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I'm a single mother to twin girls. Avid bargain hunter and always check and leave reviews for products I do purchase, and ensure I share knowledge about the products I love with friends and family worldwide via Facebook. I have only just learned of this site so eager to get started and share with the world your brilliant products.
I look or hunt for various bargains, or other times I come across items that I think would be suitable for myself, my daughters or other family members or friends that I may not have though of before.
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Exceeded expectations

03 Dec, 2021
Admittedly I didn't actually look into these lights prior to purchasing them, I just needed new lights for my daughters room since their last set were useless so when these arrived I was amazed by... read more »

Will update later

01 Dec, 2021
Haven't used yet as intended as a Xmas present but it arrived in time and doesn't feel too flimsy. Will update once used it  read more »


25 Jul, 2021
Bought these a joke gift for a friend of mine and they went down a treat. They were bigger than expected and have a Velcro backing which will be make attaching them to clothing easier.  read more »

Lovely taste

25 Jul, 2021
Purchased these on a whim to be honest.    I like yjasmine and green tea for the taste and the health benefits but thought I'd try a different variety.    These tea... read more »


23 Jul, 2021
This package arrived today and I love it.    Have been looking for reusable cotton pads for some time and these are perfect. A lot bigger than most pads you get and has the added bonus... read more »

Extremely useful

25 Mar, 2021
Purchased this since I thought it would be useful to have to hand to save hunting through my very disorganised tool box or out and about when I may need a handy tool - it's happened!  The... read more »


14 Mar, 2021
I purchased these as I struggle to sleep at a decent time during the spring/summer months so thought this may help. This seemed to be the perfect face mask since I always listen to music (night med... read more »

Looks good

06 Mar, 2021
Haven't had the chance to try this out yet as the weather hasn't been great.  I decided to purchase this as regularly go to the beach and during summer it's impossible to find disp... read more »


01 Mar, 2021
I purchased this as a gift and it's lovely. Easy to put together and collapse again comes with a handy pouch also to keep it safe. Has adjustable height too making it brilliant for all heights. Th... read more »


25 Jan, 2021
Bought these to make cookies with my kids - haven't done so yet as only received them today. There is a good selection and they're a good size they'll be perfect for cookies and play do... read more »


22 Jan, 2021
This is a brilliant sander to the point my ex partner has decided to nick it for his wood work projects instead of forking out for a branded one and he is impressed.  Easy to use, comes with s... read more »


10 Dec, 2020
These are lovely very delicate though. Admittedly I'm glad I got them at a discounted price as I don't think I'd pay the original price for them. I bought this for a friend of mine so w... read more »


10 Dec, 2020
These arrived the very next day and the quality of them are absolutely amazing.  Cannot wait to wrap people's gifts and use these gorgeous tags. Once I've used them will be sure to... read more »


21 Nov, 2020
This is fantastic for kids and well the adults who are kids at heart. I bought this for my 6 year old kids and they were over the moon with it. The flashing lights are a lovely addition and provides g... read more »


07 Nov, 2020
Unfortunately the item I received doesn't fly. I initially thought it was due to not being charged fully but having charged it, it still doesn't fly. It won't allow me upload a video unfor... read more »


06 Nov, 2020
Purchased this for my sister as she just had a standard mirror with lights around it so thought this would prove to be more beneficial. The light is brilliant with a dimmer /brightness adjustment. The... read more »


05 Nov, 2020
I have been looking at purchasing one of these for a while now but wasn't sure if they would be up to the job especially having 2 littles in the house and we all know that they can leave quite a m... read more »


02 Nov, 2020
Lovely set intended for my daughters. Nice quality jewellery with nice charms and beads. Comes in its own little jewellery chest which is a lovely touch. These are a fantastic idea for kids especially... read more »


28 Oct, 2020
Picked this up for my brother and he says it worked  read more »

Doesn't work

21 Mar, 2020
I bought this product in the hope it would clean the mould in my bathroom on the silicon. The instructions were in Chinese but I decided to leave the product on for 24 hours  but it didn't do... read more »

Not the best

18 Mar, 2020
This took a while to arrive.  It sounds and looks great on the page and I thought it would be useful to have. However, it doesn't fit the bill.  As soon as I turn the water on it l... read more »


08 Feb, 2020
My kids (aged 6) absolutely love these They're so handy for in the car or out and about. They came with pens, stencil, stickers and activities as well which I hadn't realised when I purchas... read more »


20 Jan, 2020
Bought these lights for my daughters' room and they are fabulous and will be ordering more. Really good quality, and perfect for any setting.  My kids love the different flashing modes... read more »


15 Jan, 2020
My daughters loved this set as they were after a play makeup set for a while but I didn't really want to try The cute casing and different compartments is a lovely feature  read more »


15 Jan, 2020
I bought these since I had a lot of kids clothes I couldn't bare to part with and they had an abundance of Teddy bears that I wanted to store away and these were perfect.  They are brillai... read more »

Perfect explorer set for kids

15 Jan, 2020
This is such a great starter kit for little explorers. It's suggested for 8 years plus but I feel kids 3+ would enjoy this. The quality of the binoculars, dynamo torch and compass surpassed... read more »

Extremely useful

14 Jan, 2020
I'm always on the hunt to find ways to make my life easier and so glad I found this helpful kit.    After getting fed up hunting through my toolkit for the right screwdrivers etc o... read more »


14 Jan, 2020
I purchased this lamp for my daughters since they needed a light for nighttime and since they nicked my echo to listen to music this seemed like the perfect combo, and I couldn't have been more ri... read more »


25 Oct, 2018
I have been wanting one of these lamps for years but didnt fanxy spending the cash to find out it didn't work or that I'd bought a fake. I shouldn't have worried though as even if it didn&... read more »

Perfect for what I need it for.... However

25 Oct, 2018
I bought this as part of what will be the Xmas elves fun when they come to see my children. It states ages 6+ but I think anyone above this age would get extremely bored and quickly. I'd say it wo... read more »


17 Sep, 2018
Taken a lot longer to write this review due to hoping that this item would improve with time but unfortunately it hasn't. I was really excited at the prospect of finally having garden lights, was... read more »

Lovely light

16 May, 2018
I required a night light for my daughters as I was having to leave the hallway light on and when I seen this I knew it would be perfect for them as they love looking at the stars and the moon at night... read more »


04 May, 2018
A while ago I seen a Pinterest post using pinecones and fairy lights in a jar and loved the idea, but couldn't decide what kind of lights to use #firstworldissues so then I came across these read more »


04 May, 2018
These were exactly what I was looking for, I needed a light for my daughters wardrobe and was considering the push in lights as I didn't want one that ran off electricity as my daughters have a ha... read more »

Good starter kit

04 May, 2018
I would day this would be suitable to those looking at polymer clay for the first time and who have small kids. What's great about it is its less messy than play doh and can be used again and agai... read more »

Good product

09 Mar, 2018
I have been using this product on my hands, particularly my nails as of late with the cold weather they have become rather brittle, within a few days of using this i have noticed a huge differenc... read more »

Amazing set

07 Feb, 2018
Beautifully made musoxal instrument set which comes individually packaged and in a handy carry case. The strap bells are brilliant for children to make music whilst they walk, run or jump as they fit... read more »


02 Nov, 2017
I had been looking for a torch at a good price that didn't require batteries, gave off a good light and wasn't bulky, this is exactly what I needed. Rechargeable via USB, can be used as a torc... read more »

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