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Works great

28 Apr, 2021
Works great! Auctions perfectly in our tub. Does the job and keeps it non slip for safety read more »

Works great

28 Apr, 2021
Love the walkie talkies. My kid has a ton of fun with them. read more »

Works ok

28 Apr, 2021
Product came in with zero instructions. Referred to the Amazon page to find instructions. It'll seal, but you have to hold it down a little long to make sure it seals ok read more »

Works great

26 Apr, 2021
Great product! Came in quickly?  read more »

Works great

24 Apr, 2021
easy to use, works great read more »

So great!

22 Apr, 2021
Easy to assemble! Came in brand new, perfect condition. It's plastic, but worth the price I paid!  read more »

Perfect condition

18 Apr, 2021
The kids love it!  read more »

Didn't fit right

15 Apr, 2021
Material was cheaply made, so it didn't fit well.  read more »


15 Apr, 2021
Magnetic lashes worked amazing! Received the product promptly in new condition. Would definitely buy again!  read more »

It works great!

30 Jul, 2020
Great condition! Easy to connect. We love it. It feels extremely well made and built.  read more »

Works great!!!!

26 Jul, 2020
Works great! Accurate temperature reading when compared to other thermometers. Easy to use and open and closed easily. Would recommend for anyone!  read more »

Great product!

23 Jul, 2020
I got it in, there were extra accessories with it. It was so easy to connect to the Bluetooth. It even came 90% charged which was great! The number indicator showing how much battery percentage I have... read more »

Love it!

06 Jul, 2020
I just got this in today, it was really easy to assemble. I didn't even need the manual. The structure itself is super sturdy including the tripod. The only thing I'd suggest is piece that hol... read more »

Would highly recommend!

22 Jun, 2020
I got the massager in today and I couldnt wait to try it out! It worked so well! It was extremely quiet and packed quite the punch. Myback felt amazing afterwards. I was so relaxed. It comes with a fe... read more »

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