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Mum to 4 children run a small crafting business with my eldest daughter, we also have 2 cats and tropical fish. I enjoy trying new items and get the reviews done as quickly as possible.
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Great product

29 Sep, 2020
Super extension cable set up, plugs don't push on each other when using multiple plugs close together like many of the other ones I had used before.  Looks stylish and has a neat rotating... read more »

Cute bags

29 Sep, 2020
Nice assortment of bags, ideal for multiple size gifts and  saves the wrapping time.  Would be better if the ribbon was threaded into the top of the bag as they ff o slip a bit once toed... read more »

Such a game changer

16 Sep, 2020
So I have been after a pair of these for a while but was worried it maybe a gimmick gadget, well I kid you not these are a game changer! Arrived promptly in a nice graphic box, full instructions in... read more »


08 Sep, 2020
Took a while to arrive, but was lovely when we finally got them, came in a little package which is ideal for storage.  Fit both my kids fingers even at diffrent ages and appear to make a big diff... read more »


08 Aug, 2020
Arrived quickly, looks ok, not the most robust of items, got it out of the box and it dosnt work. thought it must be flat, charged it up and it still doent work. would NOT recommend. read more »


22 Jul, 2020
so the pump arrived in a decorative box with lots of informationin 5 languages and all the compliants clear to see. I was sceptical on the power of this little device but im really amazed how good it... read more »

compact storage.

22 Jul, 2020
I choose the frog design and it arrived quickly, in minimal packaging. Nice quality and stitched well, however its quite small and we havent been able to fit all the bathtoys we had floating arou... read more »

very nice

22 Jul, 2020
These arrived to me very quickly. The came in a colourful box to keep them until ready to use, it would be cice if it was an upright contaner as once open you have to store them upright so the box is... read more »

beautifully made

22 Jul, 2020
These were quick to arrive and cam ein a nice zip plastic of good quality.  Three molds made of good quality silicon. I havent used them yet as i am still setting up for resin but looking forward... read more »

nice little storage box

22 Jul, 2020
These arrived quickly , in basic packaging. Good quality boxes ideal for small stotage like glitter ect. The lids are strong and they clip tight. I havent filled them yet but looking forward to org... read more »

Not that good

12 May, 2020
So it arrived and I was excited to try it out for getting shapes for tracing. I'm sad that it was cheap looking, clunky and hard to use. The measuring is not so bad with a flat straight corner but... read more »

Great value

25 Mar, 2020
Fantastic ios, really nice size and quality. The screw shut feature is really great and keeps your keys from falling out.  Would recommend  read more »

love it

19 Jan, 2020
Ordered and came within a day, nice colourful box, lovely well written instructions and easy to find english with good diagrams. Plugged it in using the usb lead to an outlet (need a usb plug, but com... read more »

Not what i thought

18 Jan, 2020
The item took a long time to arrive as it comes from china direct. It came in faily decent packaging which was a brown box with some writing on. The product is small approx 6 inches in height, feels c... read more »


06 Jan, 2020
Stunning colours and loads of choice really beautiful and all natural products, come neatly in a box which is nice to keep them in for tidyness. Really please with these.  read more »

Good little tablet

18 Dec, 2019
Sorry for late reply it was for a gift, very nice tablet for drawing and writing very clear and responsive, nice size to put in the bag or for child to use in the car.  Would recommend.  read more »

fab little camera

02 Dec, 2019
late review as it was a gift i didnt want to open before giving. Great little camera at a fab price, nice clear picture, easy to use, lightweight and made well.   would recommend read more »

Not quite what I thought

17 Nov, 2019
So they look fab and are really cool with the different light sequences, but to wash them... Forget it there is no way to do so without damaging the leds ect. Great as a novelty but not practical.&nbs... read more »

Fantastic product

27 Oct, 2019
I really like this product, it comes in it own carboard box with colourful grafics, inside is you pen with a charger and information/instruction sheet. Easy to use just turn on from the top of the pen... read more »

fun gloves

27 Oct, 2019
Thes are a nice item come in a plastic resealable bag, well made although it was hard to get fingers into them as the opening inside was narrow and it took my child a lot of trying to get them on. The... read more »

such great fun

09 Oct, 2019
My child was really excited for this to arrive, it came in a lovely colourful box and was well packaged. Easy to put together with clear instructions and a screwdriver for the battery cover. it cam... read more »

really nice product

17 Sep, 2019
This fantastic water drinking fountain is really lovely, it comes well packaged and easy to put together. There is a filter included to get you started, you just fill up with water and pop the fab top... read more »


06 Sep, 2019
Nice boys pajamas in great dinosur print, vibrant colours, lovely soft fabrics and a really good fit to age size.  My son loves them and im sure they will be great for the winter months. &n... read more »

Fantastic product

06 Sep, 2019
Item arrived quickly with minamal packaging, my kids were instantly ecited to play. The parts are made from a good quality plastic in nice bright colours and appear robust for play. There is lots of c... read more »

Wow its so bright

28 Aug, 2019
This arrived in colourful and detailed packaging and my son was so excited. inside it was securly packed in polystyrene and had a recharge battery pack, little screwdriver, the remote control, charger... read more »

Handy to have

28 Aug, 2019
This is a nicely made foldable stainless straw it fits down into its own barrel shaped holder and is complete with a nice cleaning bush which is also foldable and slots inside the straw for storage.... read more »

Nice ring light

23 Aug, 2019
It came in a brown box with minimal artwork, inside was bubble wrap bag with the ring light. It screwed on well and appears a good fit to the tripod base i purchased alongside. The light is fairl... read more »

Quite amazed at this

23 Aug, 2019
I bought this to put the ring light on top as a previous one had broken. It came in a decorated box with pictures of the item. Inside was the tripod in a clear plastic bag with its own carry bag which... read more »

handy little torch

07 Aug, 2019
Item arrived in branded packaging, contained 2 torches with batteries with option to use a litium battery (not included) easy to use and set up slot the batteries in and push the button on the base. r... read more »


05 Aug, 2019
Fab product, i had some doubts this would give off much scent but glad i gave it a try. quick and easy to use, looks stunning on the table as a centrepeice and the scent is filling my home. Night time... read more »

Gorgeous shiny shiny

31 Jul, 2019
Fab nail polish in an amazing colour, took a while to get it but it was worth the wait. Lovely coverage and looks amazing in the summer sun. Would recommend this product.  read more »

Lovely product

31 Jul, 2019
Arrived in good time and in a nice carry bag to store when not needed. Good quality fabric and it feels nice, fits windows well and keeps sun and insects out. Would recommend.  read more »

Didn't arrive to me

31 Jul, 2019
Was looking forward to this but I hadn't arrived, this is why I haven't reviewed it. A delivery man came to my door with it and didnt leave me a card and he never came back this was over two w... read more »

Great small toy

22 Jun, 2019
Nice product comes in a colourful box. Product in nice size ideal for play in small areas like a car as it also has a tray to keep all the small parts. The mosaic board lid clips nicely to the to... read more »

Just amazing

22 Jun, 2019
Delivery super fast comes in nice clear written packaging. Product is wrapped well and has good clear instructions so you can get your new shower head fitted and working quickly. Shower head feels... read more »

Fantastic product

22 Jun, 2019
Lovely swim float aid, comes nicely packaged with a good strong bright coloured bag to hold your float board or can be used to put your swimming items when wet. Bag made from strong quality polyester... read more »

Great Product

22 Jun, 2019
Delivery super fast, came nicely packaged. nice bright colours. Good quality for the price and they stay clipped together well. can be used in 1,2 or 3 together combinations to help your child to lear... read more »

Amazing little lights

16 Jun, 2019
Really lovely lights, nice and bright. Comes in a lovely box with screwdriver to change your batteries. Super fast shipping, would highly recomend.  read more »

good idea

08 Jun, 2019
its a simple headband with headphones in the sides , designed to fit over the head to give more comfort especially when resting. I like the idea although the downpoint to this is the controls go at th... read more »

nice portable size

08 Jun, 2019
The package arrived in good time in a sturdy box with minimul inner packaging, The instructions were a little bit difficult to grasp as they didnt explain where all the connector bits go, but i worked... read more »

Really well made product

02 Jun, 2019
I bought this as I needed a holder in the car I wasn't hoping for much but I am pleasently surprised. The quality is good and the holder is strong and feels nice. It holds phone secure and has qui... read more »

fishing line

09 May, 2019
Nice roll of line in a very vibrant colour, not had the option to use as yet but im sure it will be just great. Arrived in good time. read more »

funky set of clips

09 May, 2019
Arrived prompty and in minimal packaging, clips are small so only good for smaller jobs. there were only 5 rings but plenty of clips in three colours. would recommend for the price. read more »

nice bag

09 May, 2019
Recived today, its a fair size, made with waterproof fabric and so easy to clean. It fairly well made and good value for money. If i was to change one thing it would be to add a handle as the strings... read more »

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