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working great!

06 Aug, 2021
Works great and the kids love it!! So far we dont have any problem with this sprinkle  It works just like their promises. as long as you run the water it will spinkle and moving around like cr... read more »

Very useful dispenser!

06 Aug, 2021
Very useful!!!!  I love that I dont have to use my both hands to hold the bottle and the sponge when my hands is dirty so this soap dispenser is a live saver! Very easy to refill and study the... read more »

This Dock is Small but Does Works!

17 Jun, 2021
I love this Nintendo dock! It has been a good replacement for my bulky Nintendo Switch dock. Is easly to store and bring anywhere, especially when I have a vacation. I did not come with the HDMI cab... read more »

Hold water more than small water gun in the store

14 Jun, 2021
My kids love this water gun! The design is cool like expensive water gun in the store. The function is same and hold more water than small toddler size water gun. One of the best summer toys that ke... read more »

The Wood spoon that actually doesn't have a splinter!

09 Jun, 2021
I love cooking and decorate my kitchen with wooden tools and this small wooden spoon is perfect for scooping sugar, stirring drinks, salt, pepper, spices, honey even fruit jam! This also will be... read more »


08 Jun, 2021
I got this for easter activity at my kids prekindergarten  And everybody seems happy to scratch the paper since they can revealing the rainbow color under it! we do supervising all the kids whe... read more »

Good water gun for kids under 7 y.o.

08 Jun, 2021
One of the must have toys for summer is Water Gun! Lol! And we got this water gun Kiztoys because its light weight and more easy to use than the big giant water gun in the market. For adult this mig... read more »

Very Impress and my kid love it

08 Jun, 2021
My kid's teacher use a similar dot markers at school to create an art and when I saw this dot markers I immedietly got one for my kid using at home. And she love it! The color is very vibrant and... read more »

Prefect for Crafter

05 Jun, 2021
I really love this wood eggs for my next project! This is a great size for your craft need, even for kids small hands this is perfect! The wood is smooth and easily painted with acrylic paint or pen... read more »

Very colorful!

01 Jun, 2021
I love the mixed dry flower  in this kits, but what you get is not alot Is enough for one project . But you definetly get all colors in the picture!    read more »

Working great!

06 Apr, 2021
If you need a knock of brand charge for PS5 this one is amazing! I can't find the store that sell the real brand so I said go for this brand! Easy to set up and working great . read more »

Falling in love with this sand bucket!!!!

06 Apr, 2021
my kids is falling in love with this folding sand bucket!! It's like silicon material so you can adjust the height of the bucket  The color is super cute and easy to folding, plus all three... read more »

Usefull Items

23 Mar, 2021
My husband always need this for his car. It nice to buy in bulk so he doesnt have to go back the car part store every other week. read more »


23 Mar, 2021
I bought this for Pre K craft at Holiday season class  And the kids love it ! they feel like they can draw something by themself  I provided a wood slice and they paint in the top of it so... read more »

Got a lot of colorful bells for Christmas craft

04 Dec, 2020
  This is super conveniont when I can buy a bulk of colorful bells  cause I always need for crafting especially in the holiday seasons You got 200 small bells and the color is bright!... read more »

you got so many things in the one box!

18 Nov, 2020
My Godnesss! I love this Education kit! Inside the box is alot of things that you could possible using for teaching your toddler about bugs life. You got the magnifier, the bugs toys, container, etc... read more »

Good component! Like what I need!

27 Oct, 2020
I used this for fixing my floor cleaner machine charge,  If I bought from a store it will be way more expensive but MUYI brand so far working great. I can just search in youtube how to install... read more »

Stick easily and great variation

24 Oct, 2020
I bought this for my kids school Halloween tattoo party  When It came I feel the tattoo is so small , but you get alot of variation. We have to cut it manually before use it. It does light up... read more »

connect easily and light

01 Oct, 2020
This Controller easy to connect with my Nintendo Switch and the size is just like Xbox controller. Does not feel heavy and no complaint about the battery life. Charge same length as normal controlle... read more »

The grip fit perfect!

14 Sep, 2020
Every people in my house want to play on my switch so I have to separated the controler often and this grip is a life saver! I dont like when people use the side controler as is since it easily slip... read more »


14 Sep, 2020
OMG! this is a live saver!! I dont have to blow balloon with my mouth anymore! If you have small child that loves balloon you must have this pump, it will blow balloons in no time!! Using a normal p... read more »

Handy helper in this pandemic situation

14 Sep, 2020
Since I'm worry to touch everything nowdays I bought this and this is a good value for 4 pack of no touch door opener! I put in my car key and hand them to all my family so they can use too! It&... read more »

multi purpose and great price relay

13 Aug, 2020
My husband really like MUYI brand especially their automotive parts, and this relay connector is one of them, this great and has multi purpose for your vehicle,  inside is 5 relay and several... read more »

Great for adult size mask

13 Aug, 2020
I bought this initially for adjusting my children mask so it's not sliding down when they used it. But turn out it still too slippery for their small head.  But it has no problem with adult... read more »

Very happy purchase, best controller for switch!

04 Aug, 2020
I have 2 kinds of non-Nintendo brand controller for alternative while playing games on my switch and this one is the best one so far! The tumb sticks is not to big so does not make my tumbs numb easi... read more »

Very easy to synchronized the controller!

04 Aug, 2020
What I can say that this is one of the good wireless controller for Nintendo switch! What I like the most is the Dual Vibration that I feel really strong that make gaming experience is better than if... read more »

Fit on my corolla!

20 Jul, 2020
I need this for fixing my old corolla and it fit perfectly! I recommend this product and also will buy again from this seller when I need next time! read more »

Very cute rabbit bunny for easter!

02 Mar, 2020
Got this for my pre school easter baster and this so cute  kids will love it, Its like a traditional wind up toys that we have when we young. great for wind up toys collector too! read more »

Does not really fit sadly

28 Oct, 2019
I know this is supposed to be really tight in your neck/chin,  but it keeps falling from my ear because it super tight. So I cannot used it. Maybe this is a teenager size. But the firm liquid... read more »

great leggings for kids!

28 Oct, 2019
Love this strechy legging! I stock up for my daughter. It doesnt feel hot at all. It feel little bit too long for the size but it easy to fold so doesnt feel weird. Easy to wash either with hand or... read more »

My kids love this kit!

28 Oct, 2019
I was so impressed with this kit! It easy to put and my kids happy and enjoy to decorate the little garden. it's included with everything that you need to build this little garder. I will say i... read more »

great plug for traveler!

07 Oct, 2019
I  am always travelling between US, Asia and Europe so I'm looking for a universal power plug that has a USB 3/ USB C plug too, cause nowdays who want to bring alot of adaptor in your bag. A... read more »

Just like what I need it for!

07 Oct, 2019
Nowdays everyman want to simple but yet stylist wallet, nobody want to use a bulky wallet anymore.  I got this wallet for my husband who like carbon fiber so much, its the material stronger than... read more »

Cute and just like in the picture!

05 Sep, 2019
This sandal is very cute! the color is bright, has an anti slip under, and not heavy! My daughter love it and always asking for this sandal when she want to go out. The bottom is thick and comfortab... read more »

Great Balloon arch kit!

05 Sep, 2019
I love this kit! Just buy from this seller and you get a kit that you need to arrange balloon arch for your party! It's included all you need, the white and gold balloons, the ribbon and chain.... read more »

Electricity guy approved

05 Jul, 2019
This worked good if you solder to solder them to the other end and use heat shrink. Much rather preferred to have been supplied pins and used my own wiring. Could use butt connectors as well but sol... read more »

Great connector

05 Jul, 2019
These worked exactly like i needed them too. Used to rebuild my lawn mower wiring for hood quick disconnect. Recommend using correct pliers to terminate the pins. Quality is very well made and shou... read more »

Great product that always needed in household

05 Jul, 2019
I loved these. Exactly what I need to fix my brake lines for my car used to attach to the chassis. Also worked great for my attic door hinge clip. Well made and have multiple uses around the house.... read more »

Fit in my husband head!

03 Jul, 2019
Since we gonna go to diving in this summer holiday, I thought this scuba mask is a must have items. So I buy the L/XL size for my husband since I love mine that I bought in same brand. And he love i... read more »

Fit perfect for my small head!

03 Jul, 2019
I've been looking fot the scuba mask that can fir perfectly in my head, I bought different brand before and all is either kinda small or too big. But this one is fit perfectly! And I can tell tha... read more »

Great product! Will buy again when I need more!

03 Jul, 2019
Really needed these for working on my car! Used it for the break lines for a lost c clip that attaches to the u clip of the chassis. This helps ensure they stay firmly affixed and not rub on the bod... read more »

Great for Gift!

22 Jun, 2019
Bought this wallet for my husband that suddenly feels like a normal wallet is too bulky for him. And this minimalis clip wallet works great for him, he loves it! It makes him easily to pull and put b... read more »

Working great for read DVD but not for CD

22 Jun, 2019
I want to like this External CD/DVD Drive cause I like the USB 3.0 function,  it works great to read DVD like movies but for some reason mine doesnt want to read a CD (music CD). But stran... read more »

Works great!

22 Jun, 2019
This Rechargeable Lighter is amazing! it works really great, came precharge and easy to charge again with USB cable. I used a lot of lighter to lit my candle collection and this definitely will save... read more »

Perfect size for 6 Quartz Instant Pot

19 Jun, 2019
I bought this one for my 6 quartz instant pot since the original set does not include the accesories. And this is just what I need, perfect size and you can steam eggs, vegetable even make cheesecake... read more »

Great Clip Set for Car Lovers!

19 Jun, 2019
My husband is a car guy, and for him a set of 365 PCS Car Retainer Clips Plastic Fasteners, Fender Clip, Plastic Clips for Car Auto Push Pin Rivets Set with Fastener Removal Tool is a GREAT... read more »

Small but served the purposed!

19 Jun, 2019
When I see this pump I thought is a good idea to put in bird bath since is already summer time.  When it's arrived my thought, ok it's small, easy to install and included many attachment... read more »

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