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I love to review products and try something different
plus I will always give as much information as possible with pictures. I also get help with my 2 year old daughter who loves it when I get toys to review. I have been reviewing all sorts of products now for over 5 years and work with many sellers.
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Air dehumidifier reusable

16 Feb, 2020
Eco-friendly pulls moisture from the air, so that unhealthy mould is eliminated. The dehumidifier is ideal for people who suffer from allergies and can be used in: caravans, wardrobes, cabinets, bedro... read more »

S10 plus case

05 Jan, 2020
Great case but only 4* as you cant add finger holder suctions on the glitter. has a tight snug fit. The glitter is like glittered card stuck on but the glitter won't come off.  &nb... read more »

Glass pendant universe necklace

30 Dec, 2019
the price is quite abit steep. Cheap alloy metal with glass ball with paper illustration inside. So don't be under any illusions, these are nowhere near the quality of the more expensive Gaka... read more »

Great fun to make with children.

11 Dec, 2019
​​​​​​really nice kit lots of bright colourful accessories. Me and my 2 year old had fun making this and she was learning too. We talked about what colour pettle to put on first then what colour large... read more »

High flyer ball toy led lights

22 Nov, 2019
  This toy is not designed to work for long hours of play but this is a great way to keep kids amused for an hour, so perfect for xmas day, I would recommend charging this first beore its play... read more »

Flying led high flyer ball

21 Nov, 2019
Ofcause this toy is not designed to work for long hours of play but this is a great way to keep kids amused for an hour, so perfect for xmas day, I would recommend charging this first beore its played... read more »

Plush unicorn backpack

20 Nov, 2019
This is so cute in real life, is is ever so fluffy, soft, and light weight. Made of enviromental plush and PU. Great design mimicking a unicorn and very well made, very girly. The... read more »

144 embroidery threads

17 Nov, 2019
Fantastic array of different colours in this pack of 144 different coloured threads. So many uses not just sewing but all sorts of craft work scrapbooking, friendship bracelets, Christmas decorations... read more »

110 in 1 screwdriver set

07 Nov, 2019
So many uses with this, for all around the home wether it be from changing your phone screen to TVs to laptops basically this has everything you could possibly need all in a small storage box mad... read more »

Solar portable led work light

02 Nov, 2019
360°adjustable rotation which gives light at different angles. Nice light weight and small enough to fit in pockets. Great for all sorts where you need light. car repair, hiking, camping, emergenc... read more »

Long sleeved pyjamas kids set

13 Oct, 2019
Very happy. Cotton material not the thin cheap material but good thick quality material. Elastic waists and neck so easy to get on and pull off. I brought this for my daughter who likes this lol. The... read more »

Lightweight heats up 2-3 secs

11 Oct, 2019
Light weight and this really do heat up quickly about 2-3 seconds and warms up a small room very quickly to about 2-mins. This is small about size of a 2 slice toaster so wont take up too much room, f... read more »

Water drawing mat for kids

01 Oct, 2019
Brilliant mess free. This do not leak water everywhere and the kids love the colours that come through when they use the water brush/pens that came with this. Although small this do not take too long... read more »

Epoxy Resin Moulds Coaster

25 Sep, 2019
Nice good quality thick silicone molds that is deep about 1cm with lots of small flowers and odd sorts to put in when designing the colour theme. Great product and perfect for starters  T... read more »

Scented Candles Gift Set 4pcs

25 Sep, 2019
Very happy. Comes in a gorgeous gift box and well displayed inside. These smell so lovely and do burn a long time. These are perfect for anyone who loves candles. Gorgeous colours and 4 scents to choo... read more »

Natura Pur Organic Rosehip Oil

17 Sep, 2019
Very happy. I use this on my hair over night and wash it out in morning this leaves my hair lovely and soft and healthy I have tried this on my skin but I can not use it on my face as I have oily skin... read more »

Portable reusable straws

14 Jun, 2019
Easy to take out and they fix together nicely and quickly. It was a bit difficult putting the cleaner back in and I think the cleaner needed to be bristles not a rubber disk at the end but great and f... read more »

Clip mini fan

06 Jun, 2019
Great product. 3 different strength settings, I have used this on my pushchair and it stayed where I wanted it. Easy to addjust and it will not move. Very happy and the cage is small enough so little... read more »

Great for baldness

29 Apr, 2019
These are perfect for bald men. This gives a very good close shave and is surprisingly quiet. Do have different head settings attachments user manual just incase. Chargers very quickly I found. Good l... read more »

Reusable Makeup pads

28 Mar, 2019
Soft and not too small. Will stain after some use, but easy to wash on low setting in mesh bag. These do not absorb too much liquid so much better to get all traces of makeup off even those hard water... read more »

Pet grooming clippers

22 Mar, 2019
I am very happy with this, my dog will not let anyone touch him to trim his fur nor do he like the sound of hair flippers, but this one is less noisy and I can trim his fur much easier now, this glide... read more »

Multi tool

22 Mar, 2019
Extremely good quality and very strong not flimsy. Easy to read the markings on the tool, I like the leather pouch it comes in, fits perfectly in wallet slots. Very handy to have and dose many jobs.&n... read more »

Wireless Doorbell, Waterproof Door Bell, Wall Plug-in Cordless Chime, 300m/1000ft Range, 36 Melodies to Choose, 4 Level Volume, White

09 Mar, 2019
Came nicely boxed with tools and easy to understand manual, this was so easy to put together only took a few minutes, I live in a rented bungalow so I can not drill so I used the double sided tape tha... read more »

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