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Works great!!

03 Jul, 2020
I use this to blow up a swimming pool and it was so awesome not having to get up an extension cord and plug it in and drag it through the house out the back. this is amazing to have on hand and I defi... read more »

Works great

02 Jul, 2020
Having this tool has helped solve a few problems on my car as well as friends cars. It's a great help diagnostically and to handle those annoying check engine light problems.  read more »

Good quality

02 Jul, 2020
I love these clips. They work wonderful for the front of my daughter's hair which usually falls in her face. But these clips prevent the hair from going in her eyes while she's trying to write... read more »

Lights Everytime

29 Jun, 2020
This is a very sturdy lighter. Definitely like letting it handy for outdoor fire pits and smokers. Honestly it's just cool.. everyone always asks to see it because it's just neat and no one us... read more »

Best and brightest light

29 Jun, 2020
This is one of those things you think "how did I not have this all along" and I realize horrible the lighting was before. I love the crisp white light. I have since bought a few. It is defin... read more »

Love This!!!

29 Jun, 2020
I had waited far too long to buy this.. it is amazing. I have a lot of back pain and muscle pain and this just feels great. It is definitely worth the purchase and can save your partner from some sore... read more »

Very handy and good quality

02 Mar, 2020
I check my tires regularly and this guage works very well. I also love the light because it definitely helps make it easier to check the pressure. my husband liked it so much he took over mine and I h... read more »

Must have!! Best and brightest light

02 Mar, 2020
This garage light is amazing. When it came in I took out my regular bulb and replaced it with the Tribright LED light and it was just as simple as a regular bulb.. took 5 seconds. When I flipped the s... read more »

See cute and fun

04 Sep, 2019
These letters are a hit! The little pictures on the letters are great and the magnetic pieces make them perfect for the refrigerator. My little one has not stopped playing with them since the came. Th... read more »

Works perfectly and compact

04 Sep, 2019
I was surprised how small this towel looked in the little carrying case but definitely pleased when I opened it and realized its large size. Works perfectly to cool down on the hot and and humid conti... read more »

Soft and great quay

04 Sep, 2019
These bibs are very soft and stylish.the quality is very good. I live the sayings on them and the colors. The stitching is high quality and they would be wonderful as a gift. The price is amazing. I h... read more »

Love this pillow!

31 May, 2019
I really lile this pillow. It is hard to explain but it it is so soft yet firm. Like I lay down and have support but not like laying on a brick. More like the perfect amount of resistance yet squishy,... read more »

Very good quality!

07 May, 2019
I am extremely satisfied with these masks. I definitely notice a difference as fae as not wearing one and I was having trouble breathing after work. My nose would be very stuffy/clogged and I constant... read more »

I love this battery tester! must buy!

01 May, 2019
Ok, I am guilty of taking all batteries and throwing them.into a drawer. I don't know if they are old, used, full or half full so I hate tossing them in the garbage because they are so expensive.... read more »

Great quality! Built strong.

01 May, 2019
I was very surprised at the feel and durabilty of this! It is far better than others I have purchased for more money. It has solid construction and features all the selections you need for any job. It... read more »

Cant rate never received

23 Apr, 2019
My order was canceled after I was told it was not in stock. Then I saw it in stock and ordered again and was told again even though it was listed in stock that they did not have it.  read more »

Good light to have

19 Apr, 2019
These lights are fairly bright. I think it also depends on the quality battery you use. I had used some cheaper batteries in one and better batteries in the other and definitely noticed a differe... read more »

Perfect for keeping track of things

12 Apr, 2019
I like this because I normally use a regular calendar but as things change and I need to add stuff or cross it out I usually run out of room.. Leaving me wrinting onto the wrong days. This is so much... read more »

So much fun!

30 Mar, 2019
My 12 year old put this together with out adult help (so it is pretty easy.  He picked a tree and up it went. All the devices and video games do not compare to the fun the kids.had on this swing.... read more »

Love the cordless! Great clippers

28 Mar, 2019
So I had a set of clippers BUT they were corded and my husband complained they would (evey hair cut) burn him. I hated the cord because even with an extension it would get tangled and made it suc... read more »

Very bright!

28 Mar, 2019
These are much, much brighter than the original lights in the RV. The LEDs give off a nice bright light. The way I can describe the light is very bright not in an unnatural way that makes yo... read more »

Works perfectly! So much better than removable batteries.

28 Mar, 2019
Having used disposable and rechargable batteries I can definitely say this is by far the beat option. After playing you simply set the remote into the cradle. No wires to plug in, to batteries to take... read more »

Very pretty and solid package

27 Mar, 2019
I loved trying these new colors and the caae is very sturdy. The make up going on nicely and can used daily or for special occasion.  read more »

Perfect for every day or fancy holiday meals

27 Mar, 2019
These are a nice weight and a great size for serving at dinner. They clean easily and look great.  read more »

Thick canvas! Cute print! Nice snap closure

27 Mar, 2019
I love that these bags have a little pocket inside! It lso has a snap closure that is magnetic as well! Attention to little details like that is what lets you know this os a quality bag. I used it for... read more »

Great quality!

27 Mar, 2019
I really like this backpack. The material is thick and feels very durable. The wires from the headphone and charger jack a well put and are a good thickness. I like the pack opening all the way in hal... read more »

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