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Deep Muscle Massage Gun is something that every should have.

07 Feb, 2021
When I got this Massage Gun, charged it and put it under my bed. A couple of days later hubby was complaining his shoulders hurt. So I pulled out this wonderful machine and started working on his shou... read more »

Patches to make you happy and smile

26 Jan, 2021
I have recently gotten back into crafting and found these patches are perfect for that little something extra that sometimes an outfit needs.My jeans have smiles, my hats get flowers, and even my hubb... read more »

Koogle Embossed Rolling Pins are adorable. I love the reindeer design,

22 Jan, 2021
These are so cute with the mother and baby reindeer. I am having to start over with my cooking supplies, this was a great beginning to start my new stuff. There are two different sizes, I loved the bi... read more »

ZEROKIWI 45mm Rotary Cutter is the best.

22 Jan, 2021
I have recently gotten back into sewing. We lost our home to Hurricane Laura, so I am having to start over. The fit in my hand is perfect, easy to use. Balance is very good, the guard is easy to opera... read more »

Add a little pretty to your day

11 Jan, 2021
Who says mask can't be pretty and practical. These are the pefect combonation of pretty and practical. With the extra carbon filters, I can at least feel like I am doing a better job of protecting... read more »

Sometimes you need a helping stick.

11 Jan, 2021
My husband has cancer so even bending over can be a challange. When I found these I knew they would be great for him to pickup screws, and small metal items. He has found they are perfect for making s... read more »

Christmas tree that is fun, easy and takes up no floor space.

11 Jan, 2021
With moving into a small apartment after lossing our house to Hurricane Laura, I wasn't sure I would have a tree this this year. When I found this I thought it was adorable, but wasn't sure ho... read more »

A splash of brightness in the winter

11 Jan, 2021
These flowers are perfect for an outdoor arrangement. The colors are bright and make me smile. The arrangment just needed a little help to make them the perfect outdoor Christmas decoration.  read more »

Very attractive, easy to assemble, and hangs on the kitchen door perfectly.

11 Jan, 2021
We lost our home to Hurricane Laura, so starting over is really hard. When I found this adorable wire basket I knew it had to be part of my new home. Since we are living in an apartment right now, I d... read more »

Fun for home canning.

11 Jan, 2021
My husband has started doing all the cooking and canning. This has become one of his favorite cooking tools. He loves corn, cooked any way. Steam, raw, off the cob, on the cob. creamed. This little to... read more »

Adorable for kids or adults

11 Jan, 2021
When I got these my idea was to put them on the nieces and nephews Christmas presents. An that was a great idea, ttill the moms found the headband and started wearing them. It was funny to watch the k... read more »

Have to Love Moose and Bears after seeing this Coverlet

15 Nov, 2020
After Hurricane Laura ate my home trying to salvage anything was a top priority. One of the things that I was able to salvage was this adorable coverlet and the shams. After a good wash, and drying I... read more »

Great size for a small refrigerator. Fun to use

15 Nov, 2020
My mother in law wanted a dry board for her refrigerator. Notes, place for cards from great grand kids, maganets to hang other items on refrigerator.The pens are a good size for her hand, lids fit tig... read more »

A campers best friend, aka lighter

15 Nov, 2020
Flameless, windproof lighter is a great addition to your camping box. My husband has found this lighter is great for not only his grills, but for firepit lighting, or lighting candles. Easy to use, ho... read more »

Easy to use, the perfect weight for travel.

15 Nov, 2020
Traveling has become easier for my husband and I with this great set of luggage. The large 28 inch case is much bigger than I thought it would be, holds all my husband medical equipment. The 24 inch i... read more »

Stylish, easy to mount, and nice looking.

27 Jul, 2020
I was looking outside the box for something to store my husband electric razor on, when I found this cool organzier. Very pleased with how easy it was to install, and that it sticks so well even in a... read more »

Sous Vide Cooker, easy to use and fun

27 Jul, 2020
After reading so much about Sous Vide cooking, I wanted to try it. Not wanted to buy a pricy machine to find out if I was going to like it I found this great machine. This unit is easy to use, very ef... read more »

Study and pretty a great combonation

27 Jul, 2020
This cover is a perfect fit for my Airpods. I wanted a cover that was pretty, fit well and would keep my husband away from them. The fit is tight and allows for my charging cable to fit properly. The... read more »

Nice compact steamer

20 Jun, 2020
This is a good steamer to take on the road. Compact, empty easy, heats quickly. The steam is good for most wrinkles.  read more »

Hubby really likes this brush for all our cook tops.

20 Jun, 2020
This brush gets a lot of work done. Hubby uses it on the grill, his griddle, even in the pizza oven. The wire bristles are sturdy, and hold up to all the use he gives them. The handle has a great grip... read more »

Never to many timers, and these are very good

20 Jun, 2020
I love to cook, but lately have found that I never have enough times. When I was younger it was easy to  keep up with what I was cooking, but lately I find its nice to have a reminder to what I a... read more »

Never thought I would find tweezer I really like...these are the perfect tweezer set.

20 Jun, 2020
Tweezers a womans most hated tool, for so many reason. When I found these I thought what the heck give them a try.  So glad I did, they are easy to grip, the tips are the right size for my e... read more »

I think my husband has stolen these me. They are wonderful, even a man love them

20 Jun, 2020
I wanted these because of the color. Once they came in I feel in love with how well they fit in my hand. Balance is very good, grip is nice. I have noticed that my husband is alway borrowing them to t... read more »

Adorable patches, most any girl would love them.

20 Jun, 2020
These patches are adorable, the are very colorful. I had needed them to patch a couple of holes in my favorite jacket, but once I started using them, my jacket got some, my jeans got a few. My fur bab... read more »

Perfect addition to summer beverages

20 Jun, 2020
I have fallen in love with this little bottle. With summer here and fresh peaches abundent I have never enjoyed water so much. The strawberrys were good this year, and I enjoyed them in the bottle, bu... read more »

Don't get caught without your Pooper Scooper

01 Mar, 2020
If you have a fur baby you know how important it is to make sure your keep their poop cleaned up. We travel a lot, and having a black lab we spent a lot of time walking her. When my husband got sick,... read more »

Great for travel

01 Mar, 2020
We have had to spend a lot of time on the road, and I always seem to forget some cord. When I found this 3 in 1 cord I had to try it. Very surprised at how easy each item plugs in and how they stay cl... read more »

My husband is now a believer that sometimes small is good.

04 Aug, 2019
When I got the table in my hubby as not happy. He thought the tables would be cheaply made. To his surprise they are great tables, with good support. I love that they roll up and are easy to store aft... read more »

This is my bug out bag. When hubby needs to leave in a few minutes.

04 Aug, 2019
My husband has cancer so sometimes we have to leave on the run. This backpack has been my new bug out bag, its full of cables, so I don't have to worry about cables for phones, or tablets. There&n... read more »

Great idea, but it doesn't work for us.

04 Aug, 2019
I would love to say I love these egg cookers, but I can't. No matter what I did the eggs stuck to the cups. The cups were hard to clean, they didn't float like they should so the eggs were all... read more »

Small but so easy to use trimmer cutter

04 Aug, 2019
I had a large trimmer, but it was just a hassle to use for small jobs. This has become my go to trimmer. Cuts everything from card stock to pictures, with ease and straight lines. The blade stays shar... read more »

Cute display light, perfect that coffee spot you love.

04 Aug, 2019
When my best friend moved into her new home, I knew I had to get her this. This light is her, she is coffee lover, to the point she has a special place built in her kitchen for just her coffees, and 3... read more »

Great gift for the Jogger, bike rider in my life

04 Aug, 2019
I was hoping when I found this running belt that it would be a gift my niece would use while working out. She has fallen in love. The belt fits perfectly, easy to put on, and holds her phone, and some... read more »

Great brushes and not just for Hydration Water Bladders

22 Jun, 2019
I know this is suppose to be brushes for Hydration Water Bladders, but I found a different use for them. We own a camper, and about once a year we need to clean the drip line for the refrigerator.&nbs... read more »

Awsome little flashlight

22 Jun, 2019
We camp a lot, and when you camp you have to take furbabies (dog) for walks at some strange times. We camp in some areas that at night are DARK, very Dark, and this little flashlight is the perfect li... read more »

Wonderfully fast, and compact charger

22 Jun, 2019
When my last charge got lost, I didn't know where to start to find one that was compact and fast charger. When I found this one, and ordered it I was so excited that it covered all my needs. Drop... read more »

Cake decorating made easy Enjoy

22 Oct, 2017
I have always loved decorated cakes, but when I have tried to decorate one, it always looked like a child had tried to do the decorations. These Russian tips are so easy to use. I made a batch of jumb... read more »

Taking this Water Flosser on the road with me is a great addition to oral care.

10 Oct, 2017
I never noticed how much time I spend on my oral care until I started spending time on the road. One of the things I missed having with me was my Water Flosser. When I found this portable Dental Irrig... read more »

A great collection of Ballons for decorating for our Anniversary Party

19 Sep, 2017
No matter the age Ballons can still make me smile. This is a wonderful collection of ballons, in three colors for our Anniversary Party. The ballons are large and easy to handle so they will be great... read more »

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