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I am a single mother of 2. A one year old girl and a 2!year old boy. I don't work I am disabled but I find side things that I can do to earn some extra cash. I love reviewing items. I love being able to tell people my thoughts and experiences about things. In my spare time I love to sing. Singing and music is my go to. I also love spending time with my family and friends.
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04 Jan, 2022
Cheap product toy already broke on second day. Electric screw driver broke on second day of use.   read more »

Moms Ring

23 Aug, 2021
I bought these for everyone in my family. I bought these for my mother, grandmother, and my sister. They all loved it. Beautiful as it said it was going to be. Couldn't have aske for a better Moth... read more »

Very Disappointed!

23 Aug, 2021
Bought this product hoping very high hopes for this! Got it then it broke the first day I had it. The top part where the wireless suppose to charge  wouldnt work anymore it was broken when I firs... read more »

Cheaply Made

23 Aug, 2021
This is actually cheaply made. I wouldn't buy this again. I bought this for my daughters dolls but the thread already came out a day later and it wouldn't even hold her dolls up properly. read more »

Excellent Necklace

23 Aug, 2021
This necklace is really nice for a good price. I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. Glad I bought it.  read more »

Excellent Pen

29 Jul, 2021
This pen qorks as good as the Apple Pens. I am so glad I got these for my kids Ipads. You can use them with amy apps thst need writ8ng ro drawing. Easy to connect to ipad as well. Charging is sim... read more »


11 Mar, 2021
I bought this for my daughter for her new american girl doll and she was absolutely in love with it it. She got an outfit just like this for herself for her birthday and i sww this and got this for he... read more »

Imdex flash cards

11 Mar, 2021
Excellent deal on these!!!!! Homeschool deal for sure!!!! I use these for homeschooling my kids. These are excellent for flashcards and i lovr the fact there are multi colors and they also have rings... read more »

Excellent Product

11 Mar, 2021
This laminator is an excellent product especially if you are homeschool or have a at home business. I love how its a flat one only thing that was different was that you need to put the paper through t... read more »

way too small

29 Nov, 2018
this is way too small to even fit a small wrist. wouldnt buy again    read more »

good product

29 Nov, 2018
bougth this for my boyfriend since we live far distance. he loves it. read more »

great product

29 Nov, 2018
bought this as a christmas gift for my boyfriend hell love these.  read more »

Great product

29 Nov, 2018
fast shipping. great product. just what expected. read more »

Product Nice and Small

14 Nov, 2018
I love the fact that this product is nice and compact. I bought this for my cousin for a christmas present. Came quickly as well. Unsure of how it works right now since it is a christmas present but t... read more »

Excellent Screen Protector

14 Nov, 2018
This is a really good screen protector. It fits perfectly on my phone and it is easy to figure out how to put it on the screen. They give you a wet wipe to wipe your screen clean and then a dry wipe t... read more »

Excellent Grill Mats

08 Nov, 2018
I got these for my mom's boyfriend. He loves them!!! He was excited to see that I got these for him for an early birthday present. He said they are easy to clean and they work really well on the g... read more »

Love the colors

07 Nov, 2018
colors are beautiful and the makeup actually stays on long.  Excellent price as well. Came in great shape and package as well. It didn’t break.  read more »

Love them

23 Oct, 2018
fit perfect and can’t wait to give these to my sister for Christmas.  read more »

Poor quality

23 Oct, 2018
The charger worked for about a week and than it broke. No longer works anymore read more »

Never received item

23 Oct, 2018
I never received item  read more »

Excellent headphones

03 Oct, 2018
Love these headphones. Got these for my son for his birthday and we have had a hard time finding ones hat fit in his ears because of him being small. Fit perfectly and work really well!  read more »

Wireless charger

28 Sep, 2018
Got this for an early birthday present. My moms boyfriend loves it. He’s been wanting to get himself one so I saw this and ended up getting it for him. It works well and quick charges.  read more »

Love it

28 Sep, 2018
love the thermometer. I love the layout and set up of it. Unsure if it is 100 percent accurate but works well.  read more »


28 Sep, 2018
absolutely love these!!!! Kissing elephants!!! I will be giving these out for Christmas presents!!! Recommend them to everyone!  read more »


28 Sep, 2018
I liked that it’s a toilet seat for the full toilet but the plastic is cheap and it broke when putting together unfortunately.  read more »

Very small but like able

28 Sep, 2018
I love these little puppets but feel that they are smaller than I expected. My kiddos love them though. Gave them as a birthday present.  read more »

Heavy Duty

28 Sep, 2018
Heavy duty picture frame. Plastic is heavy and holds picture really well in the picture frame. Fast shipping as well. I will definitely will be ordering more of these.  read more »


03 Aug, 2018
very disappointed. Box was damaged when I open it and the toaster was dented due to box being damaged. Was told if I returned I could only get what I paid for the toaster and then I wouldn’t be... read more »

Excellent Charger

20 Jul, 2018
I love this charger. This charger works great with my phone and it charges really fast. I would recommend it to anyone that needs a fast charging charger. read more »

Excellent Product

20 Jul, 2018
This is an great device. I used it right away when I got it. I can hook it up to my iphone and transfer all my pictures and videos on it and then transfer them all to my computer. This is the easiest... read more »

Excellent Dog Toys

19 Jun, 2018
These dog toys came in excellent condition. The amount was correct and the bowl was in excellent condition. Highly recommend this buyer.  read more »


21 Mar, 2018
Bought this as Christmas gift and my cousin loved it. She said it keeps her really warm. Definitely worth getting read more »


21 Mar, 2018
kinda of cheesy product. These are easily to be broke. They are made with cheap plastic and breaks easily within couple days.  read more »

Excellent storage containers

10 Mar, 2018
I am very impressed with quality of the storage containers. I am definitely satisfied.  read more »

Excellent paint set

10 Mar, 2018
Excellent pain set. My cousin loved the gift. She loves painting.  read more »

Photo Quality

10 Feb, 2018
Great quality of photos.  read more »


28 Dec, 2017
light weight. Works awesome and different magnifys. Electric. Bought for my moms boyfriend he loved it  read more »

Good wallet

28 Dec, 2017
I love the wallet and all the compartments. Gave it to my mom for Christmas. The only thing I didn’t like was that I ordered a real color wallet and it comes in more green color.  read more »

Great product

28 Dec, 2017
This case is awesome. I bought for my sister for Christmas and she’s loved it.fits great for her phone as well.  read more »

Great case

28 Dec, 2017
This case is awesome. I bought for my sister for Christmas and she’s loved it.fits great for her phone as well.  read more »

Excellent product

28 Dec, 2017
excellent product. This is a heavy duty strap that will not rip or break on you. My son loved it for his Christmas present  read more »

Poor Quality

28 Dec, 2017
this product I thought was gonna be good but it broke on the first day. Not impressed read more »


14 Dec, 2017
Great packaging definitely secretive. Fast shipping. Can’t wait to try out.  read more »


08 Dec, 2017
never received this item and contacted seller and never heard anything sent second note today to them. Paid for item and never received it will not do business with them again read more »

excellent picks

08 Dec, 2017
Excited to give these to my son for Christmas gift can take pictures when he gets them. Fast shipment though and very heavy good product  read more »

Love this cord

16 Oct, 2017
Love the length of this cord. It works perfect too! perfect for Christmas presents!!! read more »


16 Oct, 2017
Love the charger. Works great for my Samsung Galaxy tablet. Also fast shipping.  read more »

Absolutely Love

08 Oct, 2017
Absolutely love this. Works perfect. I was nervous at first wasn’t sure if it would work but works 100 times better than any I have ever had. Highly recommend this.  read more »

Great size and price

19 Sep, 2017
Excellent size not cheap. Fits perfect in the spot I put it in in the bathroom. And it's true doesn't leak holds in water. Great price. read more »

Awesome deal

04 Sep, 2017
awesome package deal. Fits car perfect. Fabric is great too doesn't rip at all. Fast delivery as well.  read more »


12 Jul, 2017
Really nice can't wait to give it to my sister for her birthday she is going to love it!  read more »

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