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I recommend it!

10 Apr, 2019
Super durable and well made! I could tell as soon as I opened it from it’s packaging. #RankBooster #Sponsored #Mozeeda read more »

It was so-so.

06 Feb, 2019
I liked it but I wasn’t in love. It removed some of my dog’s hair (short dog hair) from his coat before his bath. It even helped during his bath. This product is durable, however, it&rsquo... read more »

I like it like that!

06 Feb, 2019
This little thing is nifty! It handles heat very well and pops every kernel to near perfection. All my popcorn lovers need to try this one out! It’s worth the purchase! #RankBoosterReview #Spons... read more »

It’s so pretty!

07 Jan, 2019
This tiny speakerbox goes with me everywhere. It’s perfect for work. The only thing I don’t like is that the volume isn’t loud enough even when it’s maxed out. #RankBoosterRevi... read more »

I’ll be back for more

07 Jan, 2019
I am so satisfied with this protector. I’ve had no luck finding a decent protector for my phone prior to this one. I’ve had more than a few drops and I haven’t had as much as a chip... read more »

Worth the price!

11 Oct, 2018
It’s been a few days since I’ve had this little gadget and I have to say that it’s a major convenience! With all my devices I don’t have to hassle with finding a spare socket o... read more »

So cute and durable!

11 Aug, 2018
I’m definitely a repeat buyer! This the second umbrella I purchased because I was so pleased with my previous purchase lol. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Montsleo read more »

Nifty little thing

05 Aug, 2018
It definitely delivers on it’s promise to remove blackheads abs debris from your face. It’s powerful! So use caution when using the higher vacuum settings. I didn’t see any differenc... read more »

My mom loved it!

15 May, 2018
Bought this on a whim for Mother’s Day not expecting a huge reaction for it but my mom was ecstatic! The color was even better in person and I recieved with every crystal in place. #RankBoo... read more »

Highly recommended!

28 Apr, 2018
I assembled my organizer last night and stocked it this morning. While I couldn’t fit all of my beauty products on it I did free up a good amount of space on my dresser and in my makeup bag! It&... read more »


07 Apr, 2018
Can’t wait to try it! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Bombex read more »


24 Mar, 2018
I’m very pleased with this little amp. I’m a beginner, so this keeps everyone’s ears from bleeding from my bad playing lol. All jokes aside, the sound produced is good and the charge... read more »

It’s ok.

24 Mar, 2018
It’s not “quite” what I expected to recieve but it was less than 4 bucks so I won’t complain too much. It’s not high quality. The seams are uneven, it’s extremely b... read more »


21 Mar, 2018
 I’m only a beginning player but I went and sought out advice from some novice players about this guitar and it was applauded. The action is awesome and the sound is even better. I can&rsqu... read more »

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