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Best stroller organizer

29 Dec, 2017
I'm so much loving this stroller organizer. I used to take my purse and hang it over to the stroller and walk my daughter which was ofcourse very hard. Never took the heavy diaper bag so had to ta... read more »

Very comforting and nice fit

28 Dec, 2017
I am loving the these headphones for two best reasons other beside the excellent noise control, it's over the ear design and the clip it comes with. It comes with different sizes tips for the perf... read more »

Wonderful playing time with my daughter

16 Dec, 2017
Wanted to get something that keeps my daughter busy during her play time but away from the unnessary use of electronics. I have tries several things and trics but since I started get these little doll... read more »

So beautiful and shiny

16 Dec, 2017
I got this necklace for my 9 years daughter who love flowers and I really love handmade things. This beautiful handmade necklace caught my attention and bought it for my girl's school party. The t... read more »

Cleans blackhead easily

01 Dec, 2017
I got this set basically for blackhead.I have tried several others too and really did notice much of a difference, it did work smoothly, did not hurt much. Lots of blackheads came off easily did not l... read more »

Love the case

01 Dec, 2017
I love this case,it's not slippery at all, the color is very vibrant and marble like just like I want. I have been using it for almost two weeks now and it's being used very harshly and I have... read more »

Nice curtains

19 Nov, 2017
These shower curtains are very nice and don't let the water come out of the tub. The polyester used is of good quality and not very see through. I do see some water spots later on but those easily... read more »

Stylish stainless steel measuring spoons

14 Nov, 2017
I'm really happy with these measuring spoons which come very handy when I am baking. These spoon set have very unique design not common round ones and very sleek which do not take much space... read more »

Great for games and drawing winners

02 Oct, 2017
Got it for my daughter's bday party game. We wrote different messages and kids acted out, some I used for drawing the prize for the games. The colorful capsules looked very attractive and everyone... read more »

Good charging speed and very affordable

26 Sep, 2017
These are really good USB wall charger I got to be used for different family members. The price is very reasonable and there are 3 chargers and two different colors. I did not notice any difference in... read more »

Fits perfectly on my face

23 Sep, 2017
I loved these Sunglasses. These look just right on my face. I have small face so mostly glasses don't fit well but these look just fine. I like the polarized lens and these are very lightweight.... read more »

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