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25 Apr, 2022
This shirt is awesome  read more »


16 Apr, 2022
Not a fan of this material and it's short read more »

Great fit

03 Mar, 2022
Love the color of this dress Exactly what I wanted to fit is perfect read more »

Very well made

28 Feb, 2022
This two tier bird house is a must very strong  and well made read more »

Never again

23 Feb, 2022
Waited forever says shipped, delivered, never received. I contacted the seller they said to wait five more days I said give me my money back! read more »

It’s ok

23 Feb, 2022
Not really what I wanted but works ok read more »

Great pressure

18 Jan, 2022
So easy t put on, works great, no leaks, good pressure! read more »


08 Jan, 2022
I'm glad I purchased the stand it's really sturdy doesn't flop over and holds all my phones and tablets perfect thank you read more »

Great Calendar

06 Jan, 2022
Well made paper is strong  read more »


22 Nov, 2021
These fit perfect size medium! I'm definitely getting more tu read more »

So bright

20 Nov, 2021
This is ver well made and sooo bright and pretty the birds almost look like glass  read more »

So cute

18 Nov, 2021
Plays beautiful  read more »

Very well made

10 Nov, 2021
Yes these fit perfect they're very comfortable I want to get more thank you read more »


10 Nov, 2021
This is my first bad review ever on this site! All I can say it is garbage it doesn't work it doesn't charge I have other ones at work great do not buy read more »

super soft

12 Oct, 2021
very nice Sherpa. light weight super soft and long enough read more »


10 Oct, 2021
This came in the perfect little plastic box all the pieces are awesome can't wait to give it to my granddaughter for a Christmas present read more »


10 Oct, 2021
Came in a very nice box each brush was wrapped separate can't wait to use read more »


10 Oct, 2021
Very bright very well-made I want another read more »

Has attachments

25 Aug, 2021
This is full size with 3 attachments wow nice works perfect read more »


25 Aug, 2021
Works great snd charges quick  read more »

super soft

21 Aug, 2021
had to get a large they were out of mediums. this robe is super soft i so like it just wish they had a smaller size read more »

dont like them

21 Aug, 2021
these feel strange i am returning read more »


20 Aug, 2021
this is well made size nedium was perfect, i so want more to sleep in read more »


19 Aug, 2021
They seem well-made but they're rather small for me looking for a larger size read more »

well made

13 Aug, 2021
The material is thick and made well. these shorts fit like a dream.. getting more.. read more »

Heats up fast

01 Aug, 2021
Well made cover is great I want another ty read more »

bright colors

31 Jul, 2021
bright colr well made just wish the hummingbird was centered read more »

very nice

29 Jul, 2021
great quality hold enough but wish it was deeper read more »


28 Jul, 2021
Perfect for hands free activities! Super bright  read more »

My son likes these!

28 Jul, 2021
Good deal  read more »


28 Jul, 2021
The lips look horrible all crinkled! Not a good buy! Bummer I really liked the picture on Amazon! The picture can be deceiving read more »


24 Jul, 2021
to small read more »


23 Jul, 2021
To small but well made  read more »

Not as strong

22 Jul, 2021
Material was flimsy tried to fly it but to no avail might try againh read more »

Looks great

22 Jul, 2021
Can't wait t put this together the pieces are so colorful  read more »

Very soft

22 Jul, 2021
Very small thought it be larger it's not very bright read more »


19 Jul, 2021
The gage is to thick for me but well made. read more »


19 Jul, 2021
These drapes are very nice they're thicker than a shear drape and quality is great! read more »


18 Jul, 2021
These spurtles are very thick band strong not flimsy read more »


15 Jul, 2021
Thin material  and didn't work returning  read more »


15 Jul, 2021
These rings are marvelous  read more »

I recommend

06 Jul, 2021
These colors work well in my computer room! Very quiet and very nice  read more »

Very pretty but not bright

06 Jul, 2021
This clock is ok but does not glow very dark hard t see  read more »


03 Jul, 2021
It's not as tough as durable as I wanted it but it works OK read more »


03 Jul, 2021
Love  this clock it big and the colors are awesome keeps great time  read more »


30 Jun, 2021
These earrings are quite small if you're going to put use them as Earrings I use them on my top three holes of my ear they're very pretty very shiny very well-made definitely need more but lar... read more »


21 Jun, 2021
This set is awesome! I can't wait to use all of these! They are well made sturdy snd strong I highly recommend  read more »

Very nice

13 Jun, 2021
Ear buds paired easily and work very well!  read more »

to cute

30 May, 2021
this is made with great fabric and very thick. fits my chihuahua perfect. read more »

Too Cute

27 May, 2021
This flag is well-made double-sided the colors are vivid I love the black flannel I can't wait to hang it read more »

A Must have!

27 May, 2021
This is a must have her all who have pools and all who go to visit Pools! Loads of fun read more »


27 May, 2021
These are made well all different sizes all different colors I'm sure we'll have tons of fun playing ring toss games read more »

Works well

22 May, 2021
The buttons were small but worked well read more »


22 May, 2021
Didn't hold my phone well! Vent bar cracked! read more »


22 May, 2021
These were quite tiny but pretty  read more »

very pretty

18 May, 2021
this flag is colorful and well made i highly reccommend   read more »

To heavy

18 May, 2021
I ordered a small and this thing is very thick and heavy and will not even fit my Chihuahua read more »


15 May, 2021
This is a large mat not a small one it's made very sturdy and strong I made my homemade biscuits and nothing stuck to it. It does not slide on my counter will definitely keep using this highl... read more »

so much fun

15 May, 2021
just got them... very well made. kids jumped in pool with them are having fun. highly reccomend.     read more »

Very soft

13 May, 2021
These were very soft,however they are thin not very thick but will use in spare room read more »


13 May, 2021
Took it out of box put battery on and it turned in quickly. Made chicken and used it and checked with another device! It was spot on! Ty will recommend  read more »

Smell Great

08 May, 2021
At first look i thought wow there are alot. The scents are fantastice. Took out to use and they broke in my hands. I still used how ever not that great of a smell. read more »


03 May, 2021
It felt more like a nightgown definitely will not use as a cover-up very thin read more »


27 Apr, 2021
The fit is perfect, the sizing it true, So comfortable and the pockets are amazing! read more »

It works well.

27 Apr, 2021
Its alittle sticky at first but works well.. I will reccommend to shoppers     read more »

couldnt wait to try on!

21 Apr, 2021
Out of the package was so colorful, its like an emerald green with black very striking, the fit and material are excellent, i highly recommend! .   read more »

my second pair

21 Apr, 2021
Amst have pair of shorts, they fit great, the material is awesome and  made well and i luv them read more »


10 Apr, 2021
this worked better than the whale. read more »

Very sturdy

09 Apr, 2021
These are nice straws easy to put together I can attach them to my purse or key chain read more »

Great buy

08 Apr, 2021
Grandkids really like this it takes a while to get going it's sort of slow at first then spins  a little faster  read more »


05 Apr, 2021
This is a well made cuff! The engraving is very pretty!  read more »


05 Apr, 2021
This gadget is perfect, it sprays the perfect amount of V/O. I'm definitely get another for sauces it comes with a baster brush and a small funnel! read more »

Buying more

04 Apr, 2021
Very nice., sturdy and strong great organizer for my fridge I'm getting more a must have read more »

Great Bag

02 Apr, 2021
This purse is perfect for carrying my handgun roomy enough to put all my personal belongings I love it it's a must have read more »

A must have for kiddies

28 Mar, 2021
A must have! it's well made and my grankkuds love it! ty dear read more »

Luv this

28 Jan, 2021
Finally got a great soft, roomy, purse that is beautiful made and can carry my handgun! Ty I want another read more »

Super Cute!

26 Jan, 2021
This Bug kit is perfect for all ages, it comes with alot of different activities you can do with ur children, Cant wait to give it a go.. Another must have ty read more »

Very Stylish

26 Jan, 2021
This pill l container is so cute and stylish, it hold my pills perfectly and the case itself is super cute, the zipper is strong also, made well ty read more »


26 Jan, 2021
this soap dispenser is great, it works very well and doesn't leak. It looks great in my Bahroom I so am getting another...Ty A must have for all homes. read more »

luv this!

26 Jan, 2021
Had to buy another one for grand daughter...we love this is so fun and the music is awesome... read more »


26 Dec, 2020
I love the soap dispenser it's so easy to work looks great on my sink works perfect! A must have for every kitchen. read more »

Nice shirt for the money

21 Dec, 2020
This shirt was so soft an very trendy. I wish I got a smaller size, it runs alittle big read more »

Works Great

20 Dec, 2020
I tried this on my long haired cat, Ozzy, he  luved this Brush and he purred the hole time. I like the ease of removing hair and the brush was alot bigger than I thought Great Product. Thank You... read more »

So neat!

20 Dec, 2020
I bought this for my Grandson whos 8 for Christmas. I decided to check it out first, It was fast loud and way kewl.. My grandson came over and Grandma couldn't wait. He is still playing with this... read more »

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