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Lights up fast

22 May, 2021
The lighter has a charge that asks a long time. It is easy to bend and flex. It is convenient to light candles without picking them up. It does not stay hot. Easy to charge and travel with. read more »

Lights up fast

18 Oct, 2020
The lighter charges very fast. It lights up fast. It works with lighting up candles, fires and cigarettes. The charges lasts a couple of days with use. read more »

Very comfortable

10 Sep, 2020
The masks are very comfortable. They are breathable and stretchable. They stretch to size. They are lightweight and do not leave marks on face. The masks do not cause any irritationson the skin and ar... read more »

Easy to install.

24 Jul, 2020
the lights were easy to install. The lights are bright and light up the room. The strips stick easy to the wall and stay put. The remote is great for changing the lights. I like that more lights can b... read more »

Easily connected

15 Apr, 2020
The cover fit great over my iPad. It is snug and not lose. The keyboard immediately connected to the ipad and was immediately for use. It worked perfectly. read more »

Good for gaming

15 Aug, 2018
I bought this headset for my son. He has an Xbox one s and it is compatible with it. The only thing you do have to buy and adapter for the microphone and sound, which is separate. The sound quality is... read more »

Very convenient

15 Oct, 2017
This adapter is really convenient. It comes in handy when needing to charge your while you are on your phone listening or watching videos on your phone and are using your headphone jack. Now you... read more »

bright light

08 Oct, 2017
I have to say that this head lamp is really bright and lights up a far distance. The strap is adjustable, so you can put it as tight or loose as you want. The head lamp is also adjustable, it moves up... read more »

Funny Mask

26 Sep, 2017
This is a good quality Mask and it really looks like a horse. It is a fun mask to have around to play jokes on people. It doesn't just have to be a mask for Halloween. The only I found was it is k... read more »

not as expected.

17 Sep, 2017
At first when i put them on I was confused because of how the waistband is. I had to twist them and then put them on. They are a very thin material and are kind of see through. they feel very comforta... read more »

weight loss

04 Sep, 2017
I have tried the Adjustable wasit Trimmer Ab Belt to help me on my  weight loss journey. I like that it is adjustable and can be fitted to your liking. As I used it I put it on really t... read more »


04 Sep, 2017
These yoga pants are very confortable. They fit perfect to size. They are not too thick or too thin. They are very breathable and they do not get to hot being in them. They are very stretchy and move... read more »

really sharp.

03 Sep, 2017
This set is amazing. I amazed by on how sharp the knives are and how easy they are to cut. The knives cut very easy and I do not have to struggle with the meat. The knives slice right through.I used t... read more »

very useful

29 Aug, 2017
The watermelon slicer was very simple to use. It was sharp enought to cut the watermelon. It was kind of hard to handle because i kept squeezing the handle when i was trying to slice the watermelon. I... read more »

easy to use

22 Aug, 2017
This curling wand was easy to use. The interchangeable curling wands were easy to remove and put on. I was amazed on how fast the wdand heated up. It curled my hair nicely and it didnt burn the glove... read more »

fits perfect.

13 Aug, 2017
this armband fits tight and snuggly on my arm. It does not shift or move while i run. Phone fits perfectly in the pocket but when i want to take it out the screen of my phone does stick to the plastic... read more »

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