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i am a single mom of 2 little boys. we live in alabama. i am also a pre-k teacher and love it! my life is simple and happy.
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As described

22 Jan, 2021
Product is as described. Will be a fun idea for Easter crafts.  read more »

As described

18 Jan, 2021
Item arrived as described. Fit my closet door. Will not use for shoes. Will use for small item storage.  read more »

So far so good

12 Jan, 2021
This was a gift for my son. It works pretty good but it seems cheaply made so not really sure this will last a while before it breaks.  read more »

These are cute but...

12 Jan, 2021
The plates are much smaller than they looked in the pics. They are saucer sized. The utensils seem thin like they would be easy to break. The colors are cute but I do not expect these dishes to last v... read more »


29 Dec, 2020
I like these! I put these in my bathroom above the commode and it looks perfect.  read more »


04 Dec, 2020
I have 3 wire whisks and this one is my favorite. Its slightly harder to clean but worth it. read more »


03 Dec, 2020
These are standard masks. They do the job. Fit is fine. Breathable and light weight. Nose piece is adjustable to fit.  read more »

Love it.

03 Dec, 2020
Another well made, beautiful, and solid clock. This was a gift to my mom and it fits her "farm house" decor nicely.  read more »

Very beautiful

03 Dec, 2020
This is a beautiful clock. Well made. Solid. It works great. read more »

Too big but my kids still play with it

11 Nov, 2020
This mask is way too big for any size face but its still fun to play dress up with. My kids have lots of dress up stuff and this is one of their go to's. read more »

I wore this for halloween

11 Nov, 2020
This was cute and very colorful. I wore it for Halloween. read more »

This is awesome

11 Nov, 2020
I live in an apartment that did not come with a sprayer assembled on my kitchen sink. This inexpensive gadget is just want I need. Easy to assemble. read more »

Fits 5 year old

03 Oct, 2020
This costume fits my 5 year old perfectly. The gloves seem more adult size but he won't be wearing gloves while trick or treating anyway.  read more »


07 Sep, 2020
I love that there is a lot of choices in this kit. This should actually last us a few years. My kids like to dress in scary bloody gore so these props and tattoos are perfect!!!  read more »


07 Aug, 2020
I love these. Very beautiful and rustic looking. I want more! read more »

Cute toy

01 Aug, 2020
Very nice little instrument. It sounds good. My 5 year old really enjoys it!  read more »


19 Jul, 2020
I got this for my son. He loves it. It is super bright.  read more »

As advertised

01 Jul, 2020
These look exactly like the picture. These will be used as gifts for my kids to give their classmates on Valentine's day.  read more »

Works great!

01 Jul, 2020
I have never used an outside grill in my 38 years of life but I finally learned to use one with this small portable grill. It was simple to use. read more »

Sticks great

29 Jun, 2020
These stick just fine to my window! read more »

Does the job!

24 Jun, 2020
As long as you make sure both sides of the tape is clean before using, it will stay in place and be stickier. I am using these to keep my rugs in place. Also good for sticking closet lights to the wal... read more »

Finally I can organize!

23 Jun, 2020
Finally I can organize my trunk! I can seperate tools from groceries. read more »

Arrived open

17 Jun, 2020
The box was fine but the plastic bag these floss picks were in were busted. Half of them were out of the pack and spilled into the box.  read more »


11 Jun, 2020
This is a handy little "notebook" to help my 5 year old learn sight words in preparation for Kindergarten. read more »

Very bright

11 Jun, 2020
These are very bright and well made. I am thinking about ordering another pair. The only not so great part about them is the magnet doesn't stick very well but I was able to fix that with some mat... read more »

Love it

08 Jun, 2020
Nice for a massage but way too powerful for bedroom fun lol read more »

Simple yet fancy

06 Jun, 2020
These simple earrings go with anything. They were individually wrapped, which I like, and came with an alcohol wipe.  read more »


06 Jun, 2020
These are super cute! Can't wait to wear these during December!  read more »

I love this!!!

02 Jun, 2020
I immediately took this over to my mom's house because she has been wanting to play the classic games again. She is 54 yrs old. She had a blast. She was able to play with my 9 year old because its... read more »

Works great

01 Jun, 2020
A tad bit smaller than I thought but works great!  read more »

It works!

30 May, 2020
Product arrived undamaged and it works. Perfect for my indoor plants! read more »

Cute and fun

24 May, 2020
My kids look so cute wearing this. It sounds great and not too loud for my kids' ears.  read more »


24 May, 2020
I use this to drain my sponges. It has been so useful.  read more »


18 May, 2020
These were a tad bit smaller than I thought but they are a lot of fun. Made from foam. We don't have a pool so I filled up a huge bucket with water so they can refill the sprayers with the bucket... read more »

These go well with my color scheme in my kitchen!

17 May, 2020
These look so good in my kitchen! My kitchen is sort of a farmhouse and flower theme and these work very well!  read more »

Great buy!

13 May, 2020
I have 2 boys. One is active in basketball and the other loves all sports so I really needed a way to keep their sports balls aired up. This works very well. Easy to set up. Smart buy. read more »


06 May, 2020
Great buy. Very attractive for storage. Thank you! read more »

So, so cute!

06 May, 2020
I got these for my 5 year old for Christmas picz with Santa for next Christmas. These are great for that. Cute, festive, and soft. read more »

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