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I work full time, am married and a mum to a very lively 10 year old boy who is football and car mad. My husband is a bit of a dvd fanatic when he's not working as a taxi driver and I love to shop, cook and listening to music. We have a new addition to the family our 6 month old collie Jess who is adorably mischievous. Our little man has high functioning aspergers so its all about routines in our house and anything that helps us all keep on track he has recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes too. We all love our gadgets especially when we go camping or away in our motor home. I have been testing and reviewing products for about 18 months below is a review I have recently written.......
This magnetic bracelet is lightweight enough that I almost forget that I'm wearing it, and its simplicity makes it a lovely to wear. I pulled it out of its box after delivery and found the bracelet enclosed in plastic and while the plastic was a little difficult to remove from the bracelet, it did a good job of protecting my jewellery.  It not flimsy or cheap looking. The clasp is very tight when the bracelet is closed, it was a perfect fit for me right out of the box, so I can't speak to how easy/hard it is to remove links for sizing. I looked into the benefits of Therapeutic Hematite Stone Magnets and found that wounds and painful areas of the body are marked by a lack of oxygen, off pH & poor circulation. It is believed that magnetic stimulation helps with the normalization of calcium ion flow which controls the attraction of calcium ions to help heal broken bones or help to remove calcium build-up from painful arthritic joints. The acid / alkaline [pH] balance of body fluids can be altered by magnetic fields; magnetic fields also alter enzyme activity & biochemical processes with the lower frequencies relieving pain, inflammation and bruising, using the higher frequencies for the relaxing of blood vessels allowing increased
blood flow for a boost to your natural healing abilities. A negative magnetic field is used to normalize disturbed metabolic functions causing painful conditions like inflammation and cell degeneration. Magnetic fields put directly on top of the head has been proven to have a calming effect.
Keeping a chart of reflexology acupressure [Shiatsu] points to know where the most effective placement are for your ailments. Example: wear your magnetic bracelet on your left wrist for back pain being
the acupressure points for the spine are nearby. Wear your bracelet on your right wrist if you have gastrointestinal problems. I am wearing mine on my right wrist and have to say that the bloated feeling I have been suffering with nearly every day has dramatically dissipated I'm not really bothered if it's the magnetics or a placebo effect the fact that it is gone and I have a really nice bracelet too is more than enough for me.
I find testing and reviewing products very satisfying, discovering and researching new items and helping other shoppers to make informed choices has become a real passion for me.

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So Cute

19 Dec, 2020
This is a lovely idea for a 1st birthday banner because as well as the lettering it also has card frames for each month to show just how much your little one has grown. It is made with really good qua... read more »


28 Jun, 2020
I got 2 of these cases they where easy to design they where delivered quickly and designs where exactly like the preview. The cases themselves are good quality and the personalisation option is a nice... read more »


28 Jun, 2020
I got 2 of these cases they where easy to design they where delivered quickly and designs where exactly like the preview. The cases themselves are good quality and the personalisation option is a nice... read more »

Simply Brilliant

28 Jun, 2020
Love this simple little gadget. I can open doors push buttons without actually touching them. Such a simple but effective design nothing negative to say at all. read more »

Clearly organised

27 Oct, 2018
It's big and perfectly fits everything you need in the morning. I was pleasantly surprised at the thickness of the plastic, really good qualityI have organized my daily make up, brushes and toners... read more »

Really effective charging

25 Oct, 2018
Plugging in your phone to the charger is not a problem but just putting it on the Wireless Qi Charging Pad is so much more convenient. I'm a heavy phone user and run out of battery quite often. I... read more »

Warm and good looking

25 Oct, 2018
Scarf is beautiful with its classic colour and design it really looks good. The wool is knitted in a cable pattern and is lightweight and soft. Bought it as present for my son. He really loved it! It... read more »

Refreshing and cooling

25 Oct, 2018
I love these towels. They do exactly what the manufacturer says they will. I overheat very quickly and get very sick and nauseous when I overheat which has ruined a lot of outdoor activities for me, s... read more »

Waste of money

25 Oct, 2018
This case looks and feels cheap and the stylus pen fell apart after less than a day. The gems on the front are badly glued (not in the centre of the flower design) snd the glue is visible. The hole in... read more »

Amazing sound

25 Oct, 2018
These things may be little but they’re powerful! Definitely worth the price and provide an identical experience to earbuds that typically cost triple the price of theseThe sound quality is quite... read more »


25 Oct, 2018
I absolutely love these socks. I can't ever seem to find good packs of coloured socks in the local shops so I have settled to buying them online the only problem with this is you can see or feel t... read more »

Clean and cleart

23 Sep, 2018
I have a had a few facial brushes but this and this specific one has been just that little bit better. It seems powerful, durable and easy to use along with a dock which is helpful(not a charging dock... read more »

Fast as lightning

23 Sep, 2018
With all the things that need recharging, there never seems to be enough plug space. This works wonderfully and saves a lot of space used by other plugs.This product replaces 3 wall chargers with one... read more »

Funky not Durable

23 Sep, 2018
I bought these placemats to use every day in my kitchen as the colours are bright and they looked big enough. These are essentially large squares of thick felt which have been die cut, the design is r... read more »

A little goes a long way

23 Sep, 2018
Tea tree oil is an essential oil that can be used for several purposes, including keeping skin, hair and nails healthy. It has natural antiseptic healing and antifungal properties and getting an 100%... read more »


21 Sep, 2018
These are great little pj's my nephew adores them, he is 5 and I ordered age 6-7 and as you can see from the photo they fit him perfectly. The stitching is first rate and the material is soft and... read more »

Walking on clouds

19 Sep, 2018
These wonderfully comfortable slippers really live up to the name foot hugs. They are warm soft and cosy, supportive and they look as good as they feel. If you are looking for the perfect slipper for... read more »


17 Sep, 2018
My first time filing with this, I was really impressed that it buffed and polished all on one side. That is the uniqueness that glass nano file has compared to the buffer blocks that need step 1 throu... read more »


17 Sep, 2018
This laundry basket is huge and easily able to cope with a weeks worth of teenage washing. It is constructed from a sort of waxed canvas material and comes with four long supports which slide into rea... read more »

Really pretty

17 Sep, 2018
 I really like the whole concept and design of this piece. This is a very pretty and delicate necklace. I am more then pleased with both the quality and look of both chain and the butterfly. The... read more »

Colourful and warm

17 Sep, 2018
I absolutely love these socks. I can't ever seem to find good multi packs in the local stores so I now try to buy them online. These ones are so soft and comfy, and they aren't too small on my... read more »


23 Aug, 2018
These Crystal Glass Knobs came in well packaged (individual box per crystal) and it was just what I was looking for. The price is fantastic for the quality.These are perfect and beautiful. Just as des... read more »

Great Toaster

15 Aug, 2018
I love this toaster. We use it every day. It toasts evenly and quickly. The sides of the toaster stay cool to touch. I like that it has a frozen product button that acts kind of like a defroster. The... read more »

Great design and function

14 Aug, 2018
Overall definitely a great product. One of my favorite aspects is that one edge is flat, allowing you to put it all the way at the edge of a table and as close to baby as possible. This is important w... read more »

Zero waste

14 Aug, 2018
I have been trying to reduce my use of plastics so I thought I would try these silicone bowl covers. they do sometimes take a little patience to put on properly, but with practice it's easy, still... read more »

Rainbow organisation

13 Aug, 2018
A great set of plastic wallets in really lovely colours, the pressed studs are secure and don't look like they will fall apart after a couple of uses. The seams are reinforced and each folder can... read more »

Perfect spoons

05 Aug, 2018
These truly are thoughtfully designed spoons. The angle and thickness of the handle make it easy to hold and spoon feed our little one. The size of the scoop and the soft rubber also make it easy for... read more »

Needs improvement

09 Dec, 2017
When I first saw these bags I thought that they would be perfect for my son. He is 12 and has type 1 diabetes as such carb laden jelly sweets are not on the menu but after discovering I could make car... read more »

Simply stylish

01 Nov, 2017
This magnetic bracelet is lightweight enough that I almost forget that I'm wearing it, and its simplicity makes it a lovely to wear. I pulled it out of its box after delivery and found the bracele... read more »

Great for camping

28 Oct, 2017
The title of this product is quite misleading it states art deco bedside lamp, I can see no reason why this product could justify itself as art deco in any way. That being said this is a great little... read more »

Great sound

15 Oct, 2017
 I was looking for an outdoor speak that might not need an outlet when I came across the EST60. I think the build quality is great. It has a very substantial feel. The weight is enough to keep is... read more »

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