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Jul, 2017







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I am a full time college student and a part time kennel technician. In my free time I enjoy cooking, baking, shopping for new clothes and accessories, and trying out the latest technology. I also enjoy reading as well as listening to a variety of music.

I have two dogs and a cat who I adore. If you meet me chances are, you'll get to hear about my pets!
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Best sunglasses I've ever owned

14 Jun, 2018
I usually buy cheap sunglasses because I have a tendency to break or lose them but I am so glad I splurged on these! They are well-made and have a nice heavy feel to them. The fit perfectly on my face... read more »

Gentle whitening

14 Jun, 2018
These are great whitening strips! I had only even whitened my teeth once before and I swore I would never do it again because it made my teeth so sensitive. Not with these! I left it on for about 45 m... read more »

Fun for everyone

22 May, 2018
I bought this thumb piano for my boyfriend who loves any little instrument or gadget he can get his hands on. I was happy to find that the quality is superb and the sound is great! It is so easy to le... read more »

Protects your seats and your sanity

22 May, 2018
My cat can be quite the handful and she HATES staying in her carrier during car rides. I got this to protect my seats from claw marks that otherwise occur when I let her out to roam during rest stops.... read more »

Greatest AUX cable ever

22 May, 2018
I am absolutely in LOVE with this AUX cable! It is the perfect length to use in the front seat of my car or to pass to passengers sitting in the backseat. I also like the metal design as it protects t... read more »

Cool little humidifier

22 May, 2018
The air in my area can be so dry and I was excited to try this mini car humidifier! It was easy to set up and has a nice sleek look to it. I am not sure it actually did much to improve my air quality... read more »

Perfect cable for various phones

17 May, 2018
Everyone in my family has a different type of phone with different charging cables which can make it impossible to find the kind you actually need. This cord takes care of that problem! I can easily s... read more »

My cat's favorite toy

23 Apr, 2018
My cat loves to play but it can be difficult to find toys that keep her entertained. This feather wand toy is her new favorite! The wand is a nice length and the feathers and the bell really catch her... read more »

Nice little toy

23 Apr, 2018
This toy is a nice addition to my collection. The material is nice and does not have any artificial smell or feel to it. I also like that it is rechargeable so I do not have to worry about batter... read more »

Amazing cleaner

23 Apr, 2018
I had a similar brush cleaner for myself and my mom asked for one for herself! This cleaner works great! It is easy to use and cleans brushes in just minutes. My mom is not very tech-savvy but she was... read more »

Great drum pad

15 Apr, 2018
My nephew has recently taken up percussion instruments and I wanted to surprise him with a new drum pad of his own! This drum pad is wellmade and the colors are nice and vibrant. He reports it works w... read more »

Nice lightweight blanket

15 Apr, 2018
I keep seeing these mermaid blankets online and I just knew I had to have one! This blanket is super soft and I love the "scale" detail throughout. The color is vibrant and beautiful and I w... read more »

The only way to clean brushes!

25 Mar, 2018
I typically avoid cleaning my makeup brushes because traditionally, it takes HOURS for them to dry. Not with this tool! I can wash and dry all my brushes within just minutes. Not only is it fast, it a... read more »

Fantastic for starters

25 Mar, 2018
I bought this ukulele for a friend and they love it! They had no prior experience with the instrument and she took right to it. It is well made and sounds beautiful! read more »

Beautiful whiskey glasses

22 Feb, 2018
These are the best! I bought this set as a Valentine's Day gift for my whiskey-loving boyfriend. I was happy to find they arrived in their own sleek and modern box - perfect for gift giving! The g... read more »

Nicely made top

20 Feb, 2018
I love this top! I always have trouble finding shirts that fit me well and I was happily surprised to find this gem. For reference, my bust is 41", my waist is 36", and I usually wear an XL... read more »

Awesome toothbrush sanitizer

29 Jan, 2018
I live in a small apartment and there is very limited counter space. I am always looking for ways to save space and this sanitizer is so handy! It was easy to install and can hold two electric toothbr... read more »

A must-have for any home cook

29 Jan, 2018
I had my eye on these herb scissors for a long time and I am so glad I finally bought them! They came securely packed in their own box and wrapped in protective bubble wrap. I love the protective slee... read more »

Beautiful starter ukulele

15 Jan, 2018
I gave this as a gift for one of my friends and they loved it! It's beautiful and perfect for anyone wanting to start playing the ukulele. The included carrying bag is a nice touch as well! I anti... read more »

Must-have charging station

31 Dec, 2017
I'm always looking for a charger and this is the perfect solution! I put this on my nightstand and it works great. Charges my phone quickly and I love that I can charge multiple devices at a time.... read more »

Keeps cool without refrigeration

27 Dec, 2017
I recently purchased a similar mat for my boyfriend to use on his pillow and I was excited to see a larger version! Yes, it's meant for dogs but he uses it for his back in bed. It keeps its cool w... read more »

Perfect starter set

27 Dec, 2017
I purchased this cocktail making kit as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. It's perfect! It has everything he needs to make cocktails. The shaker is a decent size but a little bit smaller than the... read more »

Perfect music stand for beginners

27 Dec, 2017
This music stand is great for middle school and high school music students! It's sturdy enough to hold heavy books and I like that it is foldable for easy travel. read more »

Fantastic flat iron

27 Dec, 2017
I've owned many flat irons over the years and this is one of the best! It's easy to use and I don't have to go over my hair multiple times to get it straight. I also like that it came with... read more »

Great tuner

26 Dec, 2017
I've owned many tuners over the years and this is one of the best! It's easy to use and accurate. I like that it also acts as a metronome. A must-have for any musician! read more »

Beyond cool light

26 Dec, 2017
I LOVE this light! It's really bright and can be easily seen at night. I love the patterns and it covers a good portion of my house! read more »

Easy to use can opener

26 Dec, 2017
This can opener is fairly easy to use compared to similar products. Not much force is needed to turn and it makes a nice clean cut. read more »

Awesome projector

23 Dec, 2017
This projector is amazing! It's bright enough to be seen starting at dusk and it spans a good portion of my house. I love it so much I bought a second one! read more »

Cute basket

23 Dec, 2017
I have been needing a hamper for quite awhile and this one is perfect! Super cute and just the right size for my laundry. Highly recommend! read more »

Must-have kitchen scale

06 Dec, 2017
This scale is the best! I love using it for non-American recipes that list ingredients by weight. It's also great for weighing small packages to be mailed. The display is easy to read and I like t... read more »

Nice basic headlamp

02 Dec, 2017
My mother-in-law is always complaining about not being able to see well enough while doing beadwork. I bought her this headlamp as an early Christmas present and she loves it! The light is plenty brig... read more »

Awesome mousepad

01 Dec, 2017
This mousepad is the best! My boyfriend had been looking at similar RGB mousepads for much higher when I stumbled upon this one. It looks modern, sleek, and works great. I couldn't be happier with... read more »

Nice product

23 Nov, 2017
This cup is great! I love menstrual cups and I was happy to find this one works just as expected. It can be a little stiff but overall, I really like it. read more »

Adorable and functional

22 Nov, 2017
These are the cutest coasters! My boyfriend loves vinyl and requested these as one of his Christmas gifts. They're a nice size and they look like they'll hold up pretty well. read more »

Fantastic tool

19 Nov, 2017
I love this callus remover! I have very callused feet and this tool had them baby smooth in no time. It appears to hold charge well too which is always a plus! read more »

Great for any dog or cat owner

13 Nov, 2017
I have an adventurous little cat who loves to explore the backseat of my sedan while we're parked. While I love giving her this freedom, I always dread cleaning up all the fur she sheds and I... read more »

Easy to use and sturdy lock

07 Nov, 2017
This a great lock! Very easy to use and plenty sturdy enough to withstand regular use. read more »

Perfect for traveling

07 Nov, 2017
I couldn't ask for a better travel flat iron! This one gets plenty hot and I love that I can charge it so I'm not wasting batteries. I'm planning on buying another one as a gift for a fami... read more »

Handy wine opening tool

02 Nov, 2017
This makes opening wine so much easier! I love that it's rechargeable and the additional accessories are a nice touch. My only complaint is that it's a little slow but for the price, it can... read more »

Great LED nail lamp

01 Nov, 2017
I cannot say enough good things about this lamp! It's the perfect size for manicures or pedicures and it works exactly as intended. The controls are easy to use and the lamp leaves my polish feeli... read more »

Perfect for dry skin

01 Nov, 2017
Love these! My feet are always so dry and these help moisturize unlike any other product I've tried before. Highly recommend! read more »

Beautiful silk envelopes

28 Oct, 2017
I cannot say enough good things about these envelopes! The colors are even brighter in person and the embroidery is gorgeous. The tassels add a luxurious aspect. My SO celebrates Diwali where the Chin... read more »

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