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12 Jan, 2022
Very festive lights. Since its battery operated i suggest using rechargeable batteries. Easy to set up, very bright and lightweight . read more »

Very decorative

12 Jan, 2022
I enjoyed the 4 different Christmas pictures. Fit perfectly on the small couch throw pillows.  read more »

Works well.

12 Jan, 2022
Takes small space for storage. Has a good grip. Dispenses soap throughly.  read more »

Great size

30 Nov, 2021
Sturdy material. Perfect size but you can see the marks so much when you use the knife.  read more »

Life saver

29 Nov, 2021
My husband lifts heavy equipment at work and this has been a life saver for him. He uses it on his back and legs and it gets the job done. read more »

Covid, covid, covid !

17 Oct, 2021
With covid now a days its just so much simpler to have a few boxes of face mask in hand. Kids have to wear mask to schools, this have been good for my family. The mask itself isnt itchy material, the... read more »

Super convenient

17 Oct, 2021
Definitely a must have. We use this in our game room. Kids get to charge their phones and controlers without a problem. The wireless charging top works wonderfully. The charging stand is not heavy at... read more »

Sturdy material

29 Sep, 2021
My sons love to read. And now that they are older they are using chapter books. This book marks have helped them so much. The guide strips are also very helpful.   read more »

Fall decor

15 Sep, 2021
With fall in the air i orderes this to have my little ones decorate them. This are average size and none were broken upon arrival.   read more »

Elastic and wont rip

15 Sep, 2021
This definitely come in hangy when you live in a house with 4 girls. The hair ties are very elastic and dont rip.  read more »

Picky dogs

10 Sep, 2021
The size is average medium size. The slow feeder works well for my Rottweiler pup. Definitely seen some improvement on his eating.  read more »

Smooth feet

04 Aug, 2021
My feet are smooth. Perfect small set to keep up with your pedicure.   read more »

Great for fundraising

04 Aug, 2021
This worked so well for my sons football fundraiser.  Very sturdy, fit a cupcake perfectly.  Easy to assemble.   read more »

Great buy

22 Jul, 2021
Perfect set, I got this for my oldest son who's going to 4th grade. Something he can use to better his math skills. The cards come with ring holder to keep them nice and organized.   read more »

Kid approved

16 Jul, 2021
My sons love this set of swimming toys. Different things to choose from.  read more »

Must have!!!

13 Jul, 2021
Talk about resistance, this works well for first timers. Definitely made my work out a lot better.   read more »


13 Jul, 2021
Easy to assemble. Worked well for my husband's birthday party. I was able to fit 10 regular size cupcakes.   read more »

Fun and convenient

10 Jul, 2021
Pretty cool to have my guest enjoyed having their drink in the pool. Worked well. Really like the different variety.   read more »

It helps.

08 Jul, 2021
Let's start by saying it hurts at first, but definitely helps if you continue to do it.  I have felt so well, so more back pain.  read more »

Beautiful colors

08 Jul, 2021
Beautiful colors.  Really cool and fun to use. Its not a sticky feeling once you put it on but it smears easily.   read more »

Big kites

08 Jul, 2021
This kite are huge. Definitely a good idea for summer. My son enjoyed flying his kite. Easy to set up. read more »

Small but effective

03 Apr, 2021
It works well. It is a big smaller than I thought. But it hold my lids good.  read more »

Perfect for little chef's

25 Mar, 2021
This is a great set for you little chefs. My son loves baking with me and this was a great hit for Christmas gift. He loves the chef hat and the small rolling pin. It has small cookies cutter.  read more »


22 Mar, 2021
It made my sisters cake look amazing.  Great packing as well. read more »

Fun little projects

15 Mar, 2021
Super satisfying project.  read more »

Nice hobby

15 Mar, 2021
Got this set to make a few little things with my nieces. They enjoy decorating their own jewelry boxes.  read more »

Really cool toy

13 Mar, 2021
My nephew enjoyed setting it up and playing with it. Simple and easy instructions.  read more »


11 Mar, 2021
This is perfect for someone who wants a good set of utensils that don't take much space from kitchen counters. The utensils are very sturdy, with a great dark color. The holder fits everything per... read more »

Perfect for kids

11 Mar, 2021
My son loves exploring the outdoors and he has a fascination with small bugs. This kit was great for him. He enjoys it very much.  read more »

Perfect size

10 Dec, 2020
I use this to give my little girl a peanut butter spread treat. It also helps while I'm taking her a bath.  Just place this next to her and she's to busy licking off peanut butter than fu... read more »

Perfect for families who has little children

10 Dec, 2020
I have three sons and this has made this pandemic a little simpler for me. My children can safely wear their masks properly just by adding this adjusters. It comes with a bobby pin to help place adjus... read more »

Medium size.

18 Nov, 2020
I have a pocket bully who loves toys but she rips and tornes every single one within minutes. Luckily this one lasted her about a week. Its a nice medium size toy, she was able to play with it, it wou... read more »

Must have!!!

17 Nov, 2020
With the craziness going on right now is better to be prepared, definitely came in handy to have a big pack of masks, specially with kids. Material feels good not itchy or uncomfortable.  read more »


17 Nov, 2020
The girls really enjoyed this prizes at my halloween party.  Really nice Keychains, different colors.  read more »

Bright and long lasting

17 Nov, 2020
This rings were perfect for my Halloween party. Kids and adults loved them.  read more »

Beautiful long eyelashes

28 Oct, 2020
Definitely on my top 5 eyelash sets. Glue is a little runny but it works well.  read more »

Great material

27 Dec, 2019
This are beautiful sturdy pretty big in size stocking. The deers are different patters. Comes in a pack of three. Looks great on our fire place. The material feels like it’ll last for a good whi... read more »


10 Dec, 2019
This gloves are every kids must have. The lights bring more excitement. Material is warm enough for winter and just a fun way to get over the cold weather. My son loves this. His friends are always as... read more »

Love this tweezers.

05 Dec, 2019
This are amazing. The tweezers are perfect size and they work great. I bought this little set to have it in my purse for on the go emergencies. I pluck my eyebrows everyday. But sometime I run out of... read more »

Perfect Christmas craft

01 Dec, 2019
My son is 4 years old and he loved doing this little craft. The instructions are self explanatory. Markers work great and there's plenty of colors to choose. Lots of drawings to color. The boxes a... read more »

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