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I love this flosser!

17 Oct, 2020
Items are what as expected. It really cleans in between the teeth. The product works and sturdy. I have bought flosser like that I can only use up to 3-4x then they fall apart, this one lasts me at le... read more »

I got notification from Amazon that item may be lost. I tried to request for refund and they wont even do it since it's not prime.

17 Oct, 2020
I got notification from Amazon that item may be lost. One month after I ordered, I tried to ask for refund and since it's not prime, I could not even initiate it. Customer service told me reach ou... read more »

Never arrived! Expected delivery Sept 28-Oct 2. It's now 16th, I reached out to the seller and told me to wait another 10 days!

17 Oct, 2020
Never arrived! One month after I ordered, I reached out to the seller and told me to wait another 10 days! They originally stated Sep 29-Oct 2 shipping. Then, I got an email saying delayed to Oct 8. T... read more »

Works perfect for chair legs!

16 Jun, 2020
These furniture grippers works really good. I have replaced the ones we have, they were felt grippers. I like these rubbers ones better. read more »

Works great! Say bye bye to dryer sheets!

16 Jun, 2020
This is my second set. I havent used dryer sheets in years. The first set of dryer balls lasted 3yrs which is still not bad. This set works as good as the first set I have. read more »

Love the colors but the lipsticks are very small, exact same size as cigarette!

30 Jan, 2020
I love the colors. Packaging looks like a cigarette, I dont smoke so I tossed it. Lipstick lasts all day but they are very small. It's not your regular size lipstick. It's like the same size a... read more »

Awesome product!

25 Nov, 2019
During winter I always get cracked heels from dryness. Before going to bed, I always put oil or cream on them. I dont like covering my whole feet but this is just perfect! I covers just the heel part... read more »

If you take a lot of prescription medicine, they pill will help you heal.

27 Sep, 2019
This pill is great on my tummy. I take lots of prescription meds that are harsh on my tummy. One of the side effect is constipation. This pill, helps make me regular. It has pre and probioti... read more »

Durable, slim, fits more than 10 cards.

17 Sep, 2019
My husband bought same type of wallet more than 2yrs ago. It was also more than double the price. I gave this to him and it's the same thing for a much cheaper price. It's durable and slim, fi... read more »

Wow! It does work!

30 Aug, 2019
I was hesitant to use these but curious of how well they work. Lo and behold it really does! Peels off my heels! It looks gross at first but satisfying to watch. It didn't come off all at once. Th... read more »

Perfect! Holds well and does not loosen when sitting down.

04 Jul, 2019
I noticed with belts that does not have the regular hole and just snaps loosen if you were going to sit down. When you sit, you tummy expands making the belts loose and you have to tighten it up when... read more »

Works the same as the branded discs from local stores for fraction of price!

23 Jun, 2019
I bought a beautiful side table off Offerup but the previous owner used chalk paint so it's rough and it was painted uneven. I sanded the paint off using my orbital sander and these sanding discs.... read more »

It works great!

18 Jun, 2019
Works as expected! I love the 3 usb ports!  read more »

Perfect size and great quality!

03 Jun, 2019
Used it as soom as it arrived. I got medium, I am 110lbs and 5ft. It covers what needs to be covered! I love the pattern! It is great quality! read more »

Soft and comfy but small for adult

01 Jun, 2019
I actually bought this for my husband but it won't fit him, I tried it on myself but found it to be too snug around the neck. It was described as something for adult. I let my skinny 8yo son try i... read more »

It's how I expected it to be!

01 Jun, 2019
Daughter signed up for the band for next school year and this is the perfect instrument to practice during summer, she can take it everywhere since it has a pouch.  read more »

Love that you can wear the bottom inside out!

01 Jun, 2019
First off, I love the colors and it is the first swimsuit I owned where you can wear the bottom both ways or inside out. This means I can use the bottom part with other swim tops you have. The fa... read more »

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