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Excellent kids love it

13 Apr, 2020
Excellent quality  read more »


10 Aug, 2019
Excellent night light read more »

Excellent quality long distance

11 Jan, 2019
Brilliant walkie talkie  Excellent quality a very good distance  read more »

Still not caught it lpl

27 Nov, 2018
It would work but the mouse is brainy lol read more »

Really good bright

27 Nov, 2018
Last ages when charged even got red flashes light  read more »

Bought for my son to give to his grandfather

27 Nov, 2018
Hes going to love it  read more »

Good quality sound

27 Nov, 2018
Brilliant items kids love them  read more »


27 Nov, 2018
I not smashed this up to now I can still use my pen etc just like it's my screen  read more »


27 Nov, 2018
Bargain price so if it got knocked out car I would not be bothered lll  Good price easy use recommend  read more »


27 Nov, 2018
Mate thought it was mini taser lol its brilliant lights mu ecig easy n windproof lol  read more »

Excellent xmas presents

27 Nov, 2018
Wrapped up for xmas for my dad hes going to love it he loves clocks watches anything like that  read more »

I love them

27 Nov, 2018
Easy to install and a bargain price  read more »

Amazing lights

27 Nov, 2018
My son got it in his room it like a disco lol or you can have normal white brilliant would highly recommend  read more »

Absolutely brilliant

27 Nov, 2018
Absolutely brilliant I used on my beard and it got it right down I would really recommend  read more »


24 Oct, 2018
Really good buy it's well worth the money you can save on food being fresh when u opened something  read more »

Kids will love them

23 Oct, 2018
Never mind kids lol we used them fishing and camping battery's lasted us all weekend clear easy use read more »


23 Oct, 2018
Good quality and good quality sound son is over the moon  read more »

Good cheap repellent

23 Oct, 2018
Bought for kitchen had a few mice over last few weeks plugged this in n not seen any yet so fingers crossed  read more »


23 Oct, 2018
Scared all kids and the Mrs lol it's a really good mask for price  read more »

Really really good charger leads

23 Oct, 2018
Good quality leads  I lost my original lead n the price are ridiculous for a original Samsung leaf but these are just as good do exact same job n for a fraction of the price good deal 2 pack a... read more »

Kids love them

21 Oct, 2018
For the price these are an absolute bargain  We used on our journey to Cornwall my friends had 1 in there car we had 1 in our car they was clear n load bargain  read more »

Really good quality

20 Oct, 2018
Mrs is made up with these she loves them really bright and very easy to assemble would highly recommend them you could use any were really  read more »

Excellent value for money

18 Oct, 2018
These are really good sound quality and they are very comfortable on your head microphone sound quality is clear  read more »

Would definitely recommend this manicure set

18 Oct, 2018
Really really good quality I'm am very happy about these  Theres a tool for everything nice and cheap good strong  read more »

Excellent value for money

18 Oct, 2018
Really good and fast to melt bargain price  read more »

Really good sound

17 Oct, 2018
Lights up flashes good sound quality etc quick charge  read more »

I'm using as I write this review get eliquid in it lol

16 Oct, 2018
Smells amazing easy set up I have 2 now in my house 1 at work better than any air freshener  read more »

Boom these are brilliant

16 Oct, 2018
A real party thing everyone was like wow what's that lol and all night people was looking  read more »

Ideal for a quick charge in your pocket or bag

16 Oct, 2018
Easy use small size but good I charged my Samsung note 9 no worries  read more »

This was a life saver according to my son

16 Oct, 2018
My son was desperate lol for some foung these and the sound quality is amazing n good comfy on your head bargain next day was at my door  read more »

Bargain price

16 Oct, 2018
I bought for my son but ended up using on my air riffle works a treat would definitely recommend this product for bike or gun anything lol  read more »

These are brilliant cannot wait for new year n Christmas

16 Oct, 2018
Used it already going have some good drinks read more »

These are brilliant

16 Oct, 2018
No more flat batteryd lol I'm a scrap man n have about 6 vehicles lol so always got flar battery's no more jump Leeds messing around  I have a transit 2.5 di been stood for 3 years and... read more »

Kids love it kept them quiet for ages n for the price bargain

16 Oct, 2018
Kids love it would highly recommend this if you want a few quiet kids for a few hours n for the price bargain price you wont be disappointed  Cheap as chips all tools for carving sculpture etc... read more »

I'm using as I write this review

16 Oct, 2018
Good easy to set up I have been using ecig juice o nicotine in it and its brilliant u wont be disappointed very quiet  Really nice lights when light out but you can still see during day  read more »

Going save me a arm and leg lol no more visit to the salon

16 Oct, 2018
Mrs loves it bargain price would recommend as she pays £25 a time I have saved money just on buying ot lol  read more »

Over moon lol cant wait for xmas day

16 Oct, 2018
Cant wait till Christmas day to were it and the price is amazing I would definitely buy again and would definitely recommend this  read more »

Good charger more than happy a bargain price

16 Oct, 2018
I have a Samsung note 9 it charges that brilliant also got a iPhone 5 and Samsung s7 and all charge no worries    read more »

excellent sound n fella good on

21 Jun, 2018
over the moon n the price what a bargain would become  read more »

dog loves it

31 May, 2018
good price dog loves it lol  read more »

good quality sound

31 May, 2018
absalout bargain would definitely recommend these the sound is amazing good light holds a good charge son loves them  read more »

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