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Hey I'm Kay. I'm not what you would consider your normal every day reviewer. I'm a 30 year old goth homeschooling mother of a fantastic preteen. He's medically fragile and always going going going. I bring variety to reviews coming from a different background. I love to get good deals and am always looking for different things. It's exhilarating.
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Great cup

23 Oct, 2020
These cups are a great size and have a clear lid to make sure you don't spill your drink on yourself or the floor. The bottoms are great because you don't have as many accidents with the round... read more »


23 Oct, 2020
This mask is very thick and well made. It would be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Because this is white you could paint it or add blood for an added effect. The mask has good detail and... read more »

So many creepy crawlies

23 Oct, 2020
There are so many of these tiny little guys. It felt and looked like a lot more than 50. They look creepy. At first I wasn't quite sure what to do with them. I just knew that they would be cool fo... read more »

My cat is what she wears!

23 Oct, 2020
This hat definitely suits my sons cats personality. She's a little devil. She of course wasn't too thrilled with me putting it on her head. She wouldn't allow me to adjust it before she ra... read more »

Quite large

23 Oct, 2020
My moms into gnomes this year so I definitely had to get this. The gnome head is quite large. The material is soft and plush. It has a very nice thick beard. I love the design. It looks exactly as it... read more »

Nice Rings

23 Oct, 2020
I am planning on making a purse in the near future. Of course I didn't know what I'd need to make one. So thankfully I saw these and it reminded me that I'd need something for the straps.... read more »

Heavy Duty Eraser

23 Oct, 2020
So 200 is a lot. I don't know why I didn't connect 200 being a lot of erasers. Maybe I figured they were tinier or what not but these erasers are a decent size. About two fingers wide. The bag... read more »

Creepy Cute

23 Oct, 2020
Unfortunately the size I got wont work for my cat. She's smaller than she seems. All that hair covers how skinny she really is lol. However, the actual costume is cute but creepy. It would have be... read more »

Great size

15 Oct, 2020
This light pad is awesome. It's a nice large size for the price. It's nice and bright and makes it easy to see through even darker paper to trace designs. It is also a nice surface area for my... read more »

Great set of colors

15 Oct, 2020
These are awesome! There are so many colors and the set is well put together. The colors look great on water color paper and easy to blend. They leave a great color even after one drying. They aren... read more »

Large but awesome!

15 Oct, 2020
This set of Halloween Kitchen Utensils are amazing! They are a little larger than expected but that makes it all the better if you're using them for cooking and have a little one helping you. The... read more »

Amazing set

13 Oct, 2020
When I originally ordered these I didn't realize how many sheets of butterfly decals came with it. I loved how cute they were and the colors looked really pretty. So when it came and I got 22 shee... read more »

Awesome product

07 Oct, 2020
Having long hair it causes your drain to clog up every now and then. With our new shower it seems like even the smallest of hair clogs it up and then you're in a swamp instead of a shower because... read more »

Great for those with long hair

07 Oct, 2020
Ever since where we lived remodeled the apartments the new showers have alot of issues with clogged drains. The hair seems to just go down the drain instead of allowing us to catch it at the drain. So... read more »

Anxiety very gone!

07 Oct, 2020
Originally I bought this for my sons room and was considering buying myself one if it worked well. My room theme is space. So I thought it would be an awesome idea but I knew if it was as awesome as i... read more »

Cute Utensil Set

07 Oct, 2020
I was so thrilled to receive this today! It's a large set of utensils. A little larger than most but they are awesomely made. They are durable and the designs on the utensils are cute. They look e... read more »

Flying Disco Ball

06 Oct, 2020
This reminds me of a flying disco ball. It's cute and fun to play with. It will make a great Christmas present for all the kids on my list this holiday season. They are affordable and fun to play... read more »


06 Oct, 2020
These are awesome and I like that they are clear. I have a cricut that will let me put decals on them and give them as gifts for an upcoming trip my family is planning. They are sturdy and can hold a... read more »

Awesomely fun game night

06 Oct, 2020
This is an awesome product and good for hours of fun. Whether you wanna wear the reindeers horns and throw rings at each other or if you wanna be an elf and throw the rings to one another. The hat is... read more »

A little mermaid elf

30 Sep, 2020
I have three elves for my son. Thanks mom for adding new ones. Ideas get difficult at times and clothing is expensive. The mermaid tail is cheap and well made. It's a perfect fit for 2 out of 3 of... read more »

Feel like a professional

30 Sep, 2020
Feel like a professional with this paint set. It comes with everything you need and so much more. The paint is easy to use and not a liquidy mess. It makes painting fun for all ages.  read more »

Cat loves it

28 Sep, 2020
The cat loves this toy and has a ball with it. Even my son will join in and play with the cat.  read more »


28 Sep, 2020
Fun thing to do with your friends or family. Although they can be a little dangerous at times because if you dont have the right tools you have to be careful.  read more »

Perfect shower curtain

28 Sep, 2020
This has survived 3 moves and it's been an amazing shower curtain.  read more »

Cute carrying case

28 Sep, 2020
This was bought to carry the pokeball for pokemon let's go pikachu. It works perfectly and when my son stopped playing he can now hide out his little pokemon figures in it and carry them with him.... read more »

Like heaven only better

28 Sep, 2020
I have a black satin bed set that didnt have any pillow cases. These were perfect and feel like heaven when laying on top of it. I have to fight with everyone to get my pillows back.  read more »


28 Sep, 2020
These are very sturdy key rings. They do what they need to and don't break.  read more »

Awesome masks

28 Sep, 2020
I got these to keep the dust out of my face when at concerts and it does its job perfectly. It's an added plus now with covid.  read more »

Best tea cup ever!

28 Sep, 2020
My mom had gotten me this tea cup and it got broken in a move. So I was happy to see this cup out there. It makes brewing your favorite tea so much easier not having to worry about the environment or... read more »

My son loved it

28 Sep, 2020
This was comfortable to use and made it nicer for my son to use his switch for longer.  read more »


28 Sep, 2020
This was not really well made but it did its purpose. Its definitely not for thicker people  read more »

Gnome place like home!

28 Sep, 2020
This gnome is so well made and adorable. It's going to look awesome on my fireplace for Christmas. My moms really into gnomes lately and it's the perfect size. It came packaged nicely. It need... read more »

Such a cute bag

28 Sep, 2020
I bought this bag for day trips for my son to put his necessities in. It's a decent size backpack and will keep his food, meds, and other needs for day trips without the extra heft we would add if... read more »

Heavy Duty Dice

28 Sep, 2020
These dice are amazing! They are heavy duty metal dice. They are hefty at a great price. They role smoothly. Although you definitely need a mat underneath them otherwise they will put a dent in whatev... read more »

Best Lanyards

04 Sep, 2018
These Lanyards are so awesome. They are sturdy, are quality made, and can be used for just about anything. I am using them for staff badges at my sons birthday party. That way the kids know who's... read more »

Affordable and cute fountain

01 Aug, 2018
We haven't been able to put this outside yet due to the constant heat outside. However we used it in the bathtub and my son thought it was just cool. He wants one for his bath now. It's got a... read more »

Adorable affordable fountain

01 Aug, 2018
This is an adorable and affordable fountain. I haven't gotten to put it where I wanted to yet because the weather has been too hot to work outside without getting a heat stroke. However we put it... read more »

Nice little fountain

01 Aug, 2018
This fountain has a bit of power on it which was a surprise with how small it was. I liked that its solar power which makes it easier to put it in spots further away from my home. The design is nice a... read more »

Awesome notebook

01 Aug, 2018
This notebook is amazing. It's probably one of my favorite books I've seen. Its cover is soft, it smells incredibly good, it has a lot of paper to write on. It is very well made. It came in an... read more »

Cute little gadget

01 Aug, 2018
I originally thought this would work for my device. However it didn't. It was a disappointment but totally my mistake. It would be a great device otherwise. It's small enough it won't get... read more »

Great for the price.

22 Jul, 2018
These headphones are great. They fit in the ear like a glove. They dont cancel the noise as much as I'd like but also the noise around me is typically louder than the normal every day noise. That... read more »

Cure little mushroom

27 Feb, 2018
My son is obsessed with Mario games. I decided to buy him this glass so he can put toys in it. It holds quite a few Lego pieces and closes tightly. It's very cute and bigger than I expected. It... read more »

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