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Love testing out new products no matter what they are and enjoy reviewing them and giving my honest opinion.
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Love it !

04 Sep, 2019
I have this at my desk at work and everyone that passes by keeps asking where I got it. The fan has 3 settings and gor the size it moves air very well and the plus side is no wires since its rechargea... read more »

So far so good!

04 Sep, 2019
My son put these around his bed and loves them. After about 3-4 min of light they seem to last long enough for him to go to sleep. Would buy more if needed. read more »


04 Sep, 2019
Nice little set to have laying around the house for small projects. All bits feel well made and the case keeps them all organized. read more »

Handy !

12 Jun, 2019
I use these for everything and sometimes you need to watch which ones you buy since the zip lock on some of them are very cheaply made and dont work right these tho work perfect and the different size... read more »

Very Bright !

12 Jun, 2019
One thing I hate about our garage is the lighting and normal bulbs were not doing the trick so im very thankful that I tried this bulb as its really bright and fills my garage full of light. I love th... read more »

Works Well !

12 Jun, 2019
I have this outdoors on my water fountain and lights that go around it and it works great. I have them set with timers with the app so they turn off every day at night and auto turn on in the morning... read more »

Very Modern & Great Looking Lamp !

05 May, 2019
I got this for a corner in my house that felt naked for awhile so I thought I would give this lamp a try and now im looking to get 2 more for my TV room becasue everyone that comes over comments on th... read more »

Works well !

14 Apr, 2019
I used this in my front fountain in my garden and it does a good job of spraying the water up in the air a good foot. The solar panel will need direct sun or it will not spray. I would say the best ad... read more »

Does the job !

28 Mar, 2019
We love to cook so having one of these is a HUGE help when working with garlic as it saves you time from sitting there cutting trying to get the garlic cut in small peices. The whole thing feels very... read more »

Love Them !

28 Mar, 2019
My wife fell in love with these the 1st night I put them up. Not only do they look great at night with the fiber optics that are through the butterflys but even in the day time they look great. I get... read more »

Very cheap

28 Mar, 2019
Cheaply made with not so great sound quality. The headphones came falling out of a small plastic unmarked bag and the headphones them self feel very cheap. Wouldnt recommand these. read more »

Works great!

15 Mar, 2019
My dogs always hate being brushed no matter how much I try these make it 10 times more easy. I slip these on and brush them outside in the yard which they think I'm just petting them. My older dog... read more »

Eye candy!

15 Mar, 2019
Does the job at keeping the drinks off the table while looking good at the same time. They have a little weight to them which is nice do they are sturdy when placing and taken drinks off them. read more »

Does the job!

15 Mar, 2019
Works well far and charges the batterys in about 2 hours with a 8-10 hour play time before having to recharge it. Our house is full of gamers so having this is a must and we recommend it. read more »

Love the look !

11 Mar, 2019
Wanted to get something for my wife that she can take to work that looks different then a note book and this 100% did the trick. The look and feel makes you not wanna put it down. If it didn't hav... read more »

Very soft !

11 Mar, 2019
So so soft.. Got this for my little girl and she LOVES it. It feels well made a lot better then I thought for the price. Plan on buying more from DORE for my little girls birthday coming up. read more »

Great Taste !

05 Mar, 2019
I drink a lot of tea and I had the pleasure to try some great tasting ones from Taiwan which this is right up there as far as taste goes. The taste is lighter then I thought with a nice flowery after... read more »

Works well

05 Mar, 2019
Got this for my work as it feels like a freezer most if the day. It does the job of keeping me warm for it's such small size and light weight. If you're looking for a strong heater this i... read more »

Smooth !

04 Mar, 2019
I wouldn't think new wheels would make that much of a difference but it really does. My computer chair glides on half carpet and hardware floors and the wheels that came with it started feeling li... read more »

Wife is happy !

04 Mar, 2019
Got this for my wife as she moves her items around a lot in the morning when getting ready and she 100% loves it. It feels well made and so far its doing a great job at keeping her make up not all ove... read more »

Looks great !

04 Mar, 2019
These are very well built as its pure metal so they do have alittle weight to them. The back has a peelable sticky which I placed mine on my mail box and i'm in love with them. They add such a nic... read more »

Easy Install !

04 Mar, 2019
I wanted to try these for the back of my TV so I can add some light when watching movies and not be over powered by leds which these worked great. One thing I was very worried about is the sticky tape... read more »

Sounds & looks great!

04 Mar, 2019
The speaker connected to my phone in seconds and the sound quality was a lot better then I thought for the price. We were using out back on our deck during a party and everyone loved it. The touch con... read more »

Works better then I thought !

04 Mar, 2019
Our kids lose the tooth paste cap all the time so I thought I would give this a try and if worked way better then I thought it would. Once you attach the tooth paste and pump it 2-3 times it places tv... read more »

Very sharp!

03 Mar, 2019
These are very sharp and cut my nails like butter which makes it 10 times more easy to take care of your nails. The sleek black look makes then nice and the tin helps from misplacing them. read more »

6 months and still kicking !

03 Mar, 2019
These add a nice touch to any garden or front of the house the only problem is once you get one set you will be picking up 2 more! Had these in snow, and rain and they are still working great as long... read more »

Worked great for only a week

03 Mar, 2019
Installed these on the side of my house which doesn't get much use. After about 5 days both stopped working very disappointing. read more »

Look great in my yard!

03 Mar, 2019
I installed 3 of these along my fence line and they look like great at night. I had 3 neighbors already asked me where I got them the only small thing I don't like is the plastic tube that goes in... read more »

Life saver!

03 Mar, 2019
I hate replacing my 9v batteries in our fire alarms since 9v cost a arm and a leg any more. This works so well and pays for it self the first charge. I would strongly recommend this to anyone that use... read more »

Love it!

03 Mar, 2019
Was looking for a dolly to move around things in my garage and basement and this works perfect for the fact that it folds up so small. I was worried at first with it being so small but once you unfold... read more »

Great gift!

03 Mar, 2019
Gave this to a friend for their birthday as a gift as hi. And his wife travel a lot. He loves it and said they plan on putting a frame around it. read more »

Strong and feels like it will last !

22 Feb, 2019
I wanted some extra storage in my garage for all the nuts and bolts I had laying around and this did the trick. Each bin feels like nice heavy plastic that will take a beaten if needed and along the s... read more »

Bright !

03 Dec, 2018
I purchased this Solarmks Solar Light for my backyard, which does not have enough exterior lighting. This one mounts easily and the purchase includes the screw & plastic mollies to install. I real... read more »

Small & Bright !

03 Dec, 2018
This solar light provides a nice bright light and illuminates fully when it detects motion. It's quite sensitive to motion, so it works very well. We put this light in a darker area of the yard wh... read more »

Does the job !

30 Sep, 2018
I buy lots of fruits and veggies and wanted to give this a try and see if it would extend their life so I toss less in the trash each week. They are pretty big out of the bag at 15x14 which was nice s... read more »

Super Slick !

30 Sep, 2018
One of the best lubes I ever tried hands down. The lubricant is water based which makes it super slick and when “rubbing” it stays slick unlike others that start to get sticky. Hands down... read more »

Super Slick !

30 Sep, 2018
One of the best lubes I ever tried hands down. The lubricant is water based which makes it super slick and when “rubbing” it stays slick unlike others that start to get sticky. If you trie... read more »

Fast Charge

21 Sep, 2018
I stopped buying normal batteries a long time ago and started buying rechargeable batteries since my kids use them like crazy. The LCD screen makes it easy to check my batteries and charge them when n... read more »

Great desk decor !

10 Sep, 2018
Having this at the office makes everyone stop and ask questions about it. The globe comes well packed and setting up only took about a minute or 2. Getting the globe to float took me a few try’s... read more »

Had great hopes !

10 Sep, 2018
Was hoping to use this on spot jobs when shaving or ingrown hairs which it was working great for but after a week of use (very light use) the blade wasn’t cutting as good as day 1. The trimmer c... read more »

Small but powerful !

10 Sep, 2018
I use this at work at my office and on the 2nd speed (has 3 speeds) it last around 5-6 hours which is nice and only takes about 3 hours to fully charge. The fan itself is very light weight at only 9oz... read more »

Feels well made

04 Sep, 2018
Nice size for money, small documents and letters. The velcro when opening and closing is very strong which makes me feel more good that my items I put in will be truly safe. If you’re looking to... read more »

Looks real !

29 Aug, 2018
I wanted something I can put on my kitchen table so I got a craft bowl and filled it with small rocks then placed these in which they look 100% real. These artificial plants are almost impossable to t... read more »

Fits more then I expected

29 Aug, 2018
Great item for peace of mind for having important items inside. The zipper felt well stitched which opened and closed very well. I have some of my important documents inside for my family which I hope... read more »

Looks Great

29 Aug, 2018
I love the style of these and after buying one I am already buying more for my house. The frame comes well boxed with 4 corner supports incase it gets banged around from shipping and also comes with a... read more »

Worked within seconds !

23 Aug, 2018
This works perfect for my surface book as most today like to leave off the HDMI or VGA ports this is a must if you’re looking to hook up a 2nd monitor or tv. My box came a little beat up but tha... read more »

Must have for pets !

23 Aug, 2018
Came very well packed which would make a great gift to give to anyone with a pet. We have 3 dogs so keeping them hair free is a must along with our self’s and this does the job pretty well. I us... read more »

Still Kicking !

23 Aug, 2018
Had it over a month and its still working great out front in my garden but I did need to clean out the top peice a little has leafs got sucked into it and made the water come out slower. The best part... read more »

Cleans well while leaving my skin feeling nice

20 Aug, 2018
I really wanted a facial cleanser that didn't have a lot of chemicals in it, which tend to leave my face feeling tight and dry. This is definitely the ticket. I have never used a cleanser that act... read more »

Compact !

17 Aug, 2018
Compact and works well what more do you want in a whisk! The silicone is hard which keeps it firm when you’re whisking eggs. On the bottom handle once you turn it then the whisk opens up which m... read more »

Perfect size for friends !

16 Aug, 2018
These are perfect size for testing or giving out to friends and family. The 2ml bottle fits just enough essential oil so I can give out samples without giving out a whole big bottle. Snapping on the p... read more »

Must have for any Apple devices

03 Aug, 2018
My family goes through photos and videos like crazy so having the option to back them up is great. The USB 3.0 on one end and can connect straight into your apple products without the need of having a... read more »

Very Bright

03 Aug, 2018
What a life safer I have these camping lanterns in each car in case of emergency and around the house in case the power ever goes out. The LED’s are super bright and do a great job at adding lig... read more »

Great for night walks !

29 Jul, 2018
Been using this a week now and I love it for walking my dog at night only problem I see is people will stop you asking where you got it. I had to cut mine a good amount since my dog is still young but... read more »

Great set of tools !

29 Jul, 2018
I tend to fix things myself and work on small gadgets and this set is a must on making things alot easier. Last week I installed a car stereo and this made it so easy on taken the panels off without l... read more »

Sounds good

29 Jul, 2018
Easy to pair with my phone and calls came across clear. Ear piece fits in comfortably and feels light weight which made it nice on long calls. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #smailey https://amzn... read more »

Great !

28 Jul, 2018
What a quick easy way to back up my files and photos from my Ipad and Iphones. The USB stick itself feels well made as it has a little weight to it and feels like it will last even if you dropped it a... read more »

Kids Love it !

28 Jul, 2018
Got this for my kids to play with in the pool and back yard at night and im very pleased with it the only thing I regret is I didn't buy more then one. The plastic feels strong and the light it gi... read more »

Time Saver !

23 Jul, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Omars Out of the box the USB feels well-made and has a little weight and has a nice look to it which matches my phone. Once you slide the unit back it pulls out the I... read more »

Love the different nozzles

20 Jul, 2018
Light weight and ready to use right out if the box once you choose which nozzle you want to use. I have this in one of my bird baths in my garden and it works well. The solar panel will need dire... read more »

Love it !

19 Jul, 2018
Needed something for a small project I had out front in my garden where I wanted water to spray up and this worked perfect for the fact that I can put the solar panel where I want so I can get the mos... read more »

Works well

18 Jul, 2018
I have a kids pool I use for my dogs and wanted something extra to keep them busy during the day. The fountain needs direct sunlight so if the solar panel has partly shade the fountain will pump slowl... read more »

Bright !

17 Jul, 2018
I needed some extra light out front of my house near my steps and this works great. I have mine low to the ground so when anyone comes near the steps leading to our front door it turns on (even when l... read more »

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