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Very Optimistic!

25 Sep, 2020
After reading all the great reviews on this, I decided to give it a try. While it will be a bit before I can confirm this is helping my hair, skin and nails I will review on the product itself. The ta... read more »

Good For Feng Shui

22 Sep, 2020
These are cute for Halloween or St Patrick’s Day, but my intended use is for Feng Shui. I will be painting the cauldrons maybe as gold, not sure yet…but my intention is the pot at the end... read more »

Absolutely LOVE These!

21 Sep, 2020
This is an inexpensive way to add some fun to the room. It’s very easy to use and with the included adapters, you have a few options to use this. I was really surprised by the amount of lights t... read more »

This Is Great For Energy & Mood

18 Sep, 2020
I found a great deal on these which is perfect timing to try it out. The ingredients are all proven to work in studies so that was a big incentive for me to try this. I like the taste but that’s... read more »

What a Great Feeling Oil

18 Sep, 2020
This is my first time trying moringa seed oil. I’ve read several reviews on the benefits this oil has for your skin so I knew I had to try it. I’m a fan of Ecla products already as I curre... read more »

Nice Set of Puzzles

15 Sep, 2020
These are a nice set of puzzles at a great price. They are challenging and are fun to fiddle with when you need to just get away by yourself for a bit. Which just now gave me the idea that these would... read more »

These Are GREAT!

13 Sep, 2020
Every year – I get my kids a Christmas ornament as a stocking stuffer. That is the main reason why I got these nutcracker ornaments. But, after seeing how freakin cute these are, I’m not s... read more »

Saves Sleep!

12 Sep, 2020
It’s definitely true what everyone says about blue light disrupting your sleep. After I figured out the blue light was the culprit causing me to take forever to fall asleep I bought some blue li... read more »

These Are Too Cool!

10 Sep, 2020
These are too cool. They write very well and the colors are so pretty. They are very easy to use, just shake then press the tip down for a second or two – you can watch the ink seep to the tip,... read more »

This Stuff Is Awesome!

07 Sep, 2020
This stuff is awesome! I can’t wait to try it in homemade snow globe ornaments. What really sets this apart from other brands is that it comes with silver and blue flash powder for that extra sp... read more »


03 Sep, 2020
This is even cuter than I imagined it to be. Watching the backflow can only be described as mesmerizing, it almost looks like a creamy coffee cream floating down. The pictures don’t do this just... read more »

Very Cute!

02 Sep, 2020
These are very cute and you get 50 of them for a great price. The ring part is plastic and the tops are a silicone material. The designs are very cute and the lights are good, but make sure you aren&r... read more »

Very Helpful!

01 Sep, 2020
Since we are in the age of having to use masks and I really don’t forsee that changing for awhile, these are a must. I’ve tried so many masks and none fit me right. These little toggles ar... read more »

Love These!

29 Aug, 2020
I am totally stoked I found this set. I can’t wait to use these for place setters come Thanksgiving. They are absolutely fun and cute and fit both cans and bottles. Most are definitely Thanksgiv... read more »

Bright and Colorful

28 Aug, 2020
These spring toys are good for the little ones and would be great for goody bag fillers. Where I said these are good for the little ones, I mean just that. Don’t expect these to be like the slin... read more »

Good Bag Fillers

26 Aug, 2020
I decided to try something new this year for Halloween – giving out toys to the trick or treators. Seen these balls and knew I wanted them. Who doesn’t love a bright, glow in the dark boun... read more »

These are Great!!!

23 Aug, 2020
It’s no secret that I’m a fidgeter and absolutely love the fidget toys out there. I’ve seen these noodles and wasn’t real sure how soothing they would be but decided to give it... read more »

Enough for the Whole Family!

23 Aug, 2020
My Granddaughter loves these pool toys. Lots of fun and excitement to be had with these. They sink at a good rate and the colors are vibrant and easy to see underwater. I like the variety of sizes so... read more »

Wonderful Quality

18 Aug, 2020
This is a great stress relieving activity to pass the time. The designs are beautiful and really help to make your creations stand out. The paper is just right for easy folding. The colors are pretty... read more »

Cute For The Holidays

17 Aug, 2020
For those of you that travel at Christmas and miss having a Christmas tree, this is for you. It’s lightweight and very easy to pack and takes up almost no room in your luggage. It blows up very... read more »

Easy Breezy

16 Aug, 2020
This mini desk fan is actually bigger than I thought. You get plenty of breeze from the 3 different settings. You have the option to use 1 or both fans. Not sure why you would only use the one –... read more »

Wonderful Massage Roller!

15 Aug, 2020
This handy massage roller replaces a regular bouncy ball that I use for trigger point therapy. Why? First off, the option for hot and cold is very welcoming. Second? I usually use a regular ball up ag... read more »

Easy Peasy

14 Aug, 2020
So many options and styles! These are so easy to use, just peel off – put on your nail – top it off with a clear coat and you have a very nice look. The colors are very pretty and they rea... read more »

These are Wonderful!

13 Aug, 2020
These are very pretty, soft and refreshing. I’ve tried making these on my own, but couldn’t. With these and the cost, it’s much worth buying these. I love making wreaths and these wi... read more »

Many Uses

12 Aug, 2020
If you’re a diamond painting fan, then this storage container is for you. I have these diamonds all over the place in little bags. What a pain! I seen this and knew I had to have it. These make... read more »

Very Pretty

10 Aug, 2020
Oh my gosh, I love these bags. They are made of a sturdy canvas/burlap material. Best part is you get 12 of these in 3 different sizes for each design and the designs are so cute. Since they come with... read more »

These are Awesome!

09 Aug, 2020
Love Love Love these stencils! I’m a chalkboard / sign fanatic and love changing it up for different seasons, occasions and just for fun daily inspiration. I wish I could draw, but wasn’t... read more »

Great Value

08 Aug, 2020
These are great for decorating your flower pots. They are made of foam so are very lightweight. They are a rich deep healthy green color and from afar, these look pretty realistic. You get 24 of these... read more »

Great Fillers

07 Aug, 2020
Good set of acrylic ice rocks. I use these in crafts and around the house for fillers. This set comes in varying shades of a nice pretty soft blue and are roughly an inch big – give or take. The... read more »

Love These!

06 Aug, 2020
If you like using duckbill clips then you will love these. A nice change of color from the standard silver ones. These hold my hair well and are easy to use. They slide in and out of my hair easily wi... read more »

Great Value

04 Aug, 2020
Very well made cute barbie/fashion doll outfits. You can never have too many doll outfits and at this price you get 5 sets. They fit my Granddaughter’s barbies well and aren’t too difficul... read more »

Lots of Fun and Colorful

01 Aug, 2020
My Granddaughter absolutely loves these led gloves. They are loads of fun. What makes these stand out from others is not only the good quality but the options. You got your choice of steady light, twi... read more »

Worth More Than 5 Stars!

31 Jul, 2020
FUTUREPLUSX Swedish Bunny Gnome Plush, Handmade Scandinavian This is my 2nd gnome from Futureplusx. They are very well made and adorable. If I had my way, I would be buying every single one of thes... read more »

Wonderful and Portable

25 Jul, 2020
I love this 4 in 1 Shaver and everything about it. It’s very pretty on top of being very functional. Changing the different attachments is super easy. Most of the shavers I looked for didn&rsquo... read more »

Great Set

20 Jul, 2020
What a GREAT set of timers! Well made and colorful. Description says these are made of glass but they feel like plastic to me, but I’m not an expert on the different types of glass so I could ve... read more »

These are Wonderful!

18 Jul, 2020
What a great invention. My husband has to wear his mask for 12 hr shifts, so you can imagine his ears get sore. I rigged him up an extension with a paper clip, it worked somewhat but he said it was a... read more »

Very Pretty

16 Jul, 2020
Quality headbands at a quality price. I love these. They are nice and stretchy and fit great. The colors are so pretty. It seems every time I wear these, I get the comment “I like your headband,... read more »

Well Made!

15 Jul, 2020
I love wreaths all over the house at any time of the year. This one is perfect for my wreath of seasons. I decided to get one that is easily changed over to whatever season or holiday I want it to be.... read more »

Granddaughter Approved

12 Jul, 2020
This is a recipe for fun with play dough, sand, clay, kinetic sand…There are so many options and they are all well made and work great! My Granddaughter and I love this! Some of the pieces work... read more »

Leaves your Skin Hydrated and Happy

10 Jul, 2020
This cream is lightweight but packs a powerful punch of natural moisturizing ingredients that when combined, really do their job well. I don’t know if it’s subliminal or if it actually wor... read more »

Great Beauty Tool

09 Jul, 2020
I was super excited to get this. I use a jade gua sha now and love it. This one though not a gemstone gives you the benefit of sonic vibration micro-current and heat. This larger gua sha fits the cont... read more »

Beautiful Colors!

08 Jul, 2020
I love candles and these are so pretty. The range of colors is great and they are so pretty and colorful. The lacy appearance really adds to the whole effect and adds interest when the candles are off... read more »


07 Jul, 2020
I knew these candles would be pretty but they are even prettier than I expected. A lot of thought was put into these from the glass holders to the real wax. The remote is very handy and being able to... read more »

So Many Uses

03 Jul, 2020
Nice set of plastic spray bottles for on the go. I make my own essential oil sprays and I’m always running out of bottles. You get 4 with this set along with the spray nozzles, a funnel, a pipet... read more »

Love Me Some Smiley Faces!

03 Jul, 2020
Our office needed an uplift and these were perfect. Who doesn’t love a smiley face and combined with being a stress ball – these were a huge hit. Don’t expect a “squishy”... read more »

Perfect Crafting Bells

26 Jun, 2020
There are perfect for crafts. Pretty vibrant colors with a gentle somewhat muted jingle sound. These will be great for wreaths and collars for your pets and my first project will be a string of the... read more »

They Make The Best Outfits!

20 Jun, 2020
Absolutely adorable! Makes me kinda wish I had one for myself, lol. My Granddaughter loves mermaids so when I seen these, I know I had to get them for her. These are well made and very colorful. I rea... read more »

4 Stars Due to Packaging

12 Jun, 2020
I’m always running around trying to see what I can remove a battery from for the Grandkid’s toys. Now, I have plenty. Seems like the CR2025 is a popular voltage for a variety of items. I a... read more »

These are Awesome!

08 Jun, 2020
This magic scratch paper set is awesome! My Granddaughter and her friends have so much fun with these. It is great for rainy day fun when the kids are stuck inside. With the 6 included wooden stylus t... read more »

Feels So Good!

06 Jun, 2020
I finally bit the bullet and decided to try out this decompression back belt. I’ve been eyeing it for awhile now. I suffer from a lot of lower back pain and the thought of compression is so temp... read more »

Easy Exercise

06 Jun, 2020
To be honest, I bought this because I’m intrigued with spinners because they are so soothing. I’m already somewhat familiar with the spinner gyro effect that is both soothing and beneficia... read more »

Work Great

05 Jun, 2020
Got these for my husband who works odd shifts to help block out the dog barking and other noises. He likes them. He says they are comfortable and they really do help to block out the noises that wo... read more »

10 Stars!

25 May, 2020
I live in leggings and I love these! Very high quality stretchy material that holds you in with nice compression. I love the higher waistband but if that is not for you, you can easily fold it over bu... read more »

Spreading the Rainbow

20 May, 2020
I love rainbows. They make me happy. These rainbow stick flags make me happy. Who doesn’t love seeing a rainbow? Now, I can have a little bit of rainbow where ever I choose with these flags. The... read more »

Clean Fun!

18 May, 2020
This is way more fun than I originally thought it would be. We love to play games when we get together and this one brought a lot of fun and laughs. So many “real life” type of questions f... read more »

Menopause Relief!!!

27 Apr, 2020
I’m super loving this portable hanging neck fan. It has 3 speeds and is pretty quiet. I’ve seen a few others but opted for this one for these fun extras – the led lights and the buil... read more »

Very Bright and Festive

24 Apr, 2020
Cinco de Mayo here I come! I might not be able to have a party during this social distancing but my table can still be festive. I LOVE this table runner. It’s made from a sturdy cotton and the e... read more »

Very Comfortable

17 Apr, 2020
This belt is soooo comfortable. It’s easily adjustable so you can make it fit for those bloated days. The buckle or should I say no buckle is easy to clasp and unclasp. It’s a slim buckle... read more »

I Absolutely Love My Gnome Plush

05 Apr, 2020
I’m a sucker for gnomes but didn’t have any - other than a couple in the garden. This is my first and now I’m hooked. I got the Easter one and it’s adorable. He is well made an... read more »

Freakin Awesome!

03 Apr, 2020
My son got one of these for Christmas and he kept telling us all how wonderful it was and that we need to get one. I finally decided to bite the bullet and get one and I’m glad I did. This thing... read more »

These Are Wonderful!

01 Apr, 2020
A great set of baking cups at a great price. So much easier than scrubbing clean your metal pans, and so much cheaper than using the paper cups. Please note: these work best if you put these cups in a... read more »

Grillmaster Approved!

01 Apr, 2020
My husband’s current thermometer has seen it’s better days, but he has been very picky with finding a replacement. After looking at a lot of them in stores, I showed him this one and he wa... read more »

Cute as Heck!

01 Apr, 2020
This is seriously cute as heck and my Granddaughter is going to flip when she sees it! I was able to get this with a coupon so it was very affordable. I can’t wait for her to see it. Everyone ha... read more »

Handy Dandy

19 Mar, 2020
This is so far the best item I’ve come across for removing those pesky little fuzz balls. Previously, my option was to use tape, a fabric shaver or a lint roller. This little gadget is way easie... read more »

These Are Wonderful!

12 Mar, 2020
Great affordable set! My Granddaughter loves to play school and this is perfect. I have a bunch of mini chalk boards she uses for her students and everyone gets their own eraser. These are nice and st... read more »

Granddaughter Approved!

18 Feb, 2020
My Granddaughter was soooo happy to get these. She loves them and give the whole package a thumbs up! I think the clothes are well made with good quality material. The set included the long blue go... read more »

Great Aloe Vera Gel!

14 Feb, 2020
I love aloe vera gel and this brand is no exception. It’s more watery than gel and my skin loves it and drinks it right up with no sticky feeling whatsoever. There isn’t any fragrance whic... read more »

These are Fun

07 Feb, 2020
These stickers come in a great variety of 30 pieces and I had only one repeat. I put these on my thermos several days ago and they look good and have no signs of any peeling. These aren’t super... read more »

Highly Recommend!

06 Feb, 2020
I love these exfoliating gloves! They are so easy to use, much easier than a loofah or washcloth. They also require a lot less soap than your typical loofah. Absolutely wonderful for exfoliating. I&rs... read more »

Great Caddy!

27 Jan, 2020
This is my second bedside storage caddy. The first one was made of felt and is rather big. I much prefer this one. Even though it’s not as big, it has plenty of room for what you need. It holds... read more »

Great Buy

21 Jan, 2020
This is a great buy at this price and storage capacity. I installed this in my kindle and it works perfectly. Absolutely no issues or lag time. I definitely recommend this! read more »

This is Worth 10 Stars!

09 Jan, 2020
I’ve been on the fence about getting one of these rollers. I love rose quartz and I’ve been researching the vibrating rollers and after reading a lot of reviews I decided to go for it. I&r... read more »

Awesome Frames!

07 Jan, 2020
These are nice quality frames. Simple yet classy. Changing the photos is as easy as slipping in a new one. These aren’t the lightweight ones that knock over at the slightest breeze, these frames... read more »

Absolutely Beautiful!

19 Dec, 2019
This suncatcher is absolutely beautiful. Each crystal ball is great quality crystal, not a cheap plastic knockoff. Just hanging - it is a nice crystal prism display. When the sun hits it - beautiful r... read more »

Good Organization & Protection

16 Dec, 2019
This is a great sturdy case. The hard exterior and the sturdy internal flaps keep your cartridges organized and safe. The zipper is good quality and should last. I’m happy with this! read more »

Very Cute!

15 Dec, 2019
This is actually quite cute. It’s better quality than I expected. Some reviews say the head opening is somewhat small but it fit me and I think I’m pretty average. The kids love it.  ... read more »

Yes Yes Yes!

13 Dec, 2019
For those of you who love to have your hair played with and your head massaged, you really need to get these. They are absolutely wonderful! You can easily massage yourself or get someone to do it for... read more »

Very Hopeful

13 Dec, 2019
I bought this on a whim as it was pretty inexpensive so I thought what the heck. As you get older your hair starts thinning, at least mine has. You can massage a few drops directly onto your scalp or... read more »

This is Worth 10 Stars!

12 Dec, 2019
I'm a nut for outdoor projectors and when I seen this one as a dual, I had to have it. I'm not disappointed at all. Not only do you get the usual pictures but you get the 2nd lamp that gives y... read more »

Fun and Festive

08 Dec, 2019
This necklace is lots of fun and a great conversation piece. Just putting this on should put a grin on even the grinchiest of grinches. Walk into a room with this on and you will get noticed! This com... read more »

Very Nice Accessory

07 Dec, 2019
You can use this belt with any outfit from jeans to dresses. It’s quietly elegant and very pretty. The gold buckle compliments your outfit without overpowering your look. I bought the medium and... read more »

Not Just For Paper

30 Nov, 2019
I bought these to use as hangers for my macramé plant hangers. They worked perfectly. They open and close securely. Of course you can use these for the intended use for books, but there are... read more »

Many Uses

30 Nov, 2019
I have so many loose recipes that I’ve printed out over the years, so I decided to bind them into individual recipe books. These were very affordable and worked great for what I needed them for.... read more »

Better Than 5 Stars!

28 Nov, 2019
Anywhere you can use motivation, these cards will do it. Each inspiration is simple but powerful. You get 20 different ones and each one is so meaningful. These are small enough that you can fit them... read more »

USB Chargeable Save The Planet!

23 Nov, 2019
This is a nice powerful shaver. Very much like another name brand that I won't name but better due to the fact that you can charge it via USB and it costs less. Win win!  I am happy that I... read more »

Very Cute

23 Nov, 2019
I must confess, I have never used a butter dish before. I'm so glad I've tried this. It makes it so much easier than unwrapping and wrapping your individual sticks. This is plenty big enough t... read more »

Get to Crafting

23 Nov, 2019
You get 300 of these wonderful pipe cleaners, so there is plenty to go around for crafting and to help with organizing whatever you usually use zip ties for. The majority of these are going towards cr... read more »

Love This Tankini

23 Nov, 2019
This swimsuit is very comfortable and the material is soft. I absolutely love the color and print. The snug design is very flattering. Not only is this a great tankini but it is also great for working... read more »

Love It!

23 Nov, 2019
I never knew they even made these types of clotheslines until I happened on this one. My immediate thought was my kids who love camping would absolutely love this. My second thought was that I can use... read more »

Super Cute!

16 Nov, 2019
These are super cute bags. Great quality and material. I love the prints. These are a perfect size for small gifts or storing your odds and ends. Since these are reusable you can keep these forever! I... read more »

Love It!

07 Nov, 2019
Love this backpack. It is a nice, heavy duty material inside and out. The zipper is good quality and seems durable. I got the azure blue and it’s a very pretty color. My favorite feature is the... read more »

Good Card Stock

07 Nov, 2019
These notepads are bigger than I thought. I’m not complaining, I’m happy with their size. They are made of good card stock, no flimsy paper. I usually have sticky notes all over…my... read more »

Great Idea

07 Nov, 2019
I never knew they even made these types of clotheslines until I happened on this one. My immediate thought was my kids who love camping would absolutely love this. My second thought was that I can use... read more »

Beautiful Prism of Colors

02 Nov, 2019
This crystal ball prisms rainbows all over the room. It is so beautiful and soothing. My animals go crazy trying to catch the rainbows as they dance across the room with a slight tap. Everyone who has... read more »

Inexpensive Fun for the Kids and Adults Alike

02 Nov, 2019
What an absolute great bundle for keeping your budding artist occupied. This is a great way to keep your child happy at restaurants or in the car. My Granddaughter absolutely loves hers. And, since yo... read more »

Beautiful Pumpkins!

02 Nov, 2019
Beautiful set of pumpkins for your fall decorating. My original thought was to arrange them in a centerpiece, but I decided I’m going to make a wreath. The colors are beautiful and these will ad... read more »

Perfect for Crafts!

01 Nov, 2019
So glad I happened on these wood slices. These are going to be this year’s Christmas crafts. These are the perfect size for a lot of different ideas. I’ve had wood slices before that were... read more »

Love These!

28 Oct, 2019
All you chaffle makers in the low carb / keto world you need these! These are a great accessory for your toaster. Now that I have these, I’m seeing all kinds of things to toast that you would ne... read more »

Comfy and Fun

26 Oct, 2019
I bought these for my son, but they are so cute that I’m keeping them for myself. They are comfy and soft. I love the colors and design. They’ve been washed and still look and feel great.... read more »


24 Oct, 2019
Very beautiful and elegant set of napkin rings. I bought these with the intent for napkins, but now I’m thinking of making a Christmas wreath with them. They would add a pretty sparkling and eye... read more »

These Work Wonders!

24 Oct, 2019
You need these little miracle workers in your beauty arsenal. They really do work! Put one on at night and wake up to a noticeably smaller blemish. I haven’t tried this on anything huge and hope... read more »

Love Love Love!

18 Oct, 2019
This is my first experience with these types of glass planters and I’m hooked! I absolutely love these! They are very cute and there are so many uses if you don’t want to use them for plan... read more »

Very Cute

18 Oct, 2019
Cute stickers. I received 25 different ones with no repeats. I’m not sure about the vinyl part though…I was expecting the thicker ones that are all the rage at the moment. But still cute... read more »

Inexpensive Fun for the Kids

15 Oct, 2019
We hosted a birthday party for our 80yr old mother. We needed some games for the little ones and this came just in time. You’ll need a place where you can hang it so that the balls can be thrown... read more »

Absolutely Wonderful!

13 Oct, 2019
Right out of the beautiful gift box I felt the connection with this great quality bracelet. I love the color. The description calls it rose gold, but I think it’s more a copper rose gold mix tha... read more »

5+ Stars!

13 Oct, 2019
I love this magnetic bracelet. Even though this is supposed to be for men, it is perfect for women. The included link remover makes this easy to remove the links for smaller sizes. This is a nice heav... read more »

Inexpensive Fun for the Kids

07 Oct, 2019
Lots of fun! You get 50 of these so there is plenty to go around or to replace when one pops. These come in a nice assortment of colors so everyone can get their favorite! These are very thin so we&rs... read more »

Adorable and Soft!

07 Oct, 2019
Absolutely adorable and very cute milestone blanket. The material is so very soft and wrinkle free. It’s gender neutral and there’s plenty of room without covering up the print to add your... read more »

Very Cute

29 Sep, 2019
These very cute felt trees seem to be popping up everywhere. When I seen this, I knew I had to get it. It is a great price and lots of fun! It is plenty big enough for the little ones, but the adults... read more »

Love These!

29 Sep, 2019
These are bright and colorful tealights. The remote works very well. Huge plus is the included batteries. I’m very thankful for the timer. You can set it and forget it. No worries of running... read more »

Save Money on Satellite Radio

28 Sep, 2019
My husband’s truck doesn’t have bluetooth which has always been an annoyance for me because I want him be able to answer his calls hands free. We set this up and it’s easy to follow.... read more »


28 Sep, 2019
If you love color, flickering candles, remote control and timers then you need to get this set. The colors are beautiful and the remote works easily and is easy to understand. The candles look great i... read more »

Can't Wait To Start This On Dec 1st

28 Sep, 2019
What a great idea for an advent calendar. I’ve had the little ones made of thin cardboard that you use and throw out. But this will last for many years. All you have to do is replenish the pocke... read more »

Love It!

28 Sep, 2019
Great fun for adults and kids both. This works wonderfully for decorating that empty wall with some Christmas cheer. It is so colorful and festive. This is bigger than I expected and good quality to l... read more »

10 Stars in My Opinion!

28 Sep, 2019
These covers fit great. The color is beautiful and it is so soft. These are made with very GOOD quality material with a good zipper.  I would buy these again! read more »

Better Than 5 Stars!

28 Sep, 2019
Very soft and very GOOD quality. If your existing pillows are in good shape, this is great affordable way to get a new look without the expensive costs of replacing all your pillows. These fit my 18&r... read more »

Could be Lots of Fun

27 Sep, 2019
The kids would love these when they work. With a little improvement on the quality, these could be great fun. They are thin and light plastic. Some arrived with the light not working and 1 was broken.... read more »

Nourishing Conditioner

26 Sep, 2019
This smells so good and leaves my hair feeling great. I only use very little sprayed onto my hands then scrunched through my hair. Doing it this way it doesn’t weigh down my hair. But honestly,... read more »

Very Comfy!

24 Sep, 2019
These work as described. They are truly much more comfortable than the styrofoam ones that get flip floppy and won’t stay on. These fit my toes well and stay put. I’m hoping the straighten... read more »

Love This Charger!

23 Sep, 2019
Wow! What a great concept. Now I can charge 3 different electronics from the same cord. I keep this at my charging station and whoever needs something charged, I have a cord for it now. All in one nic... read more »

Great File!

19 Sep, 2019
Love this foot file. The shape makes this a lot more comfortable to use instead of the standard long file. Because the standard file has a long handle you can’t quite get the right pressure to d... read more »

Dog Approved!

19 Sep, 2019
My dog and granddogs love these toys. Their favorite game is tug a war and these are pretty strong to be able to handle the big guys. I took a hint from another reviewer and hung up the carrot. Both o... read more »

Can't Wait To Put This Out

19 Sep, 2019
This is so cute! It pairs easily with our Samsung phones and sounds pretty decent. Don’t expect a volume button because you control this with your phone which I like even better because I am alw... read more »

Nice Heavy Duty Suction Cups

19 Sep, 2019
Nice heavy duty suction cups. They are strong with heavy rubber that has a good hold and protects your glass. Having 2 of these is helpful if you plan on using this on something bigger than your cell... read more »

Get This For Christmas!

15 Sep, 2019
This isn’t your typical legos type of building blocks. You can create a lot more and different designs. The kids can let their imaginations run wild. My Granddaughter and I have a blast building... read more »

GREAT Sketch Book!

14 Sep, 2019
This is a great deal! The black pages really make the colors stand out! It gives your drawings a whole new look and dimension. The paper is nice and thick but not too thick and there is no bleed throu... read more »

Very Nice Suit

12 Sep, 2019
This suit is very flattering for me. The fit is a little on the smaller side so you might want to order up a size. I love the pretty vibrant color and softness of the material.   read more »

You Will Love These!

07 Sep, 2019
These work great. The hydrocolloid material gives this product an edge over others. This package has 72 patches in 2 different sizes. This is more than enough and at this great affordable price which... read more »

Works Wonders

07 Sep, 2019
I needed a hub for work and this works just as I needed it to. A lot of items now a days come with USB connections. I can now plug in my fan, my aroma diffuser and my light all at the same time. If I... read more »

Great To Have Around!

07 Sep, 2019
I have these stickers all over the place. They work well and are a great size. You get plenty in this multi pack in 3 different colors. I have these on my mailbox, dog leashes, on my front porch step... read more »

If You Have Dry Eyes You Need This!

06 Sep, 2019
I have chronic dry eyes and use a lot of eye drops. I absolutely love this moist heat eye compress. It feels so GOOD! I can honestly totally say that yes, this mask helps my dry eyes. I keep on my des... read more »

This is so Cute!

03 Sep, 2019
This is so cute. I wanted a little lighted tree for my desk and this is perfect. It provides just enough soft light to make you smile. If you wanted to be very crafty, you can add other decorations to... read more »

I LOVE These!

03 Sep, 2019
I don’t know if it’s subliminal or what, but I really do see an improvement in my wrinkles. I’ve been wearing these overnight and come morning my wrinkles are diminished. I have not... read more »

Wonderful Selection

03 Sep, 2019
This pack has an insane amount of stickers for just about every occasion you can come across. I’m a huge fan of motivational sayings and I love the ones in this pack. These aren’t just for... read more »

Great to Have

03 Sep, 2019
I’ve been looking for some ankle straps to use with my Total Gym machine. These are perfect. Not only are these very affordable, comfortable and look good but they are also heavy duty, well made... read more »

Very Well Crafted!

28 Aug, 2019
I absolutely love this bracelet. Even though the agate beads are imitation, I still feel a wonderful energy coming from it. The black beads help me to stay grounded and focused when I’m busy. Th... read more »

Just a Mirror

27 Aug, 2019
I need to start off by saying that this review was supposed to be for a lighted mirror. What I got was as small plain mirror that does not light up and is not usb chargeable. So based on the product o... read more »

Good Cover

27 Aug, 2019
We have a large Nexgrill and this cover fits great. It is definitely heavy duty and waterproof. The one we got with the grill was junk, this one is GREAT! It slips on easily and has straps at the bott... read more »

I Totally Love This!

27 Aug, 2019
I was super excited to get this. I love letter boards and have so much fun posting motivational and happy quotes. This is a wonderful 11x14 size and gives you plenty of room for writing. That’s... read more »

Get These Stocked Up For The Holiday Season

25 Aug, 2019
I’m gearing down for the upcoming holiday season. I have 4 Grandchildren which means a lot of toys that need batteries. Just about everything you get for the little ones that plays music or make... read more »

These Work Great

24 Aug, 2019
These work great. Anything with tea tree oil is a go to for me, and with the hydrocolloid added to the mix, this product is superior in my opinion. This package has 120 patches in 3 different sizes. I... read more »

Wonderful Charger

23 Aug, 2019
I actually already have one of these and my husband wanted to take it to work. Nope, can’t have mine…so I got him his own. Obviously, I wouldn’t have bought this again if I didn&rsq... read more »

Lightweight Storage Bag

23 Aug, 2019
This storage bag is for lightweight items. The material is a type of thin plastic/vinyl. I got the pink color that is very beautifully vibrant. The pouches are clear and you can easily see what’... read more »

Love Glow in the Dark!

12 Aug, 2019
We are loving these glow in the dark stickers. At first it doesn’t look like much, but you do get 407 pieces which is plenty for decorating. My Granddaughter has her name on her door and several... read more »

Very Hopeful and Moisturizing

07 Aug, 2019
I’m excited and very hopeful this mask will help long term. My skin definitely looks and feels better when I take this off. I haven’t used this long enough to say whether or not this actua... read more »

Granddaughter Approved!

07 Aug, 2019
This is more slime than fluffy, so be aware of that. My Granddaughter is a huge slime fanatic so anytime I see a good deal on slime, I get it for her. I’ve gotten her similar slime before, but w... read more »

So Awesome!

07 Aug, 2019
This is a wonderful file folder organizer. It is strong and sturdy and the colors in the print are so pretty. I’ve had numerous comments on it already, my co-workers love it! I’m all for i... read more »

Heavy Duty Jute

07 Aug, 2019
I thought this would be so cute for my Granddaughter to make her Easter basket for next year. She loves doing crafts and this is so simple and easy. The bag is plenty big enough to collect her eggs an... read more »

These Are Great Great Great!

30 Jul, 2019
Love these bags. The colors are pretty and vibrant and they are a nice strong mesh material. They have a good strong zipper that glides easily. These are perfect for keeping things organized in your p... read more »

Love It!

28 Jul, 2019
I got this for my Granddaughter and she loves it. We got the pink one and it’s very pretty. With it being BPA free and smell free this is a winner! It hasn’t leaked and the water line meas... read more »

Better Than 5 Stars!

15 Jul, 2019
Love these storage bins! We have so many crafting beads and items that were previously in zip lock baggies or little snack containers. Now I have them all in one nice tidy container. I can just grab i... read more »

Great For On The Go!

13 Jul, 2019
If you need a mini portable fan to carry around with you or to have at work, then this is perfect! No more looking for outlets, batteries or draining your phone battery. This little gem just needs cha... read more »

Great Mirror

09 Jul, 2019
I absolutely love this mirror. It has a dimmable touchscreen with great colors – warm, white and neutral. It is rechargeable so it is portable and you aren’t tied to an outlet and you aren... read more »

Wonderful Cutting Boards

02 Jul, 2019
These flexible cutting boards are the perfect replacement for the big bulky wooden/plastic ones. They are easy to store and the cutouts are a great idea so you don’t mix the meats with fruits an... read more »

Seriously Awesome!!!

02 Jul, 2019
This is super soft, cuddly, comfortable and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. The best part for me is not the glow in the dark, it’s the words of encouragement. They really are very soothing. T... read more »

I Love These

02 Jul, 2019
I’ve found as I get older, my grip is not as good as it used to be. When I seen these, I knew I needed to get them. Not only for working my hands and fingers, but I also seen them as very helpfu... read more »

Beautiful Colors!

02 Jul, 2019
Loving these lipsticks. They are long lasting and the colors are so pretty with a nice variety of colors in the set. They dry pretty quickly and don’t feel sticky or goopy. These don’t mak... read more »

Great Exercise Band!

21 Jun, 2019
This band has great resistance. It is so much better than the rubber bands because there is no roll up or pinching. I feel a huge difference when doing my exercises. It not only adds resistance, but i... read more »

Perfect for Young Crafters

19 Jun, 2019
This paper cutter is perfect for crafters as it’s light and very safe. I don’t have to worry about my Granddaughter using this for her crafts since there is no sharp blades. Gone are the d... read more »

Love These Sponges!

13 Jun, 2019
No more smelly dirty sponges. I am in love with these. They work perfectly for doing dishes. The best part is how easy they are to rinse off and keep clean so you no longer have smelly germy sponges.... read more »

Wonderful Gadget!

09 Jun, 2019
Wonderful pickup tool that takes up no room at all in your toolbox or kitchen drawer. It telescopes about 25 inches and the magnet is strong enough to pick up about 10lbs according to the description.... read more »

Great For Kids and as a Starter Set!

04 Jun, 2019
This sticker set is adorable. This is the first time my Granddaughter and I worked on this together and we had such a great time. It came with everything you need to get started. It is perfect for beg... read more »

Beautiful Coasters!

02 Jun, 2019
These coasters are absolutely gorgeous! I’m getting a second set because my son wants one. I’m getting tons of compliments on these. They are a nice large size so no worries of tipping you... read more »

Great For Candy

22 May, 2019
I make my own low carb / keto chocolate candy that I set in the freezer. I was using parchment paper which is so difficult to work with and ends up in the land fills. I’ve been wanting something... read more »

LOVE These Storage Bags!

21 May, 2019
Anything that will help me stay organized deserves 5 stars and this is 5 stars! I can see how these can really make traveling so much easier. You don’t even need to save these for traveling thou... read more »

Not Sure How I Got Along Without These Before Now

21 May, 2019
You can’t beat the price and quality for these laundry bags. The set includes 4 bags, enough for just about anything you need to wash. These bags have a very nice heavy duty zipper and a small f... read more »

I'd Give This More Than 5 Stars If I Could

21 May, 2019
I’m ready for summer with this beautiful swimsuit. I can’t wait to wear it at the pool. It is so flattering and feels comfortable. The material is soft and the colors are so pretty. This i... read more »

No Instructions

21 May, 2019
This will be the first time I’ve tried growing succulents via seeds and I have high hopes for these. The pictures look beautiful and I’m putting out there the good energy that mine will al... read more »

These Work Wonders!

21 May, 2019
These are by far the best under eye patches I have used. I have always had dark circles and these have helped. They haven’t eliminated them completely, I think genetics plays a role in that, but... read more »

So Far So Good

15 May, 2019
I bought this with the hopes it will help with my fibromyalgia symptoms and it has seemed to help. The fatty acids in this are good for you, your skin and hair. I take this at night and I sleep so muc... read more »

My Granddaughter Gives These 5 Stars!

14 May, 2019
My Grandaughter absolutely LOVES these leggings. They are comfortable and fit her well. The pink and purple colors are so pretty and they are very soft. The material is like a thin satiny type of feel... read more »

Love This!

07 May, 2019
I couldn’t be happier with this broom holder. It is well made with great quality. The instructions came with a template for hanging to eliminate the guesswork and crooked mistakes. I love the gr... read more »

Very Hopeful

22 Apr, 2019
I’ve only used these a few times but so far I am very happy with the results. My biggest concern was the crepey skin that was starting to show under my chin. Those wrinkles are definitely less n... read more »

My Favorite Charger!

22 Apr, 2019
This charging stand is the best I have every tried! I have to admit, the rose gold color drew me in. All others are black, black and black. Finally, someone came up with some color! This charger is no... read more »

Great Sharpener

18 Apr, 2019
Most knife sharpeners that I seen when browsing had 1 or 2 slots in this price range. This has 3 and it comes with a bonus slot. You are essentially getting 2 for the price of 1. Since I grab a knife... read more »

Love This Dress!

18 Apr, 2019
This is a beautiful summer dress that is good for many different occasions. The material is soft and the colors are very pretty. I love that it’s very comfortable and fits in the right places. I... read more »

Love Me Some Color Bulbs!

08 Apr, 2019
I love my color changing light bulbs. I can’t wait to change colors to match the holidays this year. I was very pleasantly surprised that one remote controls them all so I don’t have a bun... read more »


06 Apr, 2019
Spring is here and I am so excited that I got to decorate my deck with these beautiful lights. I’ve been wanting some colorful lights to put around my patio umbrella that doesn’t require a... read more »

Love It!

06 Apr, 2019
This is advertised as an eye massager but you can use it all over your face to target your wrinkles or if you are younger to prevent them. Use this around your eyes, mouth, forehead, neck…where... read more »

These are even more Beautiful in Person!

06 Apr, 2019
These are so beautiful and great quality envelopes. The great thing about these envelopes is that they come with a nice meaning/expression printed on them. I also follow the Feng Shui principal and pl... read more »

Great Study Aid

06 Apr, 2019
What great practice for study exams. You can turn off the timer if you need more time and don’t worry about accidently memorizing the answers because the questions are always in a different orde... read more »

This is a Must for Household Central!

30 Mar, 2019
This is the only magnetic calendar dry eraser set you will ever need! You get the Calendar to record events for the month, you get the Weekly Kitchen Planner and you get 4 magnetic dry erase markers.... read more »

Love the Versatility

22 Mar, 2019
This is a Great charger. It charges my Samsung Note 8 easily. You have the option of charging this standing up or while laying flat. My Granddaughter also uses this as a phone stand for her ipod touch... read more »

Loving This Standup Charger

17 Mar, 2019
This charger works great with my Samsung Note 8. I love having the phone sit up so I can see notifications or watch what I’m watching hands free while it’s charging. For those of you that... read more »

Very Cool!

28 Feb, 2019
This is a super great mouse pad. I absolutely love it. It’s plenty big enough for my keyboard and mouse and is very comfortable to use with the non slip backing. The woven material feels good on... read more »

Lots of Compliments

27 Feb, 2019
This bag is so lovely. I’ve been looking for one that will hold my note8 and a few other items and this does so easily. It is so soft and elegant looking. It can be used for formal occasions and... read more »

Nice Durable Speaker

27 Feb, 2019
I got this for my Granddaughter and she absolutely LOVES it! The 5 colors are beautiful and the brightness levels are a great addition. It is very easy to change the colors with just a press on the to... read more »

Lightweight and So Pretty!

27 Feb, 2019
These diatomite stone coasters are beautiful and practical. The 3.4” x 4” size works great for many different size drinks and they are very absorbent for those sweaty glasses and bottles.... read more »

Wonderful for Deep Conditioning!

22 Feb, 2019
I’ve been wanting to get something to deep condition my hair and/or set my curlers. I used to have a bulky standalone dryer years ago which was a pain so I didn’t want to go that way again... read more »

I Love This Swimsuit!

05 Feb, 2019
I love the ribbing material on this suit. It’s not a flimsy material so it’s a great shaper with 18% spandex. The low front neckline, the low cut back design and the high cut bottom is ver... read more »

Absolute 5 Stars!

02 Feb, 2019
My granddaughter and I are both magic 8 ball fanatics. They are so much fun. But the problem with the original ones is that you can’t read the fortunes, we usually have to try to finagle the bal... read more »

Great Deal!

16 Jan, 2019
This wireless mouse is very comfortable and feels great. It’s so easy to setup and use, just insert the USB receiver into your computer / laptop, insert battery and you are ready to go. I’... read more »

Keep Your Schedule Straight

24 Dec, 2018
This fits perfectly on my refrigerator. Now that my Grandchildren are playing sports, I needed something to keep their game schedules on, and this is perfect! It is very pretty and I’ve had seve... read more »

Luxurious Eye Relief

24 Dec, 2018
I suffer from dry eye and by the end of the day my eyes feel so gritty and dry but they feel so much better after using these masks. They are so soft and just the right size with a hint of scent. My e... read more »

Very Flattering!

21 Dec, 2018
I absolutely LOVE this tankini. The colors are gorgeous and the material is so soft. It is very flattering. I need to buy one in all styles, especially at this price. https://www.amazon.com/Womens-... read more »

Beautiful Lights

21 Dec, 2018
These string lights are wonderful. They have 8 different light patterns that will fit any mood. The color is a warm soft glow that is just beautiful. Because they are copper wire, you can mold them to... read more »

Great Affordable Beauty Tool

14 Dec, 2018
I am enjoying this jade roller. I use this in conjunction with a smooth jade roller that I had also purchased from this seller awhile back. The “bumps” on this feel good and relaxing. This... read more »

You Need These!

07 Dec, 2018
With these, your air fryer cleanup is a breeze which makes for an awesome time saver! When I got these, I wasn’t aware you could use them in the oven and steamer. I do a lot of baking that you n... read more »

Great Portable External Drive!

27 Nov, 2018
This drive is so easy to use and fits all my needs. All you have to do is plug it in and away it goes. I’m able to play movies and music with no issues. I downloaded some pictures with no proble... read more »

You Totally Need These For Storage!

27 Nov, 2018
I’m on a closet cleaning kick and was tired of all the room my comforters, sheet sets and pillows were taking on the shelves. I’ve seen these types of bags but have never bought them befor... read more »

Help Save the Planet

24 Nov, 2018
Very happy with these grill mats. We frequently grill and usually have to use reynolds wrap. I seen these and thought I’d give them a try. I’m glad I did. So very easy to use and clean up... read more »

Beautiful Fairy Lights!

16 Nov, 2018
I seen lights like these on a home shopping network and knew I needed them for this holiday season. But the price was ridiculously high. I did some searching and found these. They are perfect. The col... read more »

Great Set for Pretenders

16 Nov, 2018
My niece was so happy to get this for her birthday. What is especially great about this kit is that it is for doctor and dentist instead of one or the other. This kit goes the little extra’s lik... read more »

Awesome Set

15 Nov, 2018
Wow! I highly recommend this Acrylic Paint Set. I wanted something for my Granddaughter since she makes crafts for presents. She is very very pleased and absolutely loves this set. It is ready to go r... read more »

Husband Approved!

03 Nov, 2018
I bought these socks for my husband who is on his feet all day long. He would come home with sore and swollen feet. His calves would also be swollen, you could actually see the mark around his calves... read more »

My New Favorite Beauty Tool!

03 Nov, 2018
Loving this 3D face massager. The rolling action is very soothing. I use this while watching TV and it helps me unwind. The vibration intensity is perfect. I have tried other facial massagers that rat... read more »

Great Blender!

03 Nov, 2018
This is a great deal for an immersion blender. You get the blending motor / blending shaft / whisk attachment / beaker / chopper. It has 15 speeds and a turbo button! It’s a beautiful red color... read more »

Love These Lights!

30 Oct, 2018
These lights are absolutely gorgeous. I love everything lights, and this 2 pack from BXROIU did not disappoint me. They are soft and warm and put out just enough light for some serious ambiance. I lov... read more »

Great Earrings!

28 Oct, 2018
I really love these earrings. I have 5 piercings in each ear and was excited to find these. They look great, are comfortable to wear and are very affordable. Win Win Win. The best thing is that they d... read more »

Great Set of Stencils!

05 Oct, 2018
These stencils are absolutely wonderful! There are so many different shapes and sizes. I have so many ideas to use these on. These are easy to use and the plastic material makes it easy to wash off wh... read more »

Quality Serum

05 Oct, 2018
This eye serum is made for all your eye beauty concerns. It has great quality ingredients that has helped my puffiness. Honestly, even if it didn’t help the puffiness, I would still use it becau... read more »

So Good For Your Skin

05 Oct, 2018
This hyaluronic serum is my absolute favorite all time. This absorbs wonderfully into my skin and leaves my skin looking and feeling GREAT. The awesome peptides and botanical oils really make you feel... read more »

Great Serum

05 Oct, 2018
I love the feel of this Ebanel Vitamin C 10% Serum. It feels so good going on and is easily absorbable. I have sensitive skin and have no problems with this. My face is loving this and it shows! ... read more »

Lots of Fun for the Little Ones!

22 Sep, 2018
These are so cute! My kids are having so much fun with these. These little finger puppets have made some very creative puppet shows for us. These are so easy to take along with you to keep the little... read more »

Long Lasting

22 Sep, 2018
Long lasting, silky and smooth. A little goes a long way. I use this for shaving, it leaves you feeling so smooth. This is GREAT to use as a lotion for a foot massage. Try it! https://www.amazon.co... read more »

Great for Selfies

19 Sep, 2018
This is an awesome tripod by Lonenessl. It works great with my android. My Granddaughter is going nuts with the selfies using the remote! The legs are bendable which is a huge plus for leveling out wh... read more »

This is a Must Have for Echo Dot Users!

19 Sep, 2018
This is a great investment if you have an echo dot. It holds my dot securely right at the outlet. It came with a small cord so you can charge it right in the holder. Before this, my dot was sitting on... read more »

Great Full Volume!

15 Sep, 2018
I really like this 3D Bomb Curl Brush by Carejoy. I have medium length hair that falls flat. his brush helps me create volume and waves. It’s easy to use and I didn’t have any tangling iss... read more »

This Adorable Squishy is Huge!

13 Sep, 2018
This Russian Doll Squishy is adorably cute. I’m shocked by how big it actually is. My 8 yr old Granddaughter gives it a big thumbs up! It’s met all her requirements for a GREAT squishy. It... read more »

Feels Great!

01 Sep, 2018
This scalp massager is small, lightweight and easy to hold. It fits in your hand comfortably. The vibration is perfect, it is not so strong as to cause you a headache and not so soft that you can&rsqu... read more »

Smooth and Soothing

17 Aug, 2018
This is so soothing to fidget with. The flipping action is very smooth and quiet. It’s lightweight and the colors are pretty. It’s great to fidget with while watching TV. Mindless but oh s... read more »

Great Case

07 Aug, 2018
Beautiful case that fits my Kindle 7 perfectly. I love the colors and it’s soft microfiber interior. The wake / sleep function with the lid is awesome. The tri-fold stand with magnet is just the... read more »

Love This!

07 Aug, 2018
I wanted to get a small solar fountain to use on my deck in a big flowerpot. This works great. This is just the right size and it looks wonderful. I’m getting a lot of compliments on it. This cr... read more »

I'd Give This More Than 5 Stars!

31 Jul, 2018
I seriously LOVE this Facial Massager. The T Head Bar really makes it easy to massage all the curves on my face, neck and body. I feel like this is really helping to massage away my bloat and puf... read more »

5 Stars!!!

26 Jul, 2018
This is one of the best selfie sticks I have used. The blue tooth shutter button easily connected to my phone. The extension bar is nice and sturdy and the part that holds your phone doesn’t fli... read more »

Works Great

23 Jul, 2018
Great flash drive to extend the memory on your iphone / ipad. I bought a 2nd one for my Granddaughter to take home with her since she takes a ton of pictures and videos with my phone. She can have her... read more »

Great Product

23 Jul, 2018
Great flash drive to extend the memory on your iphone / ipad. My Granddaughter takes a ton of pictures and videos with my phone. This will be a huge help in freeing up space on the drives. Love the ro... read more »

Great Fun!!!

13 Jul, 2018
We Love this! What fun! My Grandkids (and big kids, lol) couldn’t wait to try this out. They shot at targets with this and also built piles to knock over. You can also have a contest on whose ba... read more »

Great Sun Shade!

13 Jul, 2018
This was super easy to put on. Just open your door, slip it on and close. I have a Traverse and it is a little short, but my husband has a pickup and it fits great. For my Traverse, I just put it dire... read more »

Works for Me

06 Jul, 2018
This magnetic plate does as advertised. It gives you the added insurance of your phone sticking to the mount to give you some piece of mind. I had no problem with my case sticking, but my case is also... read more »

Great Scale!

02 Jul, 2018
My son says this is a great scale at a great price! He needed a new one because his broke. He is very strict on his nutrition diet platform and he weighs pretty much everything. He likes the sleek loo... read more »

Love It!

01 Jul, 2018
This is a great jump rope. It was easy to adjust for my husband’s height. It’s lightweight and comes with a carrying bag. The handgrips feel comfortable and the whole item is sleek and loo... read more »

Great Rope for Fitness Training

26 Jun, 2018
I am not a professional jumper and this works just fine for me. It was easy to set up for my own height and came with an extra rope and a carrying bag. The heaviness of the rope allows you to jump mor... read more »

Stick It and Leave It

26 Jun, 2018
We just found a cat that had been abandoned. It’s a wee thing that we’ve had to nurse to health. Needless to say, this little ball of frenzy has already discovered scratching as a favorite... read more »

Fantastic Massager!

21 Jun, 2018
This is a fantastic massager. I already have one and I love it so much that I got two more to give as Christmas gifts. This feels so good on your neck, shoulders, back, under your calves or wherever e... read more »

I've Heard Great Things

18 Jun, 2018
This Joseph Statue Home Selling Kit is an absolute great deal. I have heard from not one - but several people that swear by this to sell their home. I love the prayer card that comes with it. You can&... read more »

Great Deal for a Bean Grinder

15 Jun, 2018
This is a great deal for the price for a manual grinder. We don’t usually grind our own beans but I wanted to give this a try to see if all the hoopla is worth it. It is easy to use and does gri... read more »

Roomy and Waterproof

15 Jun, 2018
I got this money belt more so to carry my phone when walking. I have a Galaxy Note 8 and with a case, it’s hard to find belts that my phone will fit in. I’m happy to say my phones fits ver... read more »

Feels Great!

13 Jun, 2018
This is a great waist trimmer. It’s nice looking and not bulky. It fit around my waist comfortably and it definitely made me sweat. A huge plus is that it is not noticeable so no one can tell I&... read more »

Mesmerizing and Beautiful

11 Jun, 2018
This moon lamp is breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve been wanting to get one and I’m so glad I choose this lamp by ICOCO. The 3D printing is very realistic and the colors are all beautiful and... read more »

Great Product! Great Price!

01 Jun, 2018
This mandolin is awesome! What a great item to have handy in the kitchen. The blades are easy to exchange out and you can store them in the bottom tray when not in use. The hand guard provides great s... read more »

Lots of Fun

16 May, 2018
I surprised my Granddaughter with these. She was so excited. Her friends have some and she'd been wanting them. This is a 2 pack so we were able to play together. They are very easy to use and are... read more »

Good Beginner Set

15 May, 2018
Pros are this is fun to play and easy to install. Cons are this is misleading by saying there are 620 games when most of the games are repeated 2 or 3 times. It's also a bummer that you can't... read more »

Highly Recommended Fitnessery Ankle Weights

15 May, 2018
These ankle weights from Fitnessery are absolutely awesome! They are functional and they look good. The velcro closure allows you to fit these as tight or loose as you prefer. The white striping is al... read more »

Super Squishy

14 May, 2018
My Granddaughter grabbed this the second it came in the mail. She is obsessed with squishies and is very picky. They need to smell good and be slow rising. She loves this and wants me to buy more. So... read more »

You Can Feel This Working!

30 Apr, 2018
I was so excited to get this and tried it right away out of the package. It looks funny, so you might want to do this privately, lol. I could see my muscles working in the mirror so I have very high h... read more »

Excellent Lights!

11 Apr, 2018
These outdoor solar lights are excellent! This is just what we needed to illuminate the backyard for our dogs when they go out at night. The light stays dim when no motion is detected so we can monito... read more »

Possibilities are Endless

16 Mar, 2018
I was so excited to get this so quickly. It's Friday night and guess what we made for dinner? Some awesome stuffed burgers. Wow, this makes it so easy. My husband and I are just thinking about all... read more »

Absolutely Beautiful Stand

16 Mar, 2018
This is an absolutely beautiful rotating cake stand. It just happens to be my favorite color. My husband says I will buy anything purple / lavender and this color did not disappoint me at all. So not... read more »

Heavenly Sticks

14 Mar, 2018
I am in love with these smudging sticks. I usually burn sage and thought I'd give these a go and I'm glad I did. They are easy to light and you only need to have them lit for 20 to 45 seconds.... read more »

Soft and Cushiony

22 Jan, 2018
I really love this soft and cushiony sleep mask. The clock lights always bother me, but now I can block it out. I love the nose feature on this mask. I feel it helps keep it in place and makes it more... read more »

Great Cover!

21 Jan, 2018
This cover is such a saver for our carseats. It was so easy to install and my dog was very comfortable. All the hairs drove me nuts in the car but now we can ride with the peace of mind this cove... read more »

Great Tool!

15 Jan, 2018
This is a great tool. It came just in time to use on my son's big screen projector frame. It really helped for measuring the corners and getting a good square. There are so many different deg... read more »

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