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I am a mom to 3 kids, a dog and 3 cats, I enjoy doing verified reviews on Amazon but I can also do reviews on Social media like Facebook and instagram as well if requested. I am honest, but do lengthy reviews with pictures and/or video. I love trying new products!
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16 Apr, 2019
really nice earbuds. These stay in my ears great, no more falling out when I run. The sound is beautiful as well. They seem to be well made as I’ve dropped them several times and throw them in m... read more »


16 Apr, 2019
Sure nice earbuds! Sound is rich and full, they stay in my ears nicely, and they held up well to dropping them and leaving them loose in my purse read more »

Great headset

03 Dec, 2018
these are comfortable, easy to use, block out sound and help me concentrate on my game. Quality seems great so far, I’ve had no issues. The sound is loud and clear, it hooked up easily to my XBO... read more »


03 Dec, 2018
 Chokers are coming back into style and my teenage daughter wants to wear them daily! These are perfect and are going to look amazing on her! They come in a big variety pack so there is plenty to... read more »


03 Dec, 2018
This is a beautifully shimmery eyeshadow! The colors are bold and stand out, blend easily and match so well!  Looks amazing on and stayed on all day! No problems at all! #RankBoosterRevie... read more »


03 Dec, 2018
these are easy to put on and look so great! Perfect for cosplay! I wore them to the Renaissance festival and got so many compliments!    #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored .... read more »

Perfect for hiking

24 Nov, 2018
these bowls are perfect for a hike with my dogs! They collapse down and clip to my bag easily, stay on the bag and are easy to set back up to pour some water in for my pup! Regular bowls take up... read more »


24 Nov, 2018
Beautiful pigmented eyeshadow! Color was bold, blended well and stayed on all day! It looked absolutely gorgeous on my eyes!  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  #prevor https://w... read more »

Perfect Sparkle

24 Nov, 2018
Beautiful palette! Just enough sparkle to light your eyes up! Sparkle lasts all day without touch up.    #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #prevor read more »

Spill proof!

24 Nov, 2018
This is a solid waterbottle, not too small, not too big, fits in the cup holder of my car, didn’t break when I dropped it and doesn’t leak in my bag. No issues so far!   ... read more »


24 Nov, 2018
These colors are dark, beautiful, long lasting vibrant colors! They were perfect for my fall wardrobe choices! Went on easy, didn’t look “cakey and were exactly what I needed.  #Ra... read more »

Huge bottle!

24 Nov, 2018
This bottle is HUGE! It’s perfect for a long hike or a camping trip. You won’t run out of water with this thing! It’s lightweight plastic so it helps with the added weight but don&rs... read more »

Michael Myers

05 Oct, 2018
you can never go wrong with Michael Myers and with the new movie coming out this year this costume will be all the rage! Pair this with a simple pair of coveralls and you have a freaky costume with li... read more »


05 Oct, 2018
I can’t wait till Halloween now that I have this mask! I put this bad boy on and scared the crap out of my kids, it’s going to be a huge hit on Halloween! Quality is great, fits well, I ca... read more »

Great weed eater

31 Aug, 2018
if your looking for an easy to use, rechargeable weed eater/trimmer this is exactly what you need. It only takes a couple hours to charge and the battery lasted long enough for me to get what I needed... read more »

Screen door!

31 Aug, 2018
the glass on our screen door busted during a strong storm about a year ago, I knew I didn’t want another glass door because I wanted the air to be able to flow through when it cools off in... read more »

My new favorite palette

20 Aug, 2018
These colors are gorgeous, they pop beautifully on my eyes, blend well, go on easily and it doesn’t take much at all to get the job done! They are beautiful fall colors and it’s just cooli... read more »

So cute!

20 Aug, 2018
Got this wrap for a vacation. I knew it would be colder than I am used to but I wanted something stylish as well as warm. This wrap is beautiful, it’s well made, washed great and held its shape.... read more »


20 Aug, 2018
Got this one to use for a family picnic. It worked perfectly! The insulation is strong and thick, kept all of our food cold and protected, nothing melted or spoiled, the handle is strong, we carried p... read more »

great for oils!

08 Aug, 2018
Got these in the mail to sample a few days ago. These are a larger size than the travel size ones I already had and perfect for those bigger mixtures of oils for around the house. I’ve already g... read more »

Great charger

16 Jul, 2018
Was so happy to find this controller charger it’s so much easier to charge the PS4 controllers on this, simply slide them into place and your done! they charge quickly, and easily. The charger i... read more »


13 May, 2018
What a great speaker! Got this for a birthday gift for my son. It’s a well made, compact little speaker but the sound quality is great, loud and full, battery has a long life too and charges qui... read more »

Perfect for abdominal surgery

13 May, 2018
my daughter had major abdominal surgery and needed something to help hold her still when she got up and moving around. This was perfect for what we needed. Soft and comfortable, easy to get on and off... read more »


01 Feb, 2018
This is absolutely beautiful color of lake blue, the scales and tail are wonderfully detailed, it fits my daughter perfectly. It opens up in the back wide enough to make it easy to slip on and off. It... read more »


25 Nov, 2017
This one is super cool. Lights up, plays music, does tricks, and is rechargeable so your not constantly buying batteries. It's easy enough to use that my 5 year old niece had no issues with using... read more »

Extreme slim!

17 Nov, 2017
This is amazing in a bottle. Boosts energy, feel amazing, down 3lbs already!! Love it! read more »

Oh my

05 Nov, 2017
This is one powerful little toy. Big time vibrations in a small package. I love that it's rechargeable, compact, easy to travel with and works oh so good. This stimulates all the right places at A... read more »

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