. Great vivid colors and fabric. Although a little difficult to put in, and way too open in the front, my little boobs are somewhat exposed. Needed... read more »


05 Jun, 2019
Adorable swimsuit. Sexy adjustable back. I have small boobs (34A), 140 pounds 5'6" and medium fit perfectly. Love the ruffles. So far, one of my favorites. #RankBooster #Sponsored #marinav... read more »

Modest two piece set

29 May, 2019
Unique style, modest but sexy. Love combination colors and top. Good for people who doesn't like to show a lot. Stretchy and true to size read more »

Velvet Red

29 May, 2019
Love the color of the swimsuit. Material is slightly different  as seen in pictures, but very comfortable, stretchable and good looking.  Highly recommend this brand, great quality and innov... read more »

Sexy back

29 May, 2019
I like solid colors, especially black, because it looks elegant and make you feel and look skinnier. Love this design, cute and flattering. True to size. Exposed back. Sexy. Recommended #RankBooste... read more »

Pretty in pink

29 May, 2019
Warm and cute print and design. True to size.  Lovely. Received compliments. Be careful, back is not adjustable. #RankBooster #Sponsored #marinavida  read more »

Very sexy bottom

08 May, 2019
Top can be used 2 different ways, which basically makes 2 different bathing suits. Colors are easy for mix and match.  Great fit. Love the bottom, straps makes you  curvy and sexy. Looks dif... read more »

Plain swimsuit for modest look

08 May, 2019
This is just a normal bathing suit. Nothing special about it. Black, so easy to mix and match. Comfortable. Elastic. Great quality. Modest. It is padded, which helps people.with small boobs like me. I... read more »

Used it with Alexa

08 May, 2019
This is just wonderful.  Technology is so amazing. Now I can manage inside lights from the outside on the app and light them up before I arrive home. When I want to sleep just ask Alexa to turn t... read more »

Red is passion

08 May, 2019
Color for this bathing suit is so vivid and wonderful. Everybody will take a glance at you. I definitely love the top. The reason why I give 3star is because of the panty. This bottom piece is so diff... read more »

I love the top

08 May, 2019
I love the top, but I really didn't like the bottom. It is difficult tu put on and doesn't stay still. Also, size medium  always  fit me well in this brand (140pounds, 5'6")... read more »

Better than expected

06 May, 2019
Swimsuit is just beautiful. I tend to buy vivid color swimsuits, but this one caught my attention.  It's a good add to my variety. Style looks so sexy, I love that its push up. Makes me look... read more »

Tropical ruffle

30 Apr, 2019
I just love Marina vida swimsuits. Excellent qualtlity,  true to size, so chic and contemporaneous.  Creative designs. Definitely I'll buy again. Highly recommended.  #RankBooste... read more »

Sexy style

30 Apr, 2019
Fabric material is different from what I thought initially by looking at photo descriptions in page,  but I did like it. Material expands and have a good fit on the body. I bought this for my mom... read more »

So comfy and cute for a pet lover

27 Apr, 2019
I bought  this for my sister that loves dogs and it was a great gift. It's so her style. She loves loose clothing, so it was perfect for her. Very comfortable material. Good for sleeping... read more »

Great for casual encounters

27 Apr, 2019
I like this shirt. Colors are different and make a great combination perfect for a casual outfit. Fabric Material is a little bit harsh than I thought, but a tshirt underneath should help. overall it... read more »

Cute design

25 Apr, 2019
It's a very cute design. It looks beautiful  at first, although I thought  it will be so fun to play with crisscrossing bandages it is a little difficult and doesn't stays in pl... read more »

Great for tropical vacations

25 Apr, 2019
I bought this for my boyfriend and he loved it. Material is so soft and fresh and dried easily. Print looks so tropical and trendy. He is 5'8" and 170pounds. It is stretchy on the w... read more »

Comfortable and great quality

23 Apr, 2019
I love that this comes as a pair, so you can protect both knees at the same time. Material is breathable, comfy, easy to put on. Velcros attach well and they are adjustable to fit you better. I use th... read more »

Love the Open back

23 Apr, 2019
Like the combination of colors, makes it look Tropical and trendy. Great style to hide belly fat, without sacrificing the good looking. Easy to put on. Stretch. #RankBooster #Sponsored #marinavida&... read more »

Sexyness all the way

23 Apr, 2019
This is just amazing. Open front part is amazing and so sexy, but swimsuit in general is not so revealing, which is good. Back I a little bit open to show figure but also not so revealing. Stretc... read more »

Cute bow

23 Apr, 2019
I like the material of this dress, stretchy, but it is too long. I'm 5'6" and its below knees, I think I will cut the ruffle part to make it shorter and sexier. Material of bow... read more »

Wonderful for voluptuous woman

15 Apr, 2019
I love all about this swimsuit, is very unique, not the same thing you see every summer. It seems like two pieces, but it is really just one. Sexy look and stays in place even with heavy waves. R... read more »

When life gives you lemons, drink lemonade at the beach.

15 Apr, 2019
Very fresh and tropical design print, good for young girls. Panty seems big at first sight but fits perfectly, its a little tall which helps to hide belly. fat. Not see through. 5'6, 140lbs m... read more »

Perfect for traveling 2-in-1 swimsuit

15 Apr, 2019
Love that it is reversible. Perfect for traveling. When you go on vacations you need to pack so many things, this is so helpful because you have 2 different pieces in just one swimsuit. Both prints ar... read more »

Plush comfy blanket

15 Apr, 2019
Pink color is not so vivid, but cute. very soft, great size for child or adult. Good for traveling. It has a plus for kids, glow in the dark, which makes it unique and fun. #rankbooster #sponsored... read more »

Discrete and sexy

15 Apr, 2019
I love the quality and material of this brand, stretchy and comfortable, adjustable straps. Print is so colorful and vivid.  A piece every reserved women should have. It is not so revealing,... read more »

Ready to sweat in the gym

06 Apr, 2019
I was looking for something that helps with calorie burning and posture while working out. This is extremely useful, makes me sweat during routine and protect my back during high impact excercises&nbs... read more »

Great cords

06 Apr, 2019
Material seems durable. Good quality. Long enough to move in bed while charging. Easy to put on/off. Rapid charge on galaxy S8. Nice colors.  #RankBooster #Sponsored #Otisa https://www.amaz... read more »

Love the sexy back!!!

30 Mar, 2019
What caught my attention was the back of this bikini, it is so sexy. Although, the front side is a little bit too revealing. I had to put a pin so it won't open everytime. It is good for people wi... read more »

Tropical flower girl

30 Mar, 2019
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #VeranoPlaya I love this swimsuit because of the floral print and ruffle design. You just need a natural red flower in your hair for a perfect tropical match.&nbs... read more »

Swimming back into the 80's

30 Mar, 2019
I really love the style and color of this bathing suit. Material is stretchy and comfy. Style is unique and reminds me of the 80's. Although it is one piece, it's very sexy. I love that it... read more »

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