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13 Sep, 2020
Hubby loves this drill and has been using it all over. Keeps charged long and easy to use. It also comes with other toold, which is appreciated!  read more »

Fun for a bit.

07 Aug, 2020
My song LOVES this toy, but the batteries only last for 2 baths, and they want you to take them out each time, but it's not a flap close, it's a screw close for waterproof. So this toys is oka... read more »

Face masks

02 Jul, 2020
Quick delivery and as promised condition. Thank you. A must have for a decent price in the world that we live in.  read more »

Gift of glam!

29 Jun, 2020
Bought this for my bestie, hers broke. She loves it. Good quality and easy to control. Def would reccommend it!  read more »

Super cute

14 Jun, 2020
Nice suit. Arrived quick. Fits and looks cute. I'm curvy and this suit fits and looks great!  read more »

Great project

14 Jun, 2020
My daughter sat for an hour making these for her friends. They are super cute and easy to make!  read more »


14 Jun, 2020
These have GREAT games and the graphics are great. I gave them to my kids and my niece. No regrets! read more »


07 Jun, 2020
Lights up, flies well. Gave these to my niece and kids. Gotta be careful, the blades spin fast and could hurt if you're not careful. read more »


07 Jun, 2020
Seriously, the best handheld game I've bought that wasn't an actually game boy. Super surprised at the games and enjoyment. Hubby and I enjoy it as much as the kids! read more »

Nice Mirror

22 May, 2020
This item arrived bent and the box beat up, so I had to wait for a replacement because UPS was not gentle. However, it really is a nice mirror. Looks good and is a great addition to our entryway. ... read more »

Awesome product!

22 May, 2020
Bought this for my kiddo, not thinking it would be worth much (in the past I've bought some that were crap). Boy was I wrong! This is awesome, has recording, different settings and a headphone jac... read more »

Work bag

19 May, 2020
Hubby's work bag broke, so I was out to find another that was similar but different. So far he loves this one.  read more »

good time

19 May, 2020
Anytime I see these I buy them for my kiddos. These retro minis are good for roadtrips and being in the car longer than around the corner. Good time and price.  read more »

Nice size

19 May, 2020
Bought for a gift for a kid going to collge. Nice size and nice build.  read more »


19 May, 2020
Super cute. A little smaller than I expected, but great for party favor and birthday gift bags.  read more »


19 May, 2020
Well made belt with a switcher. Can wear as brown or black. Nice quality and fit.  read more »

While lots of fun...

15 May, 2020
Okay, so I got this game, hoping to have something for the hubby and I to play sometimes when alone. We played with us both picking answers for ourselves and the other, then guessing what the other wo... read more »


03 May, 2020
Bought these for my parents who are older. They absolutely loved them. Said they were well made and good quality, called and thanked me for them, profusely.  read more »

Very cool

26 Apr, 2020
Love the quality and the mirroring. Thick in quality and easy to use. Takes a little patience, but worth it.  read more »

Sticker lover

02 Apr, 2020
Not only do me and my kids love stickers, but I love giving them to my classes. Great gift! read more »


02 Apr, 2020
Bought this for one of my kid's teachers and she loved it, Will be buying more, as two more teachers are now pregnant. These are fantastic gifts and made with quality! read more »

For my hubby

02 Apr, 2020
Love this. Cute and funny. Gave to my husband and he put it right to use! read more »

Love these!

02 Apr, 2020
I bought a magnet phone holder long ago, but get tired of giving the plate to my son and hubby to use, so this is great! Whoever is driving now doesn't have to swap plates.  read more »


02 Apr, 2020
I really like the make of these, but the size isn't correct for my mate. Runs a little small. wish i knew, but it was a fun buy. read more »

Much needed

02 Apr, 2020
Been needing one for a long time. Finally gave in and I'm very pleased. Good quality and easy to use. read more »

A little pain equals beauty

18 Mar, 2020
So this works well. I'd say if you get a good rolling rhythm with it, it works best. It does NOT feel good. It can be painful. It def gets those little hairs more than the darker, thicker ones. It... read more »

shoulda bought sooner

18 Mar, 2020
So I've been eyeballing this for as while. Waited, thinking I may not need it, was I wrong. I love how soft it is, and how quik it dries. The floor mat has rubber on the back so it doesn;t move. A... read more »

Good for adults

18 Mar, 2020
Bought these for my husband who commutes and then walks the rest to work, as well as my son who is in HS. On rainy days these come in handy. Saves me a trip to the stop early in the morning and gets m... read more »

Like a star!

18 Mar, 2020
Love the look and feel. Love the price and quality. Easy to use, easy to remove. will buy again!  read more »

Like a Dream

28 Feb, 2020
The Office is my FAVE! These stickers are everything!! read more »


27 Feb, 2020
Gave these to my niece. She loved them!  read more »


13 Feb, 2020
Got this as a gift for a student. They are beautiful. I love the size and quality. The marbeling inside is great and they are priced well. Expected it to arrive later, but the shipping was quick and w... read more »

You only get one

24 Jan, 2020
I loved the one I got, but there are supposed to be two. One pink and one blue. I onl;y rec'd the blue. amazon says to contact the seller. The seller blamed Amazon, now I'm working with AMZ to... read more »


01 Jan, 2020
Decent product. holds head up, but doesn't really do much for the neck. It's a helper, that's for sure, but the neck support could be more supportive.  read more »

Gift for hubby

01 Jan, 2020
He loves this thing. I thought it was just something silly, something I saw on tv, but he loves it. Fits well, priced well and works well. Def. would recommend.  read more »

Face the music

18 Dec, 2019
Anything to help promote collagen, I'm all for. Tried these and can see little differences already.  #SPonsored #RankBooster #Symbom read more »

Cute for travel and baby guests

18 Dec, 2019
Lots of babies in my family right now and with all the gatherings, these are perfect for keeping at my house for when there are baby guests, and for travel. Nice product. #SPonsored #RankBooster #B... read more »

Good gift Idea

18 Dec, 2019
Lots of babies in my family right now and with all the gatherings, these are perfect for keeping at my house for when there are baby guests, and for travel. Nice product. #SPonsored #RankBooster #B... read more »


18 Dec, 2019
Got these for my boys. They are excellently printed and soft to the touch. Good price and great quality! read more »


13 Dec, 2019
Great coloring and size. Nice price. I have lots of stickers from this company and give them to my kids and students. All love them! They are strong and last a long time!   read more »

Very Cool

13 Dec, 2019
Super cool, good material and pretty consistent printing. Love it and stylish!    read more »

These are great!

13 Dec, 2019
At half the price of the others, these come, are easy to assemble (simply snap in) and very useful. I have them in several of my bathrooms!  read more »

My fave!

13 Dec, 2019
I aboslutely love these. They're great for teacher gifts and party favor bags. Much better than the usual plastic bags we usually give out at kid's parties. Resuable and super stylish. I'l... read more »

Great product

13 Dec, 2019
i LOVE that these are like a double shade, and my kids can roll the window down and get air, too. It's especially good for the baby because the sun here is SERIOUS! read more »

Totally surprised!

09 Dec, 2019
Was expecting small cutters for this. i was needing a gingerbread man, and this has a bunch of others. The size is several inches, not tiny by any means. I LOVE THEM!!! So excited to use them. i.... read more »


27 Nov, 2019
These are so great! I bought two sets, there are more than 3 of us. My kids absolutely love them and they are a great size. They look great on our mantel!  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored ii... read more »

Beautifully made

12 Nov, 2019
Bought this for my grandma. She loves butterflies and light catchers. Thought this would be a hit. The crystal is a nice size and it's very pretty. Good price and a conversation starter.  read more »

Good for vlogging

12 Nov, 2019
I love ANY item that will hold my phone while I take pics or vlog. This is nice and comes with a remote. It extends to a pretty decent height and is easy to use.  read more »

These are great for kids

12 Nov, 2019
These are so fun. Bought this for my niece who's 4. These are easy to use and the colors are great. I like that it's fun for inside use, but when the battery dies, be careful, they become a bi... read more »

Nice shirt

12 Nov, 2019
Bought this for my husband. a little duller in color than expected, but the fabric was good and my hubby will like it. Good price and fit.  read more »


12 Nov, 2019
Took these to class and gave to my students. They loved them. I am a big sticker fan and these were a hit for their phones, notebooks and laptops!  read more »

fast charger

12 Nov, 2019
I have serval chargers. This one isn't as fast as my abso fave, but does a good job and I can let my kids use it. Good price, value and product.  read more »

Cute for boy or girls

12 Nov, 2019
My kids love games, and tese pixel ones are "vintage" to them and had a lot of different ones.  read more »


12 Nov, 2019
These are my ABSOLUTE favorite headphones. I've bought them severa times and even given them as gifts. The price is right, they last me about 4-5 trips to the gym, 1 hr each trip and charge pretty... read more »

Had this a while now

29 Oct, 2019
Decent. Works for it's need, but not my favorite. It's not as sturdy as others and starts to lose grip, but it's okay.  read more »


29 Oct, 2019
Lightweight and sturdy. Good for use in the laundry room.  read more »


29 Oct, 2019
Excellent build quality. Was super surprised. My son loves it. I don't know how to use the switch but he thinks this is great. It came in a very protective package and you can tell it was made for... read more »

Switch charger

29 Oct, 2019
My kids go through chargers for the switch like water. I like to keep them on hand and in different rooms. These are great and affordable.  read more »

Backyard fun

22 Oct, 2019
Fun and easy to use, my kids loved these. Good price and good time.  read more »

Teacher love!

16 Oct, 2019
I have lots of students and projects. These def are a requirement for my line of work. I also love them for scriptwriting.  read more »

For the kids

16 Oct, 2019
If you've got teens, there are so many things to try, tried this too. Not much change yet, but can see subtle changes in a short amount of time.  read more »

Colors great

16 Oct, 2019
Great color, great function. Very happy with this! read more »

Professional piece

16 Oct, 2019
bought this for my art student kiddo and he couldn’t be more thrilled. I was surprised at the quality and how easy it was for him to use. Pleasantly surprised. read more »

Setable Locks

16 Oct, 2019
Bought these for the gates on the side of my house. Love that you can set the code and how flush they are with the lock plate. good price and buy.  read more »

Heart earrings

28 Sep, 2019
Beautiful red heart earrings. Bought for my little one. She will love them. Good price, and style. Nice for little girls and women, alike. i. RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #GaGaFeel &nbs... read more »

Cute for boy or girls

28 Sep, 2019
Set of cubic zirconia, stud earrings. Simple and plain. Good for little boys or girls, or wearing non-flashy to work. Good price and they look good. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #UHIBROS... read more »

Stud earrings

27 Sep, 2019
Set of white gold, stud earrings. Simple and plain. Good for little boys or girls, or wearing non-flashy to work. Good price and they look good. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #UHIBROS &... read more »

Very nice!

27 Sep, 2019
Set of glass sand timers. Well wrapped and protected for delivery. Well made and durable. The sand is clean band pretty. Set of 1, 3, 5 and 10 min timers.   read more »

Hubby is impressed with the quality!

27 Sep, 2019
Magnetic screwdriver set. Nice for a gift or home use. 115 pieces, nice boxing. Includes phone repair tools as well.   read more »

Very cool!

27 Sep, 2019
2020 light up, led glasses. Cute and stylish. Lights up brightly, all pieces worked. Good price and can’t wait to use them. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Fansport   read more »

Cute wreaths!

27 Sep, 2019
LED flower wreaths. Come in a pack of 10. Light up well and fit nicely on my daughter and I. The flowers are kinds hard, but look okay. Good price. read more »


27 Sep, 2019
Cute butterfly lights for a girl’s room. They are super cool and beautiful to look at. Hang easily and are different colors. Good price and product. read more »

flower wreath lights

27 Sep, 2019
LED flower wreaths. Come in a pack of 10. Light up well and fit nicely on my daughter and I. The flowers are kinds hard, but look okay. Good price.   read more »

Perfect for small projcets

27 Sep, 2019
Camera microphone. Comes with a windproof cover, which is nice. It is a bit smaller thank anticipated, but works pretty well. read more »

Absolutely great!

27 Sep, 2019
10” led, ring light. I love these. I use them for lighting rooms I film in. Good and study. 3 light options, and well made at a good price. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Keenstone... read more »

Jockstrap, package care!

27 Sep, 2019
Bought as a gag gift for my husband who insists he need one for his sport adventures he doesn’t venture on lol. Good price and build, and great price.   read more »

Nice gift for my students!

27 Sep, 2019
Girl’s vinyl stickers in a set of 50. I bought these for my students and they are really nice for notebooks and computers. Good price. read more »

For the car!

27 Sep, 2019
Cordless tire inflator. Good price. I bought this for my hubby’s car. I have one for mine, but he was complaining he didn’t have one. He likes it and it’s easy to use. Good function... read more »

Pink Cutie

20 Sep, 2019
Pink camera for my girl. She loves to make videos. She's like the utility and i love the price. It's not the same as a GoPro, but super decent for kids.    read more »

Great utility.

20 Sep, 2019
Great for my kiddo and for use in his art class. They color well and are fun to use. Would recommend, at this great price.   read more »

Beach fun

20 Sep, 2019
We love these. The family each has one. They are great for snorkeling and using at the beach to look for shells. The water doesn't come in and they are easy to use.  read more »


20 Sep, 2019
bought these for my daughter's party. was a great hit. every last piece was great!  read more »

Great Set!

11 Sep, 2019
Bought for hubby, was a hit! Lot's of bits and great price! read more »


11 Sep, 2019
Awesome. Works well. Great price and great product! read more »


11 Sep, 2019
I did not expect this to be as great as it is. My son is an artist and he LOVES it. Easy to use, came charged and very versitile!  read more »

Art Teacher loved them!

04 Sep, 2019
Bought this as a gift for the art teacher at my kid's school, and she was very grateful. There are 20 in the pack and various colors. The cloth is kinda thin, but they still work well for the caus... read more »

Great buy.

04 Sep, 2019
Bought these and my daughter loves them. Great way to go to sleep. Easy to use and fun product. Good price.. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #ProCIV read more »

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