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Easy was to protect and transfer

23 Oct, 2020
I use this as a way to transfer photos myself. I also know my photos are protected there if I was to lose my phone. Peace of mind in such a convenient size!  read more »

Easy to install

24 Apr, 2020
I like the ease of installation of this shower wand. Water flow is very well. It makes showers more pleasant even on my rough to move days. read more »

Real wax with Amazing color

05 Dec, 2019
I love the use of the real wax. The colors are very vibrant with many colors to choose from. I love the attention to detail as to the wicks appearing to actually be flickering due to the slight motion... read more »

Environmentally sound design with a sound design

05 Dec, 2019
I really like the silicone material and how well it is seemed. Very easy to hand wash. I believe it will eliminate a lot of baggies from our landfill. Also very cost-effective considering how many bag... read more »

Very sturdy design

05 Dec, 2019
I was impressed by how easy to assemble this phone holder is. I like that it does not have a suction cup type base that may become undone leaving to having to catch your phone. Very handy placement to... read more »

Simple and Handy

21 Nov, 2019
I love how versatile this is and that it can be used possibly in the home or when traveling or even in your camping supplies. Simple to hook into so many places. Easy to adjust spacing between clips.&... read more »

Simple support right where you need it

21 Nov, 2019
Simple support that can be tossed on when needed. I have fairly large hands and appreciate a brace that actually fits me and has room for the swelling days. It has strong velcro on the end and in a ci... read more »

Simple to use

15 Nov, 2019
I was amazed at how simple it is to use my hand sewing machine! Basically requires same action as using a stapler. I figured out how to thread it very easily. Instructions might have helped but there... read more »

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