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Vitafit 10kg Digital Food Kitchen Scales

23 Sep, 2020
Very sleek looking design, have not used it for larger weights, just for things such as weighing flour and sugar. So far so good read more »

Natol wireless doorbell

03 Sep, 2018
So far so good. It has not been wet yet so i cannot comment on the waterproof feature. I think volume could be a bit higher but for my house the highest will do. A good selection of chimes, however i... read more »

Smart LED Bulb

06 Dec, 2017
Well this light does work, it was a bit tricky to connect took about 20 mins to connect via the jinvoo app and the alexa app. I bought this as it could connect to the alexa app and was able to us... read more »

Noise Reducing Earplugs

23 Nov, 2017
Comes as 2 sets of 2, so ultimately 4 plugs and also a case is in the box. I found it slightly difficult to put in comfortably, not sure if that is because I have quite small ears, so the sizes s... read more »

Bluetooth Microphone

16 Nov, 2017
I wasnt really expecting much from this, however I am pleasantly surprised. Cane with a manual and two different leads. On le with a headphone jack and one which is the USB  charger. The sound... read more »

Wired Earphones

16 Nov, 2017
I ordered these as I needed to replace my original phone headphones. Came well packaged and on time. Plugged in and phone detected straight away. Good sound produced all round and limited outside n... read more »

Ring Phone Holded

06 Nov, 2017
Have not yet used in the car, so therefore I can only base this review on the way in which I have used it. So far so good for me to have a better hold of my phone. I have not hit myself in the fa... read more »

Phone Case

23 Oct, 2017
Came packaged well, was a bit sceptical about the item as it is one which is two pieces (rubber and hardenend) slotted together. It is easy to separate them when the case is not on the phone, however... read more »

Salt Grinder

23 Oct, 2017
Not a bad little item.  Smaller than i thought, but is quite heavy considering. The bit you unscrew to add salt grains was quite stiff, however was able to come off and go back on no problems.... read more »

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