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Mom of three living in the great southern state of Kentucky. I enjoy all the nature that surrounds my family and the opportunities it affords me. An adventurer at heart and shopaholic by the soul. I do most of my reviews on Amazon and Instagram.
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perfect for college

18 Dec, 2019
I love the laptop sleeve and how it seperates everything while offering padding. It has a sophiticated design to me simple and classy. It as held up well. I like the texture on the outside it is... read more »

perfect !!

18 Dec, 2019
this came packaged well includes rechargable batteries and all. All the setting work great. this flash light is very bright but not so heavy that it is uncomfortable to hold. i would recommend 10/10 .... read more »

you need it

20 Nov, 2019
I had a basic kitchen sink noting fancy and wanted to spice up dishwashing a bit and boy did it ever. It was easy to put on, with no leaks or anything. The power wash setting makes cleaning so much ea... read more »

works well

18 Oct, 2019
this is just what my 12-year-old son wanted for Halloween. He did say he wished it was a tad bit brighter but he loves that it has two speeds on the blinking mode. Overall recommend this mask. Shippin... read more »


30 Sep, 2019
Buy buy buy! I'm an outdoorsy lady so this set of stickers appealed to me a lot. There were only a few that were not my cup of tea. I have them on several different items and so far all seem to be... read more »

In and out

30 Sep, 2019
My aux cord port in my car does not work so i was super excited to get this because I'm tired of burning cds. However, when I havr tried to used it it shuts off after about 3o secands. I habe not... read more »

Soft toes

04 Sep, 2019
I love peeling off the dead skin and feeling my soft feet now easy to use too yay! read more »


07 Apr, 2019
I am in love with the design and quality of this scratch-off map. I put mine in a poster case and take it out if I travel to new places to keep it from accidently getting scratched by my thr... read more »

not impressed

07 Apr, 2019
I would say this headphone set is dollar tree material at best. I was not impressed with the packaging or quality. I would never pay $109 for these. They need a much better packaging replacement&... read more »

suitable for a puppy or smaller dog

07 Apr, 2019
I use this for my Tig who just so happens to be a chubby adult guinea pig. I would recommend this for smaller animals such as cats, small dogs, and of course the best of the pet world rodent... read more »

Perfect for my room

09 Mar, 2019
I didn't know just how bad I needed this until I bought it. We are electronic junkies in my house so we generally have way too may thing needing to charge or be plugged in. I had long power strips... read more »

Wish it fit my body

04 Mar, 2019
While this suit did not work for me because of my long torso it is still a great one piece suit! It is absolutely beautiful and well made fully lined and everything. I would order one size up. I... read more »


28 Nov, 2018
great for small spaces and even crafting. good strong metal in a simple bag nothing special does the job with ease. would recommend    read more »

great for a night out

28 Nov, 2018
the size is perfect for a small wallet and phone. The strap dresses down the back so i wished that was a little different but otherwise I love it and will be wearing it on new years so i don'... read more »


31 Jul, 2018
these were a tad smaller than i anticipated but still worth it. i cut my daughters hair with no problem. they are sharp and made well   read more »

seems to fit as expected

21 Jul, 2018
i love the color of this and that it is not a normal pull over bralet bit has clasps like a normal bra it is flattering and i have a larger chest plan on wearing on my wedding night :)  read more »

so nifty

18 Jul, 2018
i put thi in my kids small pool and it is keep the water moving stoing it from turning green as fast and the kids love the fountain in the pool  read more »

does the job

18 Jul, 2018
works great for me love that i can hook up multipule devices  read more »

what a surprise

15 Jul, 2018
these came so well packaged! I did not even know these were earbuds at first when I unboxed them. they feel very sturdy and well made and fit well in my ear. and there are several extra bud replacment... read more »

exceeds exspectations

11 Jul, 2018
i purchased theese for my 2007 gmc acadia and they fit just fine while it is not a exact fit they certainly get the job done . they have not slide around on me or anything and i love having them... read more »

so cute

11 Jul, 2018
i love the lava rocks and tiger eye on this bracelet and i am loving using my oils with it. it is very earthy looking which i also love because im all about nature. this fit me well and have not... read more »


05 Jul, 2018
i plan on using these for my wedding in oct and these are perfect super bright. can wait to get them hung up putside and see how amazing they look read more »

very beautiful!

05 Jul, 2018
it fits my wrist im not sure smaller wrists would fit. the quality is amazing as is the shine i am in love with it and it is an easy clasp too. read more »

very small

22 May, 2018
Way to small, i ordered a size xl it fit my medium sized friend. the cup size is no bigger than a b it looked well made but i was unable to really test it in the water disappointed but i loved the pri... read more »

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